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New Overwatch Christmas Voicelines/Interactions
(c) Blizzard
New Overwatch Christmas Voicelines/Interactions

New Overwatch Voicelines and Interactions for Christmas, New Year and Valentines!

Pharah and Reinhardt’s ice fishing rivalry, Torbjorn’s wife’s name revealed, Mercy’s favourite dessert of choice, Lucio offering to help make mixtapes, Pharah being a workaholic (:*() …some cool stuff here! Have a listen :)

Full video/rest of interactions are here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL6PXefjXaOjMo7QXGpfZ_3wwgdc0Q1AVa&v=hI_2K3d7T8I


Replaced Reality (Synthwave - Darkwave - Retrowave Music Mix)

DJ RT spinning some synthwave mixtapes (well just posting them)  enjoy

concept playlists

you’re running down a gleaming hall in a light, frothy ballgown the colour of honey-blossoms, past endless tussore-silk curtains which conceal dusty portraits that have long since lost their shine. you are lost, set adrift in your own enchantment, caught between all that is and all that could have been

you’re lying on a field of wildflowers with your best friend, the sullen murmur of bees shouldering their way to your ear. popping a strawberry in her mouth, she smiles at you sleepily, her hair curling delicately around her warm sun-drenched eyes, and your heart catches in your throat at the curve of her cherry-stained lips 

you are in the driver’s seat, speeding down highways, dusky light illuminating the old car. the streets are empty on this shadowy night but every time you turn the wheel excitement surges through your veins and you feel as if you could go on forever

it’s late evening and you’re trembling and trying not to cry because it’s like the whole world is on your shoulders and you’re going to fall with the knowledge that no one is there to catch you. your sister takes your hand with a sigh and tells you gently that it’s alright, things will get better and someday you will find your way home

you’re sipping pomegranate tea and walking through an art museum, eyes filled with childlike wonder at the paintings hanging off the wall. you feel a weight lift inside you and think maybe true love and happy endings do exist, after all

St Vincent’s Mixtape for Kevin;

a road-trip mixtape for kidney transplant survivor

Beck - Dear Life - Colors
Ryan Adams - To Be Without You - Prisoner
Margo Price - Don’t Say It - All American Made
Big Thief - Shark Smile - Capacity
Ty Segall - My Lady’s On Fire - Freedom’s Goblin
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers
David Bowie - Hang On To Yourself (2012 Remastered Version) - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (2012 Remastered Version)
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Thank You - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Curtis Harding - On and On - Face Your Fear
RAC - We Belong (feat. Katie Herzig) - Strangers
Gemini Rising - Best Case Life - Gemini Rising EP
The Rolling Stones - Route 66 - The Rolling Stones (UK)

download link for full show coming soon is available here

Canon Off-Screen Destiel Moments

- Dean giving Cas a mixtape

-Dean making Cas watch Western Movies AKA his favourite things of all time

- Cas showing up naked and covered in bees

- Dean buying and managing to convince Castiel the billions of years old celestial Seraphim to wear an “absurd” cowboy hat 

- Cas having personal experience that Dean is ‘an angry sleeper’

- Dean talking to Cas about personal space (Season 5 but pfft they don’t seem to care anymore about that they’re always standing so close to each other)

[Also 13x06 ‘Tombstone’ was such a good episode]


Here it is, babes: my highly requested mixtape how-to !!


  • Blank CD’s + jewel cases
  • iTunes + a disc drive
  • Sharpie or other permanent marker
  • Collage supplies !
    • glue stick, magazine scraps, stickers, glitter, etc.


1. Decide your purpose.

What’s it for? Who’s it for? Will you have a theme? What kinda music/genres fit with that theme? 

2. Compile the tracks into a playlist on iTunes.


Here are sum tipz for compiling your tracklist:

  • I like to vary old + new music, genres, moods, etc.
  • To make it flow, I like to place the songs in an order where each song somehow compliments or contrasts the previous track.
  • Include a good mix of familiar tracks and new finds.
  • Live versions of familiar songs are always a good idea.
  • Consider movie soundtracks ! Those are ALREADY like mixtapes!
  • 15 songs is a good # of tracks to shoot for.

3. Burn the CD !!!

Insert a blank disc into your disc drive.


4. Wait 4 the disc to burn.

Grab a big ol snack while u wait. Make sure you don’t bump your computer while the disc is burning or the driver could fail.


This is obviously my fav part nnggg. My biggest tip is that collaging takes tons of practice to get a feel for. The person you’re making the mix for will love it NO MATTER WHAT, so don’t sweat it.

Here are some of my biggest tips on art directing yer new creation:

  • I start by cutting out a little less than 5″ by 5″ piece of plain card stock to act as a solid background.
  • A good title can MAKE a CD (and lend itself to some solid visuals).
  • Have a small collection of magazines + clippings to go to for inspiration. My favs are 1980′s Nat Geo’s, “Oh Comely” (a British rag). and NYLON.
  • To get my clippings, I look through a few issues and clip ANYTHING that relates to the vibe of my mix in any way. Sometimes I have a color scheme in my head or a specific imagine or mood. That guides my pics, but I’m always ready to deviate if something else grabs my eye.
  • Sometimes simple covers with a big graphic and some dope patterns/color blocking are more appealing than wild ones, so don’t overthink it ~


Here are some covers I’ve made to give y’all some samples:

If you follow this how-to, be sure to tag me in yer pics <3 !