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Do you know of any solutions for dry and cracked lips or dead skin on lips?

you can create a simple brown sugar exfoliating solution:

1. take one table spoon of brown or white sugar.

2. mix olive oil or coconut oil with the sugar (just enough to make a nice and sticky mixture).

3. dab your finger in the mixture and thoroughly spread on your lips as if you’re applying a moisturizer. be mindful that your lips are naturally sensitive, so don’t rub too hard.

4. leave mixture on your lips for one minute, then gently rub it off with a damp cloth and apply lip balm (or whatever type of lip moisturizer you use).

5. do this for only one day of the week.

if you want, you can keep the mixture in an air tight container, in a room temperatured space, to use next time.

I found the cure for cystic acne!

So, I’ve never struggled with acne in my life. Ever. I’ve been very blessed with great genetics and I usually never get more than one or two breakouts a month.

However, recently, because of a huge amount of stress from this semester, I’ve noticed my skin has been much more difficult to keep clear. While a lot of my breakouts signify dehydration (along the forehead, probably from not rehydrating enough after hot yoga 6 days a week), I’ve strangely started getting cystic acne on my chin.

Every month, one week on the dot from when my period is supposed to start, I develop a cystic acne spot. I can always feel them coming, and it’s awful knowing that within a day the spot will be a monster.

I did some research as to why, all of a sudden, I’m getting hormone breakouts. According to one article, women between 20-22, who have never had trouble with acne before, are more prone to hormonal acne than anyone.


So that’s just great.

After more research, the overwhelming majority of articles and people said that exfoliating (since hormonal cystic acne can stem from dry, dehydrated skin, which is what I have) to remove excess dead skin and tea tree oil were great options.

I’ve had tea tree oil for a year or so now, and even though I knew it could be used topically for acne, I never struggled with acne so I never thought to use it. So last night I mixed just one drop of 100% pure tea tree oil with a little jojoba oil, soaked a cotton puff, and dabbed the mixture on my developing cystic spot.

This morning I woke up expecting a huge, painful cyst to be on my chin, but nope. Nothing. No spot. No pain. No nothing. It’s like it wasn’t even there yesterday.

I am currently creating a shrine and worshipping this tea tree oil now.

So this morning I slapped on a bunch of moisturizer and another dab of tea tree on the spot, and I’m finally, for the first time in 4 months, not dealing with a cystic spot, thank god.

Chapter One - Pilot

Words: 2.9k

Summary: So this is where it starts. The beginning of a journey…Hope you enjoy this new fan fiction!! Remember to tell me your thought’s 😚


*Michael’s POV*

“Michael stay away from the road! Stay on the pavement at all times!“ I heard my Momma yell out to me from the back garden.

I swerved around the pavement and tried to stay off the road, peddling the bike using most of my energy. My parents told me that Santa Claus had left it just for me at Christmas which was only six months ago now. The bike was a cherry red colour with blue handle bars, which had a weird texture on them that made my hands feel weird and had ‘Mikey’ in yellow lettering written on down tube. It was the most coolest bike I had ever seen in my 5 years of living. I had never owned a bike before so my dad had taught me how to ride it but I still needed stabilisers as we had tried without them but I kept toppling the bike over. As you can see I wasn’t good at keeping my balance.

After riding up and down the lane and saying hello to a couple of neighbours, I grew bored and went back to the house but as I parked my bike down in front of the door, I heard a loud beeping sound. I looked over the hedge and saw that there was a large lorry reversing into the drive next door. My eyebrows punched together in confusion and my grip on the fence tightened so I wouldn’t fall. That house had been empty for quite a while now, why were people moving in now?

Our previous neighbour was an old lady called Barbs who would always babysit me and feed me cookies, but she was moved to an old peoples home a couple of months ago. She was a very nice old lady but she had a moustache and always smelt of sterilisers. Momma said that old people had to keep in good hygiene if they wanted to live, but I didn’t know why they still smelt like that.

She had three grandchildren and the youngest one Luke was mean. Ben and Jack were nice to me, always smiling and giving me hugs before they went into Barbs house but Luke always pulled my hair and laughed when I told him to stop. Me and Luke never got along, since we started nursery together so when they went round to old Barbs house, he would purposely kick the ball over to  my garden so I would have to give it back and see them all playing. I don’t have any siblings, in fact my parents always tell me I’m their little miracle because apparently my Momma couldn’t have any kids and when she had me, the doctors said I wouldn’t survive.

When I saw a really tall man get out of the lorry and wave at me, I smiled slightly before rushing into my house. Momma always said it was rude to stare.

“Momma! Momma!” I shouted running to our kitchen, my feet pounding against the floor.

“Are you hurt? What did you do?"She said frantically, quickly placing her glass of juice on the side counter. She dropped down in front of me and took my face in her hands and inspected for any injuries. She kept checking until I giggled, telling her to get off me.

"Why is there a big lorry in next doors garden?” I asked, my head tilting to the side with a pout. Momma stopped fussing over me, stood to her feet and walked over to our front room windows. I stood on the navy sofa behind the window as my mum looked out, a smile on her face and my hands gripping her jumper. There was a woman with long black hair, moving a bed frame with the man their heads getting thrown back with laughter when the man fell over.

“Oh, we have new neighbours baby.” She chirped, she walked back to the kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards. “Let’s make them some goodies!” I ran over the help get all the ingredients out to make brownies or fairy cakes.

“What shall we make for them?” My mom asked me, picking me up and sitting me down on the island.

“Brownies! Everyone loves brownies!” I cheered, pulling all the stuff to make brownies towards me. My mum put the ingredients needed to make cupcakes back in the cupboard and started to weigh out all the ingredients. Flour, cocoa powder and sugar went in together but I put my face too close to the mix so I got covered in the powders. I giggled as Momma laughed at me, putting me on the floor and telling me to get the eggs. I trotted over to the fridge but nearly knocked it over as I couldn’t reach the handle.

“Little Mikey, let me help.” She laughed, pulling the fridge open, taking out the milk and eggs. She placed the milk on the side and I brought over my stool so I could reach the side.

“You know there might be a little boy or girl you could play with next door. You could finally have some friends baby boy.” Momma spoke softly, running her hand through my hair.

“I only saw a man and that pretty woman Momma.” I said, my tongue sticking out the side my mouth as I poured the cup of milk into the bowl along with the flour. I got the wooden spoon mixing the mixture around as my mum added eggs and sugar.

“Get rid of all the lumps, Mikey.” I nodded mixing the eggs in the flour and swirling it around. The lumps in the mix started to disappear and I wiggled around the spoon. Momma grabbed the bowl and spoon and started mixing it with me, giggling as a bit of mixture splashed on my cheek. I let go of the spoon as Momma poured the mixture into a baking tray, making sure not to spill it over the edges. I wiped my cheek with my finger and stuck it in my mouth, sucking on it and tasting the thick flavour of chocolate.

“You want to lick the bowl Mikey?” I nodded my head grabbing the glass bowl. I stuck my head in the bowl and licked up it, as Momma put the baking tray in the oven and shut the door. I felt some mixture dab on my nose and I licked over the sides of the bowl gathering the mixture on my tongue. I put the bowl down on the side and gave a cheeky smile to my mum whilst she laughed at my grubby face.

“Why don’t you go out on your bike whilst they’re cooking?” She said wiping my face with a wet cloth.

“Ok!” I mumbled, puffing out my lips and wiping my face dry. I ran outside and climbed onto my bike making sure not to bump into the car on our driveway.

I rode out onto the sidewalk, trying to get a view of the new neighbours. The tall man I saw from earlier was taking out boxes from the lorry, a couple of boys older than me helping him out. I peddled towards the front of the lorry and parked under The Peach tree that had been here years before I was born. It was such a pretty tree and I always found comfort in when I was having a bad day. The light brown wood was smooth and had specks of green against it, moss growing on the roots but not of the trunk. The flowers of the peach tree varied of all the pinks you could come up with; the most prettiest of the flowers were baby pink that faded out into a fuchsia pink. The peaches that grew on the tree always made my mouth water. I was told not to eat them because they held some weird voodoo power that some old people believed in, but I ate them anyway.

When I realised I had been under the tree for a while, I rode forward but the roots of the tree had a grip on my bike wheels, making me fall over the handle bars. I squealed when I landed, holding my head so I wouldn’t bang it, but I ended up hurting my knees and elbows instead.

“Oh my god!” I heard a small voice say behind me gasp.

I stood to my feet, wincing in pain as my knees cracked loudly and my elbows banging against my sides. I dusted myself off, wiping my muddy hands onto my Poppas black Sabbath shirt and nearly fainted at the sight of my bloody knees. I whimpered when I realised the stones I had landed on were now in my raw knees, making them even more sore and itchy.

“Are you ok?” I spun round to be faced with a girl who had her two front teeth still missing and her wild black curls all over the place. Her skin was tanned and she had a weird voice, as if she didn’t know how to pronounce he words properly. Her piercing blue eyes were staring down at my bloody knees in shock but when she looked back at me, she gave me a smile that went from ear to ear, dimples deep and popping her cheeks.

“I’m ok.” I said through gritted teeth, smiling through the pain. The girl narrowed her eyes at me and point to the blood oozing from my knees and elbows.

