mixtape of a memory

♡ OC ask meme ♡
  • --answer these however you like! some parts have multiple questions, you don't have to answer them all. you can answer for one OC or many, or askers can ask about a specific OC. approach them however you like. you can use these for character development exercises too. just have fun with it!--
  • #squad: who's friends with who? what are the squad dynamics like?
  • microscope: zoom in -- describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.
  • fragrance: what do your OCs smell like?
  • photo album: describe one of your OCs' favorite memories.
  • mixtape: 5 songs that describe your OC(s) or songs they themselves would like.
  • wardrobe: what's your OC(s) style like?
  • lightning: who's the most impulsive character? and who is their impulse control?
  • ufo: identity! what are some key identifying qualities or traits of your OC(s)? how to they identify in regards to gender/sexuality?
  • love note: who likes who? crushes? relationships? are they mutual or unrequited?
  • poison: vices/bad habits? what are they? how do they affect your OC?
  • compass: who's the moral compass? in general: what are your OCs' morality like? do they have high morals, or not? are their morals self imposed, or do they base their morals on religion/family/influence of others?
  • track & field: which (if any) of your OCs are athletic? what sports to they play? which of your OCs would go HARD in P.E.?
  • parachute: who does your OC(s) trust the most? who makes them feel safe? who would they do absolutely anything for?
  • conspiracy theory: what are your OC's beliefs? are they skeptics or do they believe easily? who acts on blind faith? who needs to see to believe?
  • zodiac: what's their sign? does it influence their personality? do they care about astrology?
  • spellbook: are any of your OC(s) supernatural? if so, what are they/what are their abilities?
  • contact: how does your OC(s) feel about touch/physical contact? are they affectionate? if so, how do they display affection to others?
  • interiors: describe your OC(s) bedroom/home/or a place they consider "theirs". what's in it? do certain items have a special significance to your OC?
  • hobby: what do they love? what captivates them? what are their passions?
  • psyche: what's their head space like? do they have any mental illnesses? how do they process difficult or emotional situations? what are their coping mechanisms?
  • chess board: who is the most logical? or the schemer/planner?
  • shooting star: if your OC(s) could have one wish what would it be?
  • wild card: talk about any OC! anything you want!

           ❝ we keep this love in a photograph

                                         we made these memories for ourselves

                           || a grahamfield (warren/max) fanmix ||


Memories I Made With The Zodiac Signs (i'm a Cancer)

Aries: Ice Skating. I was clinging to the walls until she grabbed my hand and taught me how to keep my balance.

Taurus: *i’m putting lipstick on him* “Ugh, relax your mouth” “The only way to do that is to kiss me”

Gemini: Recording our “mixtape” in a parking lot full of middle aged parents as they looked at us like we were crazy

Cancer: We saw a spider and ran outside screaming

Leo: You gave me a piggyback ride in the woods during a really terrible game of truth or dare

Virgo: We were lab partners and I didn’t want to dissect the mink. You did the entire dissection and saved our grade tbh

Libra: riding kid rides and taking 8 million selfies at an amusement park

Scorpio: looking at each other like this during English class

Sagittarius: Sitting together and talking crap about every single person in the room with us

Capricorn: being complete Percy Jackson trash together for three years straight

Aquarius: You make dirty jokes and it takes me an extra few minutes to realize what was going on

Pisces: Cuddling on the couch while watching crappy horror films and you swear like a sailor after jumpscares

Idk this was supposed to be a nice serious post with really vivid memories but it just looks like a lot of fanfiction summaries… Oh well

a gentle mini-mix featuring some of my favorite beats. enjoy ♡

スプレーspray // angel.wav (0:00)
cosmastly // red wine 64 (2:33)
memory cards // canal st. (5:00)
a. g. kush // dank star (6:37)
sayuw // cherry blossom (8:46)
og__kaneda // 私は月に飛ぶ (10:45)
音 light システム // 愛すること (14:20)

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I don’t know about you but to me, studying in silence feels kind of uncomfortable and awkward sometimes - I’m one of those people who prefer to study with music or really any noise in the background, even if it’s just the tv. So in this post, I’m gonna show you my favourite playlists/ mixtapes to listen to while I’m studying! It’s not a lot but I will be adding new ones to the list! Also, feel free to message me your favourite ones and I’ll add them

- perpetual-mornings

New mix, and my first mix made completely in a DAW! Trap/future/twillwave with a handful of tracks pulled from the YUME Collective.

GF Retro // PLUSTFX.jp
Whispa // Ariel
GRISFX // A Diamond Girl
スプレーspray // how to pray tutorial
memory cards // Divine Dreamers
PLUSTFX // Can We Have A 1v1 Please
s ? e c i a l - k // NIGHTFALL (SHENMUE)
『Drip Drop』x  nto~ // P L A Y E R S E L E C T
PALEVAxSeePastVisionxSEKUMO* // A L T I T U D E
Jade Statues // ziploc bag
『Drip Drop』 // Magi Magi ☆ Magician Gal

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