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Ok esto es raro… pero en fin~ solo vengo a ofrecer un nuevo rol por facebook, es mixto y es solo coreano (actores, cantantes, ulzzang, blabla) 

Les dejo el link del blog, ahi estan las lista de los personajes y las reglas…si quieren a algun personaje que no esta en la lista solo me lo piden (siempre y cuando sea coreano)

Piden el personaje comentando en el blog…o me lo pueden pedir por ask o por señales de humo (?)

El blog ->  http://loveasjewelrol.blogspot.com/

Mass Effect Drinks - Thane Krios

Recipe ingredients by glahnish, measurements by me

You’ll Need:

  • A pint glass
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 2 oz. 100% agave, blanco/plata tequila - NOT MEZCAL, NOT MIXTO* (SEE THE NOTE BELOW)*
  • 2 oz. Midori, or any green-colored melon liqueur
  • Fanta soda - Pineapple flavor**

Non-U.S. Measurements

  • 15 ml lime juice
  • 60 ml 100% agave, blanco/plata tequila - NOT MEZCAL, NOT MIXTO* (SEE THE NOTE BELOW)*
  • 60 ml Midori, or any green-colored melon liqueur


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Admire the pretty lime green color.
  3. Stand in the middle of the room and have vivid flashbacks, then quietly contemplate the distinction between the body and the soul.

* - Mezcal? Mixto? Blanco/plata? Why be so uptight about the tequila? Let me explain (via Alton Brown's Good Eats Collection 2 episode 1 “American Classics VI: Raising the Bar Again”):

  • Mezcal is made from any of many varieties of agave plant out there, while tequila is made completely, entirely, wholly from blue agave and therefore has a specific taste.
  • Mixto tequilas only contain 51% agave, which means there is 49% of random ingredients in there. You want the 100% agave stuff - it tastes better and treats you better at the end of the night.
  •  BlancoPlata tequila is clear, has a pure agave taste, and isn’t aged. ‘Blanco’ and 'Plata’ are both used for the clear tequila, although in Spanish they are different colors ('white’ and 'silver,’ respectively). You want this for both the clarity and the taste.

So, it has to be the 100% blanco/plata tequila. At least for this recipe! You can always go (responsibly) crazy and do things differently! 

 ** - Glahnish is currently studying in Australia, and she suggested using Pineapple Lime Fanta. We don’t have it in the U.S., and it could very well only exist in Australia. BUT, if you’re able to get your hands on some, try this recipe with it! Just leave out the lime juice and trust the Fanta to do all the work!


MIXTO food boutique.

Nos fuimos a pasear por la zona 4 y nos encontramos a Mixto, un restaurante de hamburguesas ubicado en el corazón de la zona creativa de la ciudad.  En el nos encontramos a Mike y Ale, los fundadores de Mixto.  Gente genial, comida genial en un ambiente genial hacen de tu visita a Mixto una experiencia totalmente agradable. 

Recomendamos: la no. 4 del menú con aderezo bufalo, aros de cebolla empanizados, aguacate, tocino y carne (Pedila a termino medio 😉) con una Brooklyn fría.🍺   p e r f e c c i ó n. 



Ho JunYeon
Hwang JinUk
Jeon YongHa
Kang HyukMin
Kim Jin
Gwak MinJun
Lee ChiHoon
Lee DoHyeong
Lee DongHun
Lee HanGook
Lee WooJoo
Oh JunGyu
Park Hyungseok
Park HyungSeob
PArk JaeHyun
Park JiHo
Park SangIl
Park TaeJun
Park WonCheol
Shin HoSeok
Song ChanHo
Won JongJin
Yu HaMin


Baek JaeAh
Choi HaNeul
Do HweJi
Hwang JiMin
Hong Youngki
Jang GeuRim
Jung HyeWon 
Kim ShinYeong
Kim SeulMi
Lee DaSom
Lee EunHye/JungRoo
Lee Hyangsuk
Lee TaeGyun
Park YongHee 
Seo JiHye
Song AhRi
Ryu HyeJu
Yeon JiHee