miyagiych​ ♡ for a starter

           FEATURES PAINTED WITH in such a grim manner, a sigh slipped out from Hiroki’s mouth in a TINIEST way possible to calm himself down. Who would have ever thought that someone respectable would be this irresponsible to his duties? Definitely not him, initially. However, now that he had took time to GET to know him better and work with him, such admiration turn into disappointment ( though only at moments where he acts childishly ). To think he is someone he oh-so-admire was like this actually makes him so SHAMEFUL of himself.

                                  ❛ professor miyagi… as much
                                    as i don’t want to lessen any
                                    sense of respect i have for
                                    you, if you continue acting
                                    like this then i’m afraid that  
                                    may be impossible. so while
                                    i still have little respect left
                                    for you, please…. —- GET
                                    FUCKING BACK TO WORK !! ❜