A House is not a home, but I would like one...and other things

So recently we were closing down on a house to let. It has been an exceedingly tiring venture as I seem to be doing a lot of the back and forth for the load. One house in particular was a steal and although we tried our best to get it, the letter was nothing short of a bastard (excuse my french). I was called yesterday evening to have the house offered to me. I had asked in the morning that they get back to me when there is news, however… there were connection “problems”. There side of the phone just made noise and when I called the private number and office of the letter instantly back, it just rang out. Upon calling his partner I had discovered the changing and differences in their story and whereabouts. Clearly they had a better offer and wiggled their way out of it instead of just being upfront. I was angered as this has wasted a monumental amount of my time. I am out of my current housing as of Friday the 14th.

Sadly, I the final word on a new job ended with the final interview. It was good experience and apparently they do want me, just I need to do my ground work on ASP for now. I am unsure if I will darken their doors again, but still. In other news I will be receiving a bit more moola from my current job. I am hoping this will finally give me the breathing room for savings and the like.

The past 6 weeks or so have been grueling. I was only given enough time to even reflect on how stressed I was becoming. I have decided to take a leaf out of my old book and chill the fudge out and put my foot on the breaks a little. I have a half way home with my best mate and cover from my girlfriend. Although, I will be homeless, I will have a place to put my stuff, that’s enough for now. I will take it as a win not to rush into a similar sub standard housing scenario and that I will receive a pay increase in March.


I do not know if I will change jobs before the end of the year, certainly this increase has bought them some time. So in light of being on the verge of completing a new year task and attempting another, I will add a new less serious resolution: Mixtape Monthly. I will post not just on here but generate a spotify playlist or other, once a month. This will also help me organize my spotify better considering people actually follow me…

for now, i’m taking a deep breath and watching the snow
(shut up, I know i’m in work)