yo, i’m about to use this beat to compliment this dope rhyme i came up with yesterday. keep it smooth like vanilla, nice like white rice, and street like the beat son. 

I craved love and that was my one mistake,

Submittin’ to your lies, smitten by your eyes..

In a crazy daze, stuck in the days when my hands would slide your thighs,

Each stroke owned a tear that fell from my eyes,

We each said our goodbyes with underlying hope that we’d give it one more try.

Niggas say I must be trippin, juice drippin’ big pimpin,

But I threw the title down when I found myself kissin’—,

You. Then I feel in love with the WHOLE you,

Intersecting bodies then the roots grew,

Beyond my control blossomed new youth,

The animation when I found myself tastin’—

You. Resurrecting somethin’ within me that I never knew existed,

Making fast money on the boulevard become a distant mission,

I found myself dismissin’ childish intentions…you made me grow up.

Above all, I submitted to love.

Above all, I gave it all up.

Runnin’ game didn’t faze me,

Fakin’ it never became me,

Even when me didn’t know me,

You saw me for me THEN I knew me.

Dust balls in my pockets, oh well.

Infatuation gave me wealth,

Without you by my side, tho,

I’ll always be in need for help.

Cuz I’m hurtin’ without you,

First aid signin’,

I’m cryin’, every day dyin’,

I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t want to try again.

I can’t even settle being your friend.

I can’t try dating Tim, Bobby, and Jim,

When the void is still where it’s always been.

Band-Aid and antiseptics,

Peroxide ain’t no protection.

No helpin’ when it’s tearin’,

No lovin’ and no one carin’,

I’ll get down on one knee and say, “Baby, pick me?”