miyako faust

Miyako Faust, nee Terada. Mako’s mother. 

She was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She was always a bit of a tomboy and had a hunger for mysteries, though her methods of investigating said mysteries were always on the cautious and careful side. She worked for several years as a police detective in Japan. She always had a passion for English, though- and after meeting Alfred during a trip to England, the two fell in love and married. They moved to England and had one daughter: Makoto.

Miyako now teaches Japanese at a local college, and is known to be strict but caring to her students. Following Alfred’s hospitalization and her subsequent depression, she had to stop teaching for a few years until she could re-stabilize herself. Nowadays she continues to teach in England, keeping an eye on her husband and calling Mako every other week.

She’s cautious and careful, but with a sharp eye. Her perfectionist nature gives her a good work ethic, but one thing going wrong can cause her to slip and become anxious. Her emotions are always intense. If you promise to call her at 5pm but forget, she’ll ring you in a panic at 5.01pm.

She has a semi-paranoid distrust of anyone with a criminal background, regardless of their current standing. She’s also a huge baseball fanatic. ‘Miyako’ can be translated to 'beautiful night child’. 'Terada’ means 'temple field’.