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Woozi 6?

6: “come bake with me!”

“________, for the hundredth time already, no.” Lee Jihoon sighed, running his hands over his face in slight frustration at your stubbornness.

“Oh come on, Jihoonie! Come bake with me!” You pleaded from the kitchen, walking over to him and giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes you could.

You weren’t the most talented person in the world - and you were nowhere near as talented as your boyfriend, but unfortunately for him, the one thing you were good at was getting him to agree with you.

He always had a weak spot for you; in front of others, it would always be mr. tough guy, the person you didn’t want to mess with, the person who’s always serious, the person who always gets his way. But with you, he’s a whole different person. He lets things slide, he’s gentle, he’s loving… He’s cute. The members always whine because he treats you like royalty everywhere you go but he always bullies them in the recording studio, but that’s just the way things are. That’s just the way things are, when your in love.

“Damn your pretty little eyes.” The boy groaned grumpily, getting up from his spot on the couch and trudging into the kitchen, picking up a wooden spoon and looking at it as if it was something he’d never seen in his life. “Jagiyaaa,” He whined, looking at you with a pout on his lips,“I write songs, not bake cookies. Jeez, if the members see me right now, I’ll never live it down.”

You only smiled, giving him a peck on the lips and wrapping your arms around his waist. Thinking it was a hug, Jihoon gladly hugged you back, but an even louder whine left his lips as you tied an apron onto his body. “Let’s get baking.” You smiled.

After a while of mixing the batter and putting the dollops of cookie dough in the tray and in the oven, you faced your boyfriend with the left over batter bowl in your arms. He dipped his finger in it and tasted it,“It’s good.” He grinned before dipping his finger in once more and dabbing the mixture on your nose, smudging it across your cheeks.

A big gasp left your lips as you felt him completely cover your face in batter,“LEE JIHOON!” You yelled in agony, grabbing a handful of flour and blowing it all over him.

Jihoon then proceeded to grab an egg, cracking it on your head and watching as the yolk oozed all around your head and down your neck. You did the same to him and soon you two were immersed in a hardcore food fight. Squealing in fear, you attempted to run, but your boyfriend was too fast, soon he had you cornered in the kitchen, the both of you absolutely filthy. You tried to step him, and he tried to mimic your moves, but the two of you slipped on some eggshells and came crashing on the ground, Jihoon first and you on top of him.

A slight giggle left your lips as your faces grew closer and closer. Just as you two were about to kiss the oven bell dinged, jolting you two apart. “Right. Cookies.” You laughed. But as you were gonna get up he pulled you back down, swiping some batter off of your lips.

“Your sweeter than any cookie in the world.”

“yuck, so cheesy.”
“I thInk I’m gONNA BARF.”

“yep,” Jihoon sighed, giving you a small smile,“I’m definitely not gonna live this down.”

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