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hello do you happen to know how miyuki and sawamura refer to everyone on the team? (e.g. sawamura->haruichi- harucchi) Thank you!! :)

hello. (sorry for the late reply! (whenever you sent this omg im not around the whole weekdays this week :( sorry!)) anyway, this is from the top of my head so there might be some mistakes and i might miss some but i’ll try to remember (and correct them if needed, so..)


sawamura - sawamura / bakamura / noisymura / eye-catching flower haha 
Haruichi - kominato
Furuya - kaibutsu-kun / ace-sama

Kuramochi - kuramochi
Maezono - zono
Watanabe - nabe (*mochi calls nabe nabe-chan though :3)
Kawakami - nori 
Ono - ono

Yuuki - tetsu-san
Ryousuke - ryo-san
Isashiki - jun-san
Masuko - Masuko-senpai
Tanba - tanba-san
Chris - chris-senpai
Miyauchi - miyauchi-san / miya-san (*ryo-san calls him Miya-chan though)

Rei - Rei-chan
Kaotaoka - Coach

Narumiya - Mei (whereas Mei calls him Kazuya (NO HONORIFICS/SUFFIXES YES))

*The rest by their names i think.

+ his nicknames from other coaches:  
Pretty boy catcher - Coach Riazou (yakushi) (and Mashima)
Miyuki-boy - Coach Tahara (ichidaisan)


Okumura - wolf brat / okumura-boy
Asada - asada

Haruichi - harucchi / haruo / harudanshi(-danji)
Furuya - furuya (you bastard) / missle man 
Kanemaru - kanemaru / kanema-ru (in which he called sawa ‘Wamura’)
Toujou - toujou

Miyuki - the catcher with the googles / MIYUKI KAZUYAAAA (yes capslock bc intense calling lmfao jk) / captain / captain-in-training / miyuki-senpai
Kuramochi - Kuramochi-senpai / cheetah-sama / leg monster / weasel
Maezono - zono-senpai
Kawakami - nori-senpai
Nabe - nabe-san/senpai

Yuuki - leader / young leader
Ryousuke - onii-san (big-brother)
Isashiki - spitz-senpai / short-tempered-senpai / beard-senpai
Masuko - masuko-senpai / who might you be (lmfao)
Tanba - tanba-senpai
Chris - chris-senpai / shishou (master)
Miyauchi -  muscle-senpai / muscle-paisen

Asuma - metabolic-senpai

+ the rest of second/third years with -senpai

Kataoka - coach shades / boss / big boss / shougun (general)
Ochiai - gunsou (sergeant)

Raichi - black marlin

+ his nicknames from others:
- “Ei-chan” by his friends in nagano
- Bunt-master/meijin / Seidou’s Kawai by his teammates lol

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How the hosts meet their s/o?

thanks for the cute prompt :)

Tamaki: It was only your first day at Ouran and you were already hopelessly lost. You found yourself wandering around on the third floor, and you open a door, hoping to find someone to help you. But when you instead find a room full of girls and the boys they’re fawning over, you immediately freeze, embarrassed. One of the boys gets up and walks over to you, hand extended to take yours. “My dear, how can I be of help?” You blush a bit, telling him you’re lost and looking for your classroom. “Well, of course my lady, I’d be happy to help you, always.”

Kyoya: You hadn’t been overly excited when your father had insisted you attend a benefit for the hospital your father worked at - you had been planning on spending the night at your friend’s hosuse - but your parents had insisted. And when you get there and all you can see are adults, basically no one your age. So you’re more than a bit surprised when a young man comes up to the table you’re sitting at and asks if you’d like to dance. He’s tall and dark-haired, definitely your type - not to mention probably the only other person here who’s your age. “I’m Kyoya Ootori, may I ask your name?” You tell him, and offhandedly remark as to how young he is for a doctor. He smirks, “I hate to disappoint you, but I’m still in high school.” You smirk in return. “Glad to see there is someone here my age.”  He hums in response, and when the song is over, he bows before releasing your hand. “If I may, I’d really like to see you again.”

Honey: Honey’s a regular at the bakery where you work. You work in the back doing the baking and decorating so you know about him and his addiction to sweets, but you’ve never seen him. It isn’t until one of the cashiers calls in sick and you have to cover for her up front that you meet him. “Hi!~ Where’s Miya-chan? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in here before!” Which is quite the testament since he comes in every day. After you explain that she’s sick and you normally work in the back, his eyes go wide, “You’re the one who bakes all the cakes?” You smile and tell him about how baking has always been something that you’ve loved, and he gets really excited and asks you to sit with him while he eats.  The bakery is empty, so you figure, why not? “Would it be okay if I come to visit you tomorrow, ____-chan?”

Mori: You’re at the pet store, looking through the glass at the hamsters. You’re crouched over, smiling at the cute little animals and pressing a finger to the glass. When you stand up, you’re a little surprised when you crash into whoever was standing behind you. You turn and feel your face flushing when you see that the person you crashed into happens to be an incredibly tall, incredibly attractive boy. “Are you okay?” You blush more and stutter through some apologies, assuring him that you’re fine. His only response is, “Alright,” but he doesn’t leave when you turn around - he simply moves closer and stands next to you. “They’re cute, aren’t they?” You ask, unable to look back. He hums in response, and feeling a bit bold, you ask if he’d like to get some coffee with you in the cafe around the corner. “Sure.”

Hikaru: “Hey, watch out!” You turn just in time for a blur that looks suspiciously like a boy to run into you. Aside from screaming when you’re knocked to the ground, you internally sigh, thinking about how you’ll have to find a new place to read. The boy, whoever he is, scrambles off of you, rambling off apologies a mile a minute. “I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” You nod, smiling and picking some grass from you hair. He stands and holds his hand out to help you, which you accept, letting him pull you up from the ground. “I’m so so sorry, I was chasing this ball and lost my footing, are you sure you’re okay?” He’s blushing, obviously embarrassed, and you smile again and place a hand on his arm, hoping to reassure him. “I’m fine, it was just an accident! Oh, hold on,” You stand up on your toes, reaching to pick some grass from his hair. “There you go!” He blushes harder and mumbles, “Thank you. I’m Hikaru.”

Kaoru: You’re walking around in one of the boutiques your mother likes to take you to, even if the frillier things aren’t entirely to your taste. You’re also a bit surprised to see a boy in the store, but you shrug it off - he’s probably here with his mom too. At your mom’s request, you take a few of the things she’s handed you to try on. The first thing you put on is a dress - it’s not bad, but there’s something about it that’s throwing you off. You open the door, expecting to see your mother, standing and waiting, but instead the only person you see is the by from earlier. You blush, and he squints a bit as he looks at you. “That isn’t really a good color on you. I mean, not to be rude or anything. You do seem kind of unsure about it anyway.” You nod, and he holds his hand out. “I’m Kaoru, by the way. My mom’s a designer. Can I help you?”

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My favorite time of year is here!

I love squirming my way in here and dumping my entries for all to see.

I really hope you guys enjoy my drawings. (I know I sure love dropping by and seeing all the lovely art posted)

For day 1i picked First Kiss.

Comic-ish style, which is what I’m planning for all the themes.

Interpret as you will ;)

Special dedication to Miya-chan, who always inspires me to push myself!!!

Ibitani: “Miya and Kana-chan kissed at school, and right after their lips parted, Kana-chan slapped Miya across the face and said ‘I told you to do that at home only!! You scum!! Scum!!’ and then Miya said 'I couldn’t help it! You’re too cute, Kana!! Can you call me scum one more time?!’ and it’s a disaster in here”