“You’re bleeding, which means you’re hurt and that means you’re not ok.” She sassed me, grabbing my hand and pulling me behind her towards her house.

“W-where are we going?” I asked, my hand holding the girls tightly.

“My mummy has a first aid kit.” She said as she pulled me through her house. I saw her parents stacking boxes and they were laughing together again, making stupid faces. The girl took me to the bathroom and I slowly followed until she pulled the toilet lid down and pushed me onto it. I watched her reach for the cupboard and take out the first aid kit, grabbing a wipe and a plaster.

“What are you doing?” I asked, she opened up the packet and unfolded the wipe.

“It’s a antiseptic wipe to clean your cut. My mummy taught me.” She got onto the floor below me and grabbed my knee. “It might sting” She said looking up at me, her tongue sticking between her missing teeth. I nodded my head as she wiped it over my skin, hissing at the stinging sensation but she kept a grip on my knee, cleaning up the blood. When she was done she threw the wipe in the bin and got a hold of a ninja turtle plaster.  She put the ninja turtle plaster on my cut and stood up in between my legs.

“What are you doing Y/N?” I heard a woman say, I turned to the door and the woman I saw earlier was stood there with my mum.

“He fell off his bike and hurt himself. He still needs his elbows to be cleaned.”

“Michael?” My mum smiled. “Are you okay baby?”

“I’m fine Momma.” And I wasn’t lying. Even though I had cut myself there was a pretty girl in front of me smiling a dimpled smile with her eyes being surrounded by crinkles, her tongue peaking out from the gap between her missing teeth.

“I brought round the brownies Mikey, let go downstairs.” I jumped off the toilet and followed Y/N down stairs. We got down to their kitchen and it was weirdly similar to ours with black flooring and white cupboards. They obviously hadn’t un-loaded the stuff yet as the kitchen was bare apart from the tray of brownies and a few paper plates. Y/N grabbed a paper plate and placed a brownie onto it.

“Here you go Michael!” Giggling as she watched my mouth drool over them. She grabbed a brownie for herself and turned towards me, her wild curly hair flinging over her shoulder.

“Let’s go outside.” Y/N squealed, prancing towards the front door. I once again followed Y/N outside as she made her way to the peach tree, her dress splaying out as she twirled, her black mini Doc Martens dodging cracks on the sidewalk. The pink flowers that had fallen from the tree were scattered around the floor, completing her white dress and boots. I sat down next to her carefully and looked at her, she was looking down at my bike and traced her fingers over my name.

“M-I-CH-E-Y” she spelled out slowly, taking longer than most kids my age would. “What does it say?” She sadly smiled at me, eating a piece of brownie.

“Mikey, it’s my nickname.” I smiled proudly.

“Can I call you Mikey?” Y/N asked looking at me with crumbles of brownie round her mouth.

“Yeah.” I shrugged, putting the brownie in my mouth. I moaned at the soft texture of it and the chocolate sticking to the roof of my mouth. Y/N giggled at me and shoved the rest of her brownie in her mouth and smile at me.

“How old are you?” She asked stroking over my plaster.

“I’m five! I’m nearly six.″

"I’m 5 too, but I just turned five.!” Y/N squealed excitedly.

“We should be best friends.” she whispered, flicking her eyelashes at me and I quickly nodded my head. I’d never had a best friend, the closest I’ve had to a friend was Luke from next door. But I hated him. I looked over to Y/N’s house and my mum and Y/N’s mum were walking towards us.

“You little monkeys okay?” Y/N’s momma asked, squatting down in front of us.

“Yeah we’re best friends.” I said, Y/N giggled and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Y/N baby, how would you like to sleep round Mikey’s house tonight?” Y/N’s mum said.

“W-hat? why?” She mumbled and looked up at her.

“We haven’t got your room ready yet and Karen said it would be ok as Mikey has a spare mattress”

“Ok.” she chirped, turning her head towards me.

“I’m going to grab your clothes from the car and you can take them round Michael’s.” Y/N’s mum said walking over to the small blue car. She grabbed a pink backpack and a white blanket brining it over to my mum who took the bag.

“C'mon lets go inside.” My mum said, I stood up and helped Y/N up and we walked to my house. I was still holding Y/N’s hand as we walked inside. She squeezed my hand and my mum turned around.

“Mikey if you take Y/N’s things upstairs and show her your room I’ll get the bedding.” I nodded grabbing a hold of the pink bag, it had a few sparkles on the main frame and Y/N grabbed her blanket. Y/N stood at the door and ‘wowed’. My room was medium size and I had a small bed in the middle. The bedding was dinosaurs as they were my favourite animal. I had a small desk where I do my colouring and I have a CD player. I have a lot of albums, my daddy likes the foo fighters and green day so I sometimes listen to them.

