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Aiba Masaki x Ninomiya Kazunari

Summer Memorial Shot 4  
Theme: Summer “Kiss”

Pair Data:  While it’s well-known that they belong to the same amateur baseball team, when we compare the reader’s image of them with the facts, these two seem like the “two childhood friends who formed a comedy duo” pairing.  Aiba is the air-head so therefore he automatically plays the fool, and Ninomiya is able to dish out superb comebacks and retorts with excellent timing, and the force and speed at which he does it is praiseworthy.

The two in Arashi ni Shiyagare:  Their occasional instances of “teamwork” on this show are fun to watch, such as the episode with the cooking battle against Miyasako Hiroyuki, where Aiba’s infamous “a grab of salt”* expression was born, or the episode with the arm wrestling battle against Korokke. In the former, Aiba designated Ninomiya as his helper and in the latter, Ninomiya chose Aiba and together the two of them went up against the strong Korokke in arm wrestling.

The two of them in summer concert:  These two are without a doubt No. 1 when it comes to their excitement level and the amount of joking around between them during concerts.  We’ll never forget the “Kiss Incident” that occurred during last year’s MC at Kokuritsu.  Ninomiya especially pays close attention to Aiba during their performances, so that when it’s time for the MC he can expose any of Aiba’s mistake or any interesting episodes about him.  This is a common pattern for him in concerts.

 *Aiba apparently made a mistake and instead of saying 塩ひとつまみ (shio hitotsumami), which means “a pinch of salt”, he said 塩ひとつみ (shio hitotsukami), which is not a phrase but つかみ means “to grab” or “grip” so it becomes “a grab of salt”. 

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Part 4/11

Ameagari Keshitai's Miyasako - Stomach Cancer

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Definitely surprised to learn Miysako now as stomach cancer. 

This comes after a day I learned about Silk’s past. Up until now I was never sure of who she was, appearing on Docking 48 and other variety programs until recently. 

And then, when I watched Black Mayo’s AtsuAtsu and it talked about “Combi Love”. 

They had a VTR of Silk. 

It turns out, Silk used to do manzai in a combi known as ‘Hijou Kaidan’. Her partner was a girl named Miyako. Silk and Miyako had known each other since kindergarten, and been friends since through school, college and even worked together as OL for a time being. 

They became comedians together, and along with Downtown, they were regarded as up and comers for the future. 

Right before the owarai boom hit, Miyako died of lung cancer. 

And Silk said her life had never been the same since. She saw the same dream for a year where Miyako was alive. 

Unable to work due to her death, she asked Yoshimoto for a break and went to New York for a time being, learning new things and eventually becoming the 'health specialist character’ that she is now. 

But the thing that got to me the most was how Silk said “Everything in my life now is like a bonus feature. It ended when Miyako died. But I know that no matter what comes up in my life I can conquer it, because nothing will be as bad as losing her.”

The good thing is that he is going to begin treatment immediately and might even have surgery this month. 

But the thought of Hotaharu being alone, is scary to say the least.

I guess that’s what endears me about owarai. The bond that a combi creates is sometimes an unbreakable bond that transcends the earthly bonds of life and death. 

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Ameagari Keshitai’s World Scariest Videos 1/5/2012 - feat. Akimoto Sayaka

Disclaimer: The footage in this video may not be appropriate for those who are adverse to horror genre material.