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gion-lady’s .:Geiko and Maiko Video Documentary Masterpost!:.

Here are some great informational videos and mini-docs on Kyoto Maiko and Geiko! Enjoy!

  1. Seasoning the Seasons: The Enigmatic Entertainers of Gion (28 min)
  2. BBC Geisha Girl (Geiko Kikuyu’s Story)
  3. NHK Japanology+Plus: Geiko and Maiko
  4. Hello-Nippon: Maiko + Asobi games
  5. A Day in the Life of a Geisha ft. Geiko Miehina!
  6. Kyoto, Miyagawa-Cho Mini-Doc ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  7. Full 30 min. footage of a Maiko painting her face
  8. 2011 Gion Odori: Maple Dance footage
  9. Japanology+Plus: Through the Eyes of a Geisha (Tokyo Geisha)
  10. 2015 143rd Miyako Odori footage
  11. Real Geisha, Real Women Documentary ft. Geiko Miehina (53 min)
  12. Beautiful 1935 Footage of Geiko dressing and make-up!
  13. Geisha vs. Oiran: What’s the Difference?
  14. Maiko of Kamichishiken ft. Katsue and Katsuya
  15. Core Kyoto: History of Geisha mini-doc (28 min)
  16. Geisha Entertainment at the Hatanaka Restaurant in Kyoto (24 min)
  17. The Arts of Kyoto (more about traditional experiences in Kyoto)
  18. 2014 Maiko Korin and Geiko Miehina perform Hagikikyou
  19. Geisha, Flowers of Kyoto (beautiful footage of Maiko and Geiko throughout Kyoto!)
  20. Differences Between Geiko and Maiko ft. Geiko Miehina!
  21. Konpira, Fune Fune! Geisha Asobi Games ft. Geiko Miehina!
  22. Beautiful Kyoto: Being a Maiko ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  23. Gion Matsuri in HD
  24. Experience Japan with Yuka: How to Meet a Geiko!

Please take most of these videos with a grain of salt; many of them are translated from Japanese to English, and some of them no doubt mistranslate what the Geiko say. Use these videos as a springboard for learning more! There’s a lot of ins and outs in this subject, and it’s tricky to find authentic and accurate information about Geisha. Always think critically and have fun!

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maiko of miyagawa-cho

October 21st, 2017: Maiko Koume (小梅) of Kaden (花傳) in Miyagawa Cho is now wearing the sakkō hairstyle! Like many who came before her, she is wearing Kaden’s signature Takarabune (宝船) sakkō kanzashi. Her erikae is expected on November 9th ^^

Image is courtesy of Kyotooina.Kyosanpo on Instagram.

November 16th, 2017: A new minarai has made her surprise debut out of Miyagawa Cho! Her geimei is 君萌, which is pronounced as either Kimichō or Kimimomo, and she is from Toshikimi (利きみ). Her onesan is Kimihiro (君ひろ), which will make her the first imōto of the Toshikimi atotori. Her misedashi is scheduled for December ^^

Image courtesy of Koxtutan on Instagram.

What’s That Thing? Part 2

Another entry in the new series, this time we’re looking at an interesting query.

 @ktellusastory asked:

Hi missmyloko, On my instagram account I have seen many photos of maiko dancing in simple houmongi kimono and no oshiroi makeup. I am wondering, are there times when maiko can dance publicly or privately without the whole “look”? And are there events were the general public can see this?

So, let’s start by looking at the images they’re referring to:

Image courtesy of  H.Ishibashi1001 on Instagram.

Starting with Mikako (実佳子) of Nishimura (西村) in Gion Kobu, we can see that she’s not wearing a houmongi at all. She’s wearing a komon, which is what she should be wearing as this image was taken during dance practice. You can tell that she’s practicing because she’s using the practice fans that I’ve spoken about earlier.

Image courtesy of H.Ishibashi1001 on Instagram.

