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someone reblogged my scans of the young animal mixtape comic with tags like ’#this is horrifying #hes fucking miserable #that bitch forced him to be stuck with a kid #this is all Mikey’s fault #i fucking hate that ballato bitch’ and had all this super rude gross stuff on their blog like omg he’s living his dreams being with the love of his life and writing comics and he loves his wife and brother and daughter tf is wrong with you

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Black Templars novel, short story, comic book, mixtape, stone etching, etc.

Ah I see. It would have to be this piece of pure glory by John Blanche. I remember walking into a Games Workshop with my parents, aged around 9, and seeing it in massive poster form up on the ceiling. My parents bought it. I’ve still got it.

Honourble mentions, however, to the cover of the Black Templar codex, which also brings back many happy memories.

And the Emperor’s Champion mini, which has always been beautiful. 

Okay so Lexark makes me think of The Last of Us so just imagine:

  • Elyza personalizes her own weapons like she finds a bunch of spray cans and she spray paints her guns and knives and she decides to make one for Alicia- like a matching one with her so they can be these bad ass gfs fighting zombies with matching guns
  • Alicia likes to find stuff, like old journals of people’s old life or survival journal- she likes to loot supplies, like shivs (sharp thingys that can open cup boards and doors) or anything sharp, dog tags, notes, badges and comics, mixtapes/cd’s and books and just stuff.
  • With the shivs Alicia collects, Elyza makes weapons! like she can personalize their machetes with shivs so they can combo or even nail bombs! which is so cool, she can set up traps for zombies.
  • Also, Alicia from all the things she collects, she makes them each a little backpack filled with important stuff, she makes them both a little first aid kit from the stuff she looted! and decorates the backpacks with badges and dog tags, and they carry it around wherever they go.
  • Then together they would try and find some petrol for a damaged pick up truck which Elyza manages to fix, and after they manage to fix it up and get it going, they would travel from town to town; kicking some zombie’s asses, looting stuff and finding shelter. Also, they would find some alcohol and while Alicia suggests to Elyza to make a Molotov cocktail (which is a explosive they can use) Elyza suggest they find a shelter with a roof, get a bit tipsy and star gaze- and make out.
  • Elyza would loot tools for her ‘‘little crafting table’’ which helps her upgrade their weapons, like a better scope for her rifle or sniper, she would also upgrade their ammo slot and all, and she would make Alicia a crossbow.
  • Alicia, with the crossbow she would hunt down their food but always make sure she is close bc of how worried Elyza gets if she’s like 2 minutes late, but sometimes she gets totally mesmerized by nature and takes a bit long.
  • Also they would have horses!!!! Elyzia a black stallion and Alicia a white mare.  

I’m on a roll hahaa

Once I saw @fireandlifeincarnate,@aromanticgcallen@rennskye text post parody of Guns and Ships I fell in love and just had to draw it. All credit goes to http://fireandlifeincarnate.tumblr.com/post/132066871012/fireandlifeincarnate-fireandlifeincarnate