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i’m mad as hell that jared and margot were in the SAME building, attending the same PARTIES, and they didn’t have a single picture or sighting together.

so what you’re saying is, i may have to wait until comic con (that is if dc is smart and has suicide squad part of their panel) or even worse the summer of 2016 to see y'all together?!

not amused jared and margot.

not amused at all.

When I say I’m done with people, I mean it. Linking back to my blog, accusing me for stuff I admitted, but you don’t read it right is not needed

I wanted to help you, I ave you useful information about reposting and you never listened to a word I said. 

That’s it, I’m officially done now.

Siiiiiiiiigh as usual, Tumblr is blowing things out of control.

I am gonna say this one thing about the issue and leave it alone.

Now, I know Renner can be problematic (still side-eyeing him for the Jennifer Lopez/Golden Globes incident) but Chris Evans is literally the dude who thinks the sexiest part in Scarlett is her elbow.

The whole “slut” comment was a joke people. It was a sarcastic comment because the interviewers always ask these stupid, ridiculous questions. They weren’t at all trying to be misogynistic or slut shame Black Widow’s character. How I do know this? Because last year when Cap 2 press happened and Scarlett and Chris were asked by an interviewer that involved something a long the lines of “what about their being more female characters” (I don’t have the exact wording but if you come in my inbox I will gladly give you receipts so that you can stfu about this) and Chris and Scarlett were like “NO! No more!! We have enough!”

And yet none of tumblr was up in arms about that? As usual, Tumblr likes to pick and choose which battles they want to fight and rally against when it’s most convenient for them.

Again this cast has been doing press for this movie for WEEKS now and I’m sure they’ve been asked a serious of fucking stupid questions–especially ones that involve Scarlett and her character–by these interviewers, so I don’t blame them for trolling the hell out of them.

This was pure sarcasm. I’m almost positive the majority of people who are up in arms about this don’t follow Marvel and the cast that closely because if so they would KNOW how ridiculous this cast can get during press and that these goobs literally sit there and troll the interviewers solely for their own entertainment just to get through the monotony that are these press tours. .

Calm the fuck down Tumblr, not everything is a fucking fight, I swear.

Okay, so I went to Kat’s performance tonight and beside her warming my little soul and hugging me tightly when we met again. I just want to say that KAT GRAHAM SLAYED EVERYTHING!!!

This new music is DOPE AS HELL. Sounds waaaay better than Up Against The Wall–which was good but this is just a completely different, more mature, sexier sound. Like, you can tell she found her sound and is doing music she wants to do. Which is great. The new music that’s about to drop, ugh…y'all ain’t ready cause this Kat Graham is about to go OFF!! I can’t wait for y'all to hear cause damn, our queen is coming out guns ablazing.

I’m reading all these comments about Black-ish and how wrong it was for the dad to berate his children for not being “black enough”.

Here’s the thing, what the dad did, is EXACTLY what has happened to me numerous times. My dad legit looked me in the face and called me an oreo (black on the outside and white on the inside) and has done numerous things to get me to be “blacker”. That scene with the African ritual may have been a little extreme and stereotypical, but I’ve endured that–maybe not to that degree but I’ve been taking specific places or endured certain things to gain some “culture” and know about my “roots”. So that whole entire scene actually isn’t that unrealistic, at least not in my case.

I could relate to that show and the overall concept in so many ways because I am a middle class black kid from the suburbs who was raised by two parents (although they aren’t together) that had nothing and made something of themselves and as a result of it there’s always this struggle of trying to remain “black” not “blackish” when it comes to their kids. My mother is actually kinda like the mother portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross. So I could actually relate to everything that was going on in this show.

Personally, I think the show was good. It was a pilot, but I am looking forward to seeing where it goes and I give that show mad props for just having the balls to be THAT blunt about being black in America today. The fact that they boldly pointed out cultural appropriation, issues many blacks face in the workplace, and so on and so forth. Was it bit stereotypical and corny? Sure, but what the hell did you expect from ABC? I think it was a good show, I hope it grows and stays on the air. Plus, it’s nice to see a leading cast that is completely African American instead of onee that has a few blacks peppered into the main cast.

Finally, a show that I can ACTUALLY relate to.

I’m so over this Bamon/Beremy/Bonnie nonsense that has been creeping on my dash and tags for the last couple days.

It’s completely and totally ridiculous on both ends.

Like seriously, the Bonnie fandom right now is on some Delena vs. Stefan bullshit and it’s insane. 

We’re better than that, we always have been.

Get it together.

We used to be one of the most unified groups and this fandom, and it’s terrible to see how low we’ve come over some god damn penis

So I’ve accepted that the secret Jeremy is going to tell Damon is about Bonnie.

Unless something magically comes up in this episode, it is literally the only secret left on this show that Damon doesn’t know about. Because when he says “why would you now tell me this” or whatever he said, think about the timing of Jeremy dropping a bomb like that. He finds out Bonnie is dead Elena’s “best friend” (I use that term loosely since I still don’t get how Elena is supposedly Bonnie’s bff and has put more time/effort into trying to locate Stefan than wondering why Bonnie is avoiding Mystic Falls like the plague and hasn’t heard from her outside of a letter/email/text or vocally from Jeremy…I digress…) right in the middle of this whole Stefan/Elena epic love destiny thing and with Katherine missing. Bonnie’s death just is basically another problem that he has to break to Elena and that they probably have to solve/fix/whatever.

So yeah…it’s about Bonnie, there’s literally no other option.

But I don’t think the meltdown that we see is Bonnie related, I could be wrong, but I doubt the show would give us that much happiness in one episode.