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I can’t wait until J-Hope drops his mixtape because then I can play all three rappers’ mixtapes back to back as I’ve been doing, but instead of playing 1Verse 15 times in a row as Jhope’s album, I’ll play 1Verse 15 times + his new mixtape songs and be LIVING

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The perfect playlist is absolutely essential when going on a road trip. Great songs make the time go faster, and make being in the car for hours way more fun than it should be. Every one seems to think that the “perfect road trip playlist” has to consist of songs that have something to do with driving, going somewhere, etc. But if you’re looking for “punny road-trippy song titles about driving” songs, that’s not what you’ll get here. So sit back, relax, roll down your windows, and press play!

“Taking My Uzi to the Gym” by The Front Bottoms

Taking My Uzi to the Gym was the first song I ever heard by The Front Bottoms. The subpar basement-recording quality mixed with Brian’s imperfect voice was so different than the other stuff I’d been listening to at the time, and it was honestly a breath of fresh air to come across this song (and band). I always blast this song so loud in my car with the windows down and sing it at the top of my lungs with my hair blowing in the wind. I understand that the quality and his voice take some getting used to for a lot of people, and it may be impossible for someone to enjoy this song as much as I do. But for me, it’s such a great, fun song which makes for the perfect first song on my road trip playlist.

“Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean

Channel Orange is the most nostalgic album for me to this day. It brings back a flood of memories from the summer before my senior year of high school, hanging out and driving around with my friends every single night. Super Rich Kids specifically brings back memories of driving around after work with my friend Selina waiting for plans to be made. You have Frank Ocean’s amazing voice, then you have it broken up in such a perfect way by Earl Sweatshirt’s rapping. It’s such a chilled out, laid back song that you can easily sing along to in the car on a summer night.

“I’m Writing a Novel” by Father John Misty

There is absolutely no way for me to be in a bad mood while listening to this song. Whenever I drive to work, I put this song on to put me in a good mood and prepare me for the long day ahead. My sister actually introduced this song to me while we were driving in her car and I’ve loved it so much ever since. The part that officially got me hooked is when he says, “the dog ran out and said ‘you can’t turn nothing into nothingness with me no more!’ Well I’m no doctor, but that monkey might be right.” What the heck is he saying?! That’s what makes this song so fun for me. Songs that put you in a good mood are perfect for a road trip, and this is definitely one of them. 

“The Spins” by Mac Miller

Ooooh, ooooh, OOOOH, honey I need you!!! A diverse playlist for a long car ride is a must. “The Spins” is different than what I usually listen to (mainly because of the lyrics) but it was my guilty pleasure throughout high school. This song samples “Half Mast” by Empire of the Sun, and the beat alone is enough to have you dancing in your seat. I can’t help but let this song play every time it comes up on my iPod. The catchy beat and lyrics of “The Spins” are sure to be stuck in your head for days after listening. 

“Crystal Baller” by Third Eye Blind

Oh, the memories this song brings back…sitting in the back of my mom’s car with my sister, screaming the lyrics and thinking the words “crystal baller” were so funny. It starts off so slow and mysterious, and then turns into such a fun, upbeat song. About 10 years have gone by since this song has come out and to this day my sister and I still sing it the same way every single time. This song always lands a spot on my road trip playlist because of the great memories it brings back.

“Going to California” by Led Zeppelin

This song is one of the very few that manages to give me the chills every single time I hear it. It’s so slow and sweet, and another great sing along. The title being a perfect road trip title is always a plus, too. There are so many great Led Zeppelin songs to listen to on a road trip, but this song has such a calming, gentle feeling. If I were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a road trip, this is the song that would make me feel at ease.

“Love Me” by The 1975

**unfortunately there are no videos made for the song yet because it’s so new, so the video in the link is just the preview video**

This song was just released a few days ago, and after a couple hours of my boyfriend telling me to listen to it, I did. It was more than worth it. “Love Me” is already at 37 plays on my iPod…it’s such a fun, upbeat song. The awesome guitar riff and beat, mixed Matty Healy’s screamy (amazing) voice makes for the perfect song to end your road trip. Ever since it came out, every time I’m in the car (or in the shower…or doing homework…or going to class…) I play this song AT LEAST twice. A lot of people were surprised that I like this song considering it’s not “emo or goth” as my friends say my music typically is (ha ha ha..), but how could anyone NOT like it? It’s such a catchy tune that’ll definitely be stuck in your head after you listen.

Whether you’re driving somewhere two hours away or across the entire country, a great playlist is essential in making that car ride bearable. No one enjoys being in a car for longer than ten minutes, but with the perfect playlist and good friends, it can be the best time of your life!

Monsta X working at Burger King
  • Shownu: distracts customers because he always rolls his shirt's sleeves up and then they forgot what they wanted to order
  • Wonho: winks at customers and uses crappy pick up lines like "You know what's even hotter than our angriest whopper? Me"
  • Hyungwon: is 99% of the time completely done with all the customers. "No sir, we don't have big macs here, this is burger king."
  • Kihyun: has to clean up after the co-workers and usually takes over when Wonho or Hyungwon overdo it. Also makes sassy remarks to unfriendly customers
  • Jooheon: slips his mixtape into kids' menus. When asked how it got there he blames I.M
  • I.M: the most mature out of all of them. Loses his temper when customers need longer than 5 seconds to order
  • Minhyuk: runs around the counter whenever he sees a puppy. Also knocks down half of the orders in the process. Flips patties cooly but ends up throwing them up to the ceiling

crushed: send me to the moon. launch a rocket into my eye. anything would be better than this.(x)

i hate myself for loving you - joan jett // boyfriend - best coast // every day - stevie nicks // a daydream away - all time low // love me already - black kids // closer - tegan and sara //  please do not go - violent femmes // maps - yeah yeah yeahs // why won’t you make up your mind - tame impala // sea of love - cat power // a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” - fall out boy // monday morning - fleetwood mac // love will tear us apart - joy division // please please please let me get what i want - the smiths 

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Riding shotgun with Driver must be fun if it's given for good behavior! Must be the mixtape.

You’ve seen kids fight for the chance to ride in the front passenger seat, right? I know my little sister and I did that all the time when we were going for a car ride. It could be to school or the grocery store or wherever; it was a competition. It boiled down to whoever could get their butt in the seat first, so one of us might be waiting right next to the door to the front passenger seat, but if the other could hop in the back and swing around real fast or leap through the driver side door, they still won. As we got older, we eventually settled into taking turns, but until then, it was a battle every time.

So I reason it’s a lot like that, kids wanting to ride in the front seat next to mom or dad. Just having that spot is great because it means you get to be a little bit special for a while. Despite being fully grown men(?), the mercs all have that same sibling-like competitive streak.

But yeah, shotgun is great! There’s more room to spread out and stretch, you get a good view of the area you’re cruising through, and Driver will sometimes hand over control of the McMANN’s stereo system. Here’s a post I made a while back about what each of them likes to listen to.


Happy Birthday to our precious little maknae Zelo 😘😘 This kid went from a small baby to a giant 😂😂 Although he’s now 22 (and older than me) I still consider him as my child 😂 Wish all the best to him cause he’s an angel and I’ll always support him ❤🙏