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Tony Padilla | The List (pt 3)

Tony Padilla X Fem!Reader 
Warnings: Swearing, oral sex
Word count: 1182
Here’s part 1
Here’s part 2 

We just stared at each other for a few seconds, the eye contact screaming more then a million words. Tony closed the door and stepped forwards, taking deep breaths as if he were nervous. ‘Hey, (Y/n).’ he said again, his gaze turning sad. ‘Are you still angry with me?’ ‘What do you think?’ He swallowed and sat down at the spot my mom sat earlier, putting his leather jacket aside. 'Listen, I know that I perhaps have let myself loose too much, that I shouldn’t have done it because I got myself into trouble, but I had to make a statement, I…’ I put my book on the nightstand, scooting closer to him. 'I had to let him and every of his pathetic jock friends know what will happen if you mess with my girl.’ In his eyes, protectiveness was visible. 'If they do, they have to face the consequences.’ 'Tony, violence isn’t going to solve anything. You beat someone up, get suspended and the days you’re gone, they will just keep looking at my tits. Why were my tits on the list, they aren’t even that big–’ ’(Y/n)!’ Tony exclaimed flustered before clearing his throat. 'In my culture, it’s different. Harm something that’s ours, we should make you feel that you shouldn’t. The physical way. Especially when it comes to family and lovers. If there’s something wrong, the entire family gets affected. My brothers would gladly beat up Alex over and over again.’ A small smile covered my lips. 'So I should be honored?’ Tony chuckled and gave me a small nod. 'You should be. My family loves you, so…’ 'You aren’t going to tell me they set Alex’ house on fire?!’ Tony burst out laughing. 'No, silly. Well, it is a good idea though…’ I punched him in the arm. 'Don’t you dare, Padilla!’ Smirking, he leaned closer. 'You still mad at me?’ 'Hm.’ 'Done giving me the silent treatment?’ 'Hm.’ He gave me a small pout. 'Forgive me, (Y/n).’ 'Beg.’ He blushed. 'Excuse me?’ 'On your knees.’ Tony blinked a few times, not sure of what to do. I gestured towards the floor. 'Are you serious right now?’ I gave him a nod. Hesitantly, he kneeled down. 'Forgive me.’ I smirked, leaning back onto my bed, my upper body held up by my elbows. ‘Now strip.’ His eyes widened. ‘What?’ ‘You heard me. Strip. Slowly.’ He stood up again, walking over to my radio. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘Putting on some music.’ His fingers skipped through my tapes as he read the backs of them. ‘Find anything interesting?’ ‘Hm, looking for mixtape five I made you.’ ‘Why?’ He looked at me, his hazel eyes shimmering playfully. ‘It’s sensual music.’ He continued searching, found it and put it in the player. ‘Now we can go on.’ Tony said, walking to a spot where was a bit more space. His hands unbuttoned his purple plaid shirt as he made eye contact with me. ‘Slower.’ I demanded, smiling a bit. He decreased his speed, slipping the shirt off his shoulders so he was still in a white tank top. He took it off, my eyes scanning his body up and down. ‘Not bad, Padilla.’ I beckoned him to come closer, raising myself up form my laid back position. He stepped towards me and I leaned in, grazing my lips against his jaw. I heard his breath hitch in his throat as I lightly kissed his cheek, the tattoo behind his ear, his neck. ‘Now, Tony…’ I whispered, licking my lips. ‘I want you to make love to me.’ His strong arms wrapped around me, laying me back onto my bed before he crawled over me. ‘As you wish, (Y/n).’ He pressed his mouth to mine, slipping his tongue in before I could respond. I let out a small moan as his fingers made quick work of my top, which was thrown onto the floor aimlessly. He kissed my neck, biting down on my collar bone as I dragged my hands through his black hair, pulling the locks lightly when he sucked down on my sweet spot. Tony was grinding against me, his bulge hard against my clothed core, making it damp. ‘Fuck…’ He unhooked my bra after a few attempts, dipping his head down to kiss my left nipple. ‘T-Tony.’ I muttered, hooking my legs around his hips to keep him exactly where he was. ‘Fuck, (Y/n), you’re so beautiful.’ He massaged my breasts as he kissed in between them, trailing kisses down all the way to my tummy. He pulled my legs over his shoulders, taking off my pants and underwear in a swift movement. ‘You’re so wet…’ he whispered, kissing the insides of my thighs. ‘Hm, just get on with it already.’ I said, growing impatient, longing for his touch. As he buried his face between my legs, I moaned loudly. ‘Sssh, your parents are downstairs.’ His breath was hot on my womanhood as he said that, making me crazy. I bucked my hips, pushing myself onto his face. His tongue was soft and warm as I grinded over it, moaning loudly. He slipped a finger inside of me, pumping it up and down. I groaned when he found my clitoris, fingering it with his thumb. ‘F-Fuck Tony, you feel so good.’ ‘So do you.’ He mumbled, sucking on my labia. I felt my high coming closer. ‘Tony, I’m so… Fuck!’ He hummed, sending vibrations through my pussy, pushing me over the edge. I released on his tongue, moaning as he kept licking. ‘You taste delicious, (Y/n).’ he said, swallowing after he had lapped up every last drip of my juiced. He crawled over me again, kissing me. I could taste myself on his lips. I sighed deeply, calming down from my orgasm. ‘That was great, thank you Tony…’ He smiled, his eyes dark with lust and love. ‘You’re very welcome, baby girl.’ I smiled, cupping his face in my hands. I pressed a kiss on his lips before pushing his chest slightly. He rolled off me, laying down on his back. I stood up, a wicked smile covering my lips as I walked towards the door. ‘Where are you going baby?’ ‘For a shower.’ ‘What about me?’ I put a hand on my hip, licking my lips. ‘Punishment.’ He gave me an annoyed look. ‘You still angry at me? You gave me the silent treatment, I ate you out, what more can I do?’ I let out a chuckle. ‘No, I am not angry anymore, but it’s just too much fun to tease you.’ He pouted, frowning as I opened the door anyways. ‘You really are going for a shower, aren’t you?’ ‘Hm…’ ‘Are you leaving me undone?’ ‘I never said you couldn’t join me in the bathroom.’ I spoke, heading for the bathroom. I turned on the shower, waiting for the water to turn warm. As I felt a pair of arms around my waist and lips in my neck, I knew this was going to be a long night. Not that I minded, of course.