“Gu-rr-ee-n- du-ay” She read.

“Green day” I said, she blushed and covered her cheeks with her hand.

“I can’t read very well yet..”

“It’s ok.” I smiled placing down her bag on my bed. She opened her bag up and I pulled out the mattress from under my bed. Momma walked in with the sheets and made the bed for Y/N, who was stood sucking on the dark blue blanket.

“Ok, Y/N darling the bed is ready, the bathroom is down the hall if you need any help I’m here ok?”

“Ok m'am” she mumbled grabbing her pyjamas.

The clash of thunder shook through the walls and I sat up in bed. I wasn’t scared of thunder I actually enjoyed it. But I could hear small whimpers coming from the floor at the end of my bed.

“Mikey” Y/N whispered.


“I’m scared” she sobbed. I turned on my bedside light and looked at her. She was hugging her blanket and her teddy bear. I moved my dinosaur duvet to the side and she jumped up crawling over me and hugging me. I wrapped my tiny hand around her body and moved her blanket out of my face. I pulled up the duvet over her shaking body as she cried into my shoulder.

“Shh, it’s just thunder.” I stroked over her hair pulling it back off her face. She had tear stained cheek and rosy cheeks.

“Do you not like thunder?” I asked. She shook her head and snuggled into me.

“It scares me a lot” Y/N mumbled.

“It’s not going to hurt you, I promise.” She sat up slightly and pushed her hair back and wiped her eyes, hiccuping. There was a flash of light outside the window and Y/N head spun round looking out the window. There was a crack of thunder and Y/N clutched onto my hand. I sat up next to her and pulled her into my chest.

“I’ll keep you safe” I mumbled into her hair, “I’ll fight off the scary thunder for you.”

“For me?”

“For you.”



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Woozi 6?

6: “come bake with me!”

“________, for the hundredth time already, no.” Lee Jihoon sighed, running his hands over his face in slight frustration at your stubbornness.

“Oh come on, Jihoonie! Come bake with me!” You pleaded from the kitchen, walking over to him and giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes you could.

You weren’t the most talented person in the world - and you were nowhere near as talented as your boyfriend, but unfortunately for him, the one thing you were good at was getting him to agree with you.

He always had a weak spot for you; in front of others, it would always be mr. tough guy, the person you didn’t want to mess with, the person who’s always serious, the person who always gets his way. But with you, he’s a whole different person. He lets things slide, he’s gentle, he’s loving… He’s cute. The members always whine because he treats you like royalty everywhere you go but he always bullies them in the recording studio, but that’s just the way things are. That’s just the way things are, when your in love.

“Damn your pretty little eyes.” The boy groaned grumpily, getting up from his spot on the couch and trudging into the kitchen, picking up a wooden spoon and looking at it as if it was something he’d never seen in his life. “Jagiyaaa,” He whined, looking at you with a pout on his lips,“I write songs, not bake cookies. Jeez, if the members see me right now, I’ll never live it down.”

You only smiled, giving him a peck on the lips and wrapping your arms around his waist. Thinking it was a hug, Jihoon gladly hugged you back, but an even louder whine left his lips as you tied an apron onto his body. “Let’s get baking.” You smiled.

After a while of mixing the batter and putting the dollops of cookie dough in the tray and in the oven, you faced your boyfriend with the left over batter bowl in your arms. He dipped his finger in it and tasted it,“It’s good.” He grinned before dipping his finger in once more and dabbing the mixture on your nose, smudging it across your cheeks.

A big gasp left your lips as you felt him completely cover your face in batter,“LEE JIHOON!” You yelled in agony, grabbing a handful of flour and blowing it all over him.

Jihoon then proceeded to grab an egg, cracking it on your head and watching as the yolk oozed all around your head and down your neck. You did the same to him and soon you two were immersed in a hardcore food fight. Squealing in fear, you attempted to run, but your boyfriend was too fast, soon he had you cornered in the kitchen, the both of you absolutely filthy. You tried to step him, and he tried to mimic your moves, but the two of you slipped on some eggshells and came crashing on the ground, Jihoon first and you on top of him.

A slight giggle left your lips as your faces grew closer and closer. Just as you two were about to kiss the oven bell dinged, jolting you two apart. “Right. Cookies.” You laughed. But as you were gonna get up he pulled you back down, swiping some batter off of your lips.

“Your sweeter than any cookie in the world.”

“yuck, so cheesy.”
“I thInk I’m gONNA BARF.”

“yep,” Jihoon sighed, giving you a small smile,“I’m definitely not gonna live this down.”

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