Secondly, looking at Umehina (梅ひな) of Umeno (梅乃) in Kamishichiken, we can see that she’s dancing in a room with a traditional folding screen. She was asked to dress semi-formally in what appears to be a tsukesage (It’s quite hard to tell from the angles given) for what seems to be a casual photo shoot. This is becoming quite common among photographers as maiko are allowed to be more relaxed and, well, themselves. Here Umehina was likely allowed to perform her favorite dances and the photographer happily took pictures. A tsukesage is just below a houmongi in formality and sits in the middle of the kimono formality scale. It is considered appropriate wear for inside a place of gathering, like an ochaya or house. 

Image courtesy of H.Ishibashi1001 on Instagram. 

Thirdly, this image of Toshimomo (とし桃) of Komaya (駒屋) in Miyagawa Cho bucks the trend of the others. This image was taken at the Miyagawa Cho Beer Garden, which is a public event where people can pay to drink beer, mingle with maiko and geiko, and watch them perform. Since this is a casual event maiko and geiko dress in yukata, as this also allows them to stay cool in the summer heat. 

Image courtesy of Hirohito Hara (Hirohito2230) on Instagram.

Lastly we have the geigi Ponta (ぽん太) of Kanazawa. Like Toshimomo she is wearing a yukata, which denotes that this image was taken at an informal event, likely for the public as well. Even during the summer maiko and geiko do not wear yukata to ozashiki as this is seen as far too informal.   

October 5th, 2017: One of the two Komaya minarai has been spotted for the first time! Unlike many of her recent okiya sisters she is a member of the Toshi- naming line and her geimei is Toshinami (とし菜実), although her onesan is still unknown. Her misedashi, along with the other Komaya minarai’s, will be in November.

Image courtesy of Florakimiko78 on Instagram.

July 11th, 2017: Senior maiko Toshiemi (とし恵美) of Komaya (駒屋) in Miyagawa Cho walks towards her first nightly engagement while wearing the Katsuyama (勝山) hairstyle. Senior maiko in all five kagai will wear the Katsuyama style from July 10th - 25th. All maiko, regardless of seniority, will wear a special kanzashi whose design changes each year exclusively for the Gion Festival. 2017′s design includes uchiwa (団扇 - round fans) with butterflies (蝶), multicolored clematis (鉄線), and pearl dew drops (真珠露)

Taken by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Weekend Update 12/11

With the odori and debut seasons coming to a close the karyukai will be a bit more quiet for the next few months. I’ll still be posting about what goes on, but don’t expect too much ^^

Karyukai News
-Koume (小梅) of Kaden (花傳) in Miyagawa Cho had her erikae on Thursday (November 9th).
-The Gion Odori (祇園をどり) in Gion Higashi concluded on Friday (November 10th).
-Ichiyū (市結) of Katsumi (勝見) in Pontocho has switched to the ofuku style and is now a senior!

Blog News
-What’s In a Dance? Part 6 looked at Natsu Wa Hotaru (夏は蛍) - Summer Fireflies.
-The Random Fact of The Week looked at Hiki Iwai Sashigami.
-Mylo’s Pick of The Week went to Fukukana (ふく香奈) of Kawayoshi (河よ志) in Miyagawa Cho.
-Some of you may not be receiving my posts if you’re on mobile due to a feature that Tumblr silently added called “Best Stuff First.” You can check out more about it and how to turn it off here.
-Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions once again this week! The listing of popular posts seems to have gotten some good feedback, so I’ll continue doing that in this space from now on! Popular posts of the week include:
-How much income does a maiko or geiko get to keep?
-Are maiko always out in full regalia and can a customer invite them anywhere?
-How many times can a kimono be worn by geimaiko before it’s considered “uncool”?
-What are some rules that all maiko and geiko need to follow in the karyukai?
-What’s in a kitsuke kit for kimono?
-Can you tell us about Mamehiro of Ninben?
-How would oiran/tayū/yūjo meet their customers for the first time?
-What are the origins of geisha?
-On average, how long does it take to become jimae?
-How do girls apply to become maiko and geiko?