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Hablemos de #mezcal

El Mezcal del náhuatl mexcalli (pencas de maguey cocidas) es una bebida artesanal mexicana elaborada de la destilación de las pencas del maguey o agave.

Es una bebida única, pues ninguna otra bebida alcohólica requiere para su elaboración tanto trabajo y paciencia.

El Mezcal joven, por ejemplo tarda en madurar entre 5 a 25 años y dicho añejamiento lo hace la madre naturaleza, por eso su sabor trae el sabor de nuestras raíces, nuestra tierra y nuestra gente.

Existen 273 especies de agaves, de las cuales 205 se encuentran en México y 151 son endémicas, es decir que sólo se encuentran en nuestro país.

De esta enorme diversidad sólo 27 especies se pueden usar para producir mezcal.

De los diferentes tipos de agave se cuenta con una denominación de orígen, y una de ellas aunque no corresponde a la definición como tal de mezcal es el tequila.

El Mezcal se fabrica con la piña que es el corazón del agave, la cual cuando llega a su madurez se cosecha, se cortan las hojas, se cuece y después se muele.

De las 27 variedades aceptadas por la NOM 70 destacan el Agave angustiofila (maguey espadin), Agave esperrima (maguey de cerro), Agave weberi (maguey de mezcal), y el Agave saimiana.

Como se debe tomar?

El Mezcal se debe sorber pura la bebida para que se puedan apreciar sus cualidades organolépticas.

Al sorber unas cuantas gotas se recomienda dejar evaporar en la boca mientras se degusta la combinaci{on de la Tierra y la planta, con la idea de lograr esa sensación agradable en el paladar y espíritu.

Recientemente se acostumbra acompañar el mezcal con naranja y sal de gusano de maguey, cuyo propósito es mitigar el primer efecto del trago.




Super delicious and super sexy, it’s the HERSHEY NUGGET MARTINI! Click on the link in my bio to watch us make this amazing drink.

Created by: @lanas_tails

Post your cocktail pics using ‪#‎TipsyBartender‬ We will repost the best ones. Each month the pics with most likes wins $100, 2nd Place $75, 3rd Place $50.

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An eternal flame! Green Chartreuse, Basil, green apple and egg white. Topped with sugar and flaming green chartreuse for a bruleed finish. #fire! #burn #craftcocktails #classiccocktails #mixology #cocktails #delicious #Toronto #drinkporn #foodporn #yum #tdot #shots #drinks #bar #bartender #bartenders #smokers #420 #flameon #picoftheday #photooftheday

10 Tropical Cocktails to Drink Now

by Emily Elyse Miller

Bring on the snowstorms because with these tropical cocktails in hand the only place you’llbe thinking of is the beach. We spoke with some of our favorite NYC bartendersabout tropical cocktails and why a little snow shouldn’t keep you from ordering a Mai Tai — with an umbrella please. Take a sip of one of these drinks and the snow will turn to sand and the freezing cold wind into an island breeze. Sip, daydream, repeat… and go!

1. NoMad Bar, The Forbidden Dance 

“The cocktail is ‘tiki’ because it’s playful and whimsical. Drinks that you consider “tropical” feel that way for a number of reasons. Namely, they all have refreshing citrus, exotic syrups, and are playful and fun in presentation. The Forbidden Dance has all these hallmarks of a great tiki cocktail. For citrus it has fresh pineapple and lime. For exotic syrups, it has almond and vanilla syrups that we make in house, as well as Falernum – a spiced, alcoholic syrup from Barbados. And it’s definitely playful; the drink is served in a massive, vintage ceramic tiki mug with a paper umbrella and a huge sprig of fresh mint. One sip and you’ll be pulled far from your mahogany barstool on 28th street, and will be taken to wherever you want to be.” - Chris Lowder, Head Bartender

2. Happy Ending, Hemingway Daquiri (Image by Angela Pham)

"The Papa Doble, conceived in the El Flordita of Havanna Cuba sometime after the first war, was ‘the’ drink of one of our most beloved and prodigious drinkers of the 21st century, Ernest Hemingway. He held the record at the La Flordita-consuming 16 of these deliciously spirit infused concoctions in one sitting. Hemingway himself proclaimed the Papa Doble to be ‘the ultimate achievement of the daiquiri making art.’" - Marco Rivera, Bartender

3. The Garrett, Sunken Santa cocktail

"The Sunken Santa is a Caribbean summit of sorts — its components come from Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago. Just one sip of this bad boy will airlift you to a sun drenched outdoor cafe in Port of Spain, vacationing the only way a real man or woman of leisure knows how: that is, drunkenly." - Craig Weinrib, Bartender

4. Sweetwater Social, Hot & Bothered 

“Literally everything in this cocktail comes from a warm tropical climate with the exception of the Pimms. The simple goal of this drink was to create a complex, heavily spiced, easy drinking cocktail that reads ‘summer’ but works quite well in the cold weather. It’s kind of a fun conflicted cocktail in that sense. And the fact it’s bright red and garnished with an edible orchid helps drive home the tropical theme even more.” - Tim Cooper, Bartender

5. TALDE, Obama’s Punch

“Obama’s Punch is about change – the real change here is fresh fruit juice and of course that kick of extra alcohol to warm you up.” - Beverage Director/Co-owner John Bush 

6. Boulton & Watt, Endless Summer

“This drink — named after my favorite Robert August movie — transports me away from 20 degree weather and slushy puddles. We all saw plenty of beautiful images of Brazilian coast lines this past summer with the World Cup, and Leblon cachaca — the darling child product of Brazil — gives me a taste of that. Fernet Branca allows this drink to have a place in a winter menu. The dark, rich, bitter sweet flavor profile anchors all the other ingredients.” - Jaime Felber, Bartender 

7. Branch Ofc, Vero Beach Fizz

"This drink was named after Vero Beach, FL- the once famous location of the Brooklyn Dodgers spring training. The boys may have sweat on the field but super fans who traveled south to watch from the shady bleachers, appreciated the warm Florida escape from Brooklyn. The Vero Beach Fizz is a bubbly bit of that sideline breeze." - Christopher Buckley, Owner of Branch Ofc

8. Monarch Room, Monarch Mai Tai

“The Mai Tai is one of the most popular rum cocktails. It was created by Trader Vic in 1944. Here at The Monarch Room we took it to the next level! In addition to the rum and our fresh juices we added our own falernum. It is made with a combination of tropical flavors such as lime zest, orange peel, pineapple and vanilla. One sip of this great cocktail and you will be on an express flight to a tropical Island.” - Michele Trizzino, Beverage Manager

9. Barchetta, The Painkiller 

“Made of British Navy West Indies Rum, Coco Lopez, tropical juices (orange and pineapple), the Painkiller is the perfect retreat from a snowy winter to the Islands. Think of it as the Egg Nog of the Tropics.” - George Hock, General Manager

10. The Gilroy, Batida du Brésil

“With one sip of this cocktