miyako maki


Les femmes du zodiaque :

New manga from french published Le lézard noir.
It’s draw by the artist Miyako Maki, translated by Miyako Slocombe. The cover was done by Emilie Bouchon and the trailer by myself.

Collection of six stories that depicts the destinies of Japanese women from the Second World War until the 1970s, depicts their awakening sexuality and reveals the status of women in society.

Miyako Maki is the wife of Leiji Matsumoto ! She’s is very talented with an elegant line.

Les femmes du zodiaque is a book with many short stories about women, love and zodiac…

Coming this fall !

Chosen Children ZOdiac

Here is my own headcanons about the Chosen Children and the Zodiac signs they are. I know most people like to put one zodiac sign per kid. But I just couldn’t do that. 

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Today in AniManga History

January 25th, 1938

Leiji Matsumoto was born. Matsumoto is one of the most important creative minds in 1970s anime. His breakthrough success was with directing Space Battleship Yamato, which he had heavy creative influence on. The series was not only successful, but highly influential. Its themes and concepts show in space opera anime that followed it, including Mobile Suit Gundam and SDF Macross. Matsumoto would go on to create other space opera manga and anime such as Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, Queen Millennia, and many more. And so, he is arguably responsible for the “space craze” of anime and manga in the 70s. He is married to former manga artist Miyako Maki.