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Weekend Update 25/6

Not much happened last week so there was no update. This week has witnessed many events though!

Karyukai News
-Makino (真希乃) of Okaai (岡あい) in Gion Kobu has left the profession today (June 25th).
-The 24th Miyako No Nigiwai took place yesterday (the 24th) and today (the 25th).
-Next Friday (July 7th) will be Miyabi Kai (みやび会) in Gion Kobu, so there should be some lovely group shots of all active maiko and geiko.

Karyukai News
-The Random Fact of The Week looked at Miyako No Nigiwai selections and pets.
-Mylo’s Pick of The Week went to Tomitae (富多愛) of Tomikiku (富菊) in Gion Higashi.
-There’s a new tab at the top of the blog now… ^^
-Some of the highlighted questions this week looked at the dances and outfits of those who are taking part in the hanagasa junko, a clarification on the status of Eitarō, Chinese influences on Japanese culture, Kyoto natives, and how Western people began to have negative views regarding geisha. 
-On that note, thank you everyone who has sent in their questions! There’s one that I still have in my queue that’s been there for about a week now, but I’m still trying to find the answer to it. So, please know that I’m trying to get you the answers that you’re looking for ^^

April 2016: Famous Maiko Mamefuji (Tama Okiya) of Gion Kobu in a casual outfit.

On the 1st of May, all Maiko and Geiko of Gion Kobu go to the Yasaka Shrine to pray and thank the gods for a successful Miyako Odori.

Source: @canoneosmk3 on Twitter

yumigeisha  asked:

Oh, hi! I want to ask, since maiko and geiko mostly wear hikizuri, can maiko and geiko wear Yukata? Like in summer festivals for example.

Yes, when they’re not in full regalia they can often be seen wearing yukata in the summer. During Miyabi Kai on July 7th all of the maiko and geiko of Gion Kobu wear matching yukata and pray together at Yasaka Shrine for continued success in the arts.