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Bts Reaction to you wanting sex while their working

Jin: His phone lit up beside him with a text from you telling him how much you needed him inside of you. As much as he wants to indulge you and help relieve your needs, he would convince himself that he could finish what he was doing quickly and reward you for being patient. While the work wasn’t his best, he finished as quickly as possible and rushed home to satisfy your needs.

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Namjoon: When he received your text whining about how much you needed him, he couldn’t help but lead you on as finished writing the lyrics to his new mixtape. You were his muse, in a way. As soon as he finished he texted you back.

You better be ready for me when I get home…

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Suga: You knew how committed he was to work. You also knew how horny you were. You decided to rile Yoongi up by sending him a risqué photo of yourself in bed with a short message below it.

I need you Yoongi~

Needless to say, he figured his work could wait until tomorrow. Maybe he’d even have some more motivation after the night he was planning for the two of you.

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J-Hope: He was exhausted from practicing for his solo showcase and decided to send you a text. When he unlocked his phone, he saw that he already had a text from you. He opened it without thinking to see a photo of you half naked. With the image in his mind, he quickly grabbed his stuff and headed for your place, sending you a quick text.

You better still look like that when I get home baby.

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Taehyung: He was working on a song with Jimin when his phone buzzed, telling him he had a message. He opened the message from you with a smile on his face. His smile was quickly replaced with a smirk as he turned away from Jimin to hide his phone and the text you’d sent him. 

I need you Tae… I can’t please myself as well as you can please me

He quickly sent a text back to you, one that was equally as suggestive.

If you keep teasing me like that while I’m at work, I’m going to have to punish you…

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Jimin: He was having a rough time at the studio. The dance he was trying to perfect still lacked something. His phone buzzing offered a welcome distraction. And your text to him offered a welcome reason to leave the studio for the night. The picture of you waiting for him in bed was too perfect for him to leave you without the satisfaction you craved.

Is my baby really needy tonight? I’ll have to fix that, won’t I.

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Jungkook: He was tired of being at the studio. He was also pressed for time but he couldn’t find the inspiration to finish the song he was writing for the new album. When his phone buzzed and he saw it was a text from you he was relieved. Maybe you could help him… Or not… 

The provocative picture of you in bed had him shifting uncomfortably in his seat and his face turning a dark shade of red. He knew he should finish what he was writing, but with the image of you burned in his mind he was more lost than before. He quickly packed up his stuff and headed for your place, sending you a quick message.

Leave the door unlocked for me. I’ll be there in a few to help my baby out.

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kookie’s getting some tonight ;)

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I thought hip hop line would be done with mixtapes after getting relatively big, but I’m so so happy that their true passion for hip hop will never fade and they’ll constantly be putting out new music for us. Mixtapes that other people release usually showcase how powerful, strong, fast their rapping is, but seventeen didn’t. Their lyrics weren’t about sex, money, or drugs. It was genuine, smooth, refreshing, and almost nostalgic. They aren’t trying to make money out of this, this mixtape was a thank you from seventeen to us, for all their fans across the world, city to city, no matter where we are. 

so thank you, seventeen

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Muses Mixtape  [Wraith/Billy]

  Needs More Cowbell

I’m the Bomb - Electric Six
Fireproof - Coleman Hell
Let’s Face It, I’m Cute - 11 Acorn Lane
My Type - Chainsmokers
Sleep Without You - Brett Young
Periscope - Papa Roach
Sex - Eden 

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could you do a fic where you and 10k try really hard to keep the relationship a secret but everyone knew from the start? thanks!

You laugh, head bent towards 10K’s, scooping water out of the river. He looks up at you, grinning.

“You really threw it?” He asks.

“Yep. Straight into the air. Hit the lady beside us, flopped all over her face. She screamed, and couldn’t see, and ran straight into the water.” You say.

“I never went fishing again.” You continue, shrugging.

“How are you still alive?” He asks. You tilt your head, arching a brow.

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S o F a r A w a y

Pairing: reader x yoongi

Genre: dream!au, boyfriend!au, minor fluff, angst

Word Count: 3.8k

Warnings: character death, mentions of blood, major angst

Summary: I love you. You’re my everything. I would never leave you. Lies. 

I believed in those words, but I’m living because I can’t die

The messy head of blonde hair shifted in your lap. A soft, deep groan met your ears as you caressed his head, and he turned slowly until his eyes met yours. They were dazed and deep, a bit lifeless from the confusion of waking up. The ends of your lips turned up at the state of his mouth—a trail of drool had made its way from the corner of his lips to his chin—and you patted his cheek. “Come on, Yoongi,” you whispered. “Let’s get to bed.” 

He closed his eyes and leaned into your palm. “You go first,” he replied softly. “I’m not done writing this yet.” His phone laid abandoned on the sofa, probably containing some sort of musical genius that he had thought of. He reached up with one hand to frustratingly ruffle his own hair. “Damn, and I even fell asleep, too.”

He stood up from his position on your lap and reached back down to grab your hands. With a swift tug, he pulled you up from the couch into a standing position. Once you were upright, he didn’t bother to let go of your hands. Tenderly, he bent down to press his lips to your forehead.

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  • me, breathing deeply and looking wistfully out towards a shining new day just breaching the far horizon: the history fandom, you can see it. it's coming back. rising. restored to its former glory. there's only one man who could have been strong enough to do this. a true hero among us mere men. and we owe him everything.
  • me, smiling with a carefree and hopeful look in my eye: lin-manuel miranda.