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BTS: NOW 3 Interview ~ Rap Monster

Where do you want to go right now?
Hawaii, Phuket, Swiss, Paris, Milan, and London. 

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
Next mixtape. 

What are your five greatest interests right now?
Music, clothes, travel, me, and family. 

What was Chicago like?
It was a windy and clean city with a river. 

What did you like during your stay in Chicago?
The sceneries in the city. It was very urban-like. 

You had a total of six concepts in the photo book. Which concept or story did you think suited you the most?
The one where I wore a choker in the underground…! It just felt like I was wearing clothes that really suit me. I also liked the one where I am looking away on the bridge. It’s just very humane. Humane and…

Do you think you are a grown-up now?
Not yet. Someone said to me that ‘acting like a grown-up’ and ‘being a grown-up’ are two different things. So far, I think I am just a kid acting like a grown-up. 

What was it like when you finally turned 20?
I thought wow, I am finally in my 20s, then… nothing happened. I was just busy working on my debut album. It actually came to me when I was about to make my debut. 

What did you want to do the most when you become an adult?
I wanted to buy a beer with my ID. 

You in your imagination as a little boy 10 years ago vs. You right now - Are you the same person?
Not at all. Back then, I imagined that I would be studying in a good university. 

You released the cover song ‘Adult Child’ three years ago. Can you empathize with the lyrics?
Back then, I looked at the boundary between an adult and a child, or the world itself in a cynical eye of a 20 year old. Now, I am numbed. Isn’t it a part of being a real adult? I guess I am becoming more and more like an adult while blending into the world. 

Is there something you have not tried but want to do someday?
I want to take a trip to a foreign land by myself. I’m quite timid… but someday, I really want to rediscover myself in a secluded place in a foreign land. 

What other people tell you the most these days.
You must be busy. 
You must have a lot of schedules. 
Aren’t you tired?
Do you get enough rest?
You must be exhausted. And etc. 

What you need to hear right now.
You are cool. You are doing well. You can do it.

For those who support you…
I love you. I love you so much, and I will be a better person who can give your love back. Thank you.

Your goal in 2016.
To become a ‘musician’ who can produce albums! A musician who can rap, sing, write lyrics and songs, and make good music. 

Your definition of ‘dream.’
The beginning of all dramas and scenarios. The source of endless conflicts. 

After the interview…What are you going to do now?
I’m going to eat! Although it’s all to earn food… Oh, there is my answer to the previous question. We are all doing things to earn food, but sometimes there is a greater thing to life. And that must be your dream. 

Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook

Name: Rome Fortune (cowboypimpin)

Residence: Everywhere but from Atlanta, GA.

First time I heard Gucci Mane: I was in high school and my neighbor had the Trap House CD. I took one glance at the artwork with him and the females in the kitchen and was immediately sold. Been a Gucci fan ever since.

Top five album/mixtapes and why (in order from least favorite to top favorite):

5. Trap House 3 - It embodies who Guwop is in my opinion. Ruthless, emotional, witty and knowing who’s about to be the hottest out of Atlanta.

4. Burrrprint 3D - This is when he started becoming a part of pop culture outside of Atlanta to me. I played it a lot my first summer in New York City.

3. Trap God - A lot of my homies produced on it and opened up the door to me to work with him. Also it was like the evolved version of what he had been doing so well in the past.

2. Chicken Talk - Just a classic.

1. EA Sportcenter - That came out when i got my first car with a crazy sound system. So that will always hold a top spot for me.

Top five songs and why?:  

5. “Haterade” - Guwop & Pharrell? Self explanatory.

4. “Bricks” - I think this was Zaytoven in his prime. The way the beat swings and how Ralph & Yo Gotti complement the track was like a perfect collaboration.

3. “Point in My Life” - I think this the most vulnerable he’s ever been on a song. He meant every word and it had nothing to do with trapping or violence. This song was my pregame to every show.

2. “Trap House” - My introduction to Gucci. The impression was left forever.

1. “Pillz” - I discovered this song when i first started “rolling” so I connected it with it.

Favorite ab-lib and why?: The vette pass by “Whoosh” . Making an adlib emulating the breeze a fast car makes when it passes you is pure genius. Nothing but.

Favorite diss record and why?: “I Shook Them Haters Off.” If the people he were referring to in this song were as famous as Jay-Z this would be the southern version of “Ether.” Still ethered them anyway.

Favorite classic moment:
Throwing that person out of a moving vehicle. I don’t condone it in anyway but come on man, throwing someone out of a car doing 35 mph is just some Marvel supervillain shit.

Favorite Gucci Mane quote vital for everyday life? “Bitch, I might be”


I don’t understand how some of y’all saw and listened to the Bangtan trailer and came away with “swag Min” or “ball is life” jokes. 花樣年華 was more intense, more emotional, and more impactful than the vast majority of Bangtan’s songs so far and (in my opinion) more than almost any of the songs on Namjoon’s mixtape other than maybe 각성.

I’ve seen a lot of people giving Yoongi the appreciation he deserves for this, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that this is the first time Yoongi’s work has been given the spotlight like this and a large section of the fandom is just rehashing tired “swag” jokes is kind of…frustrating to see.

SLOWLY COUNTING THE DAYS || a mix for family found and loved ones lost, for the memories of the savior, and for a happy ending that may not be quite so happy after all [ listen @ 8tracks ]

01. Mirah - Location Temporary // 02. Carina Round - For Everything a Reason // 03. Ane Brun - Lullaby for Grown-Ups // 04. Ed Harcourt - All of Your Days Will Be Blessed // 05. Sarah Blasko - Showstopper // 06. The Civil Wars - To Whome it May Concern // 07. Julia Holter - Hello, Stranger // 08. Kate Bush - The Morning Fog

Young Thug - “Make A Lot” (prod. Metro Boomin)

While we wait for Young Thug to drop his third Slime Season mixtape in five months, we get “Make A Lot "produced by Metro Boomin, which leaked onto the Internet Tuesday. With a little bit of mixing, "Make A Lot” could turn into a banger. Led by industrial, bass-heavy, piano-laden production from Metro, Thugger croons about making a whole lotta money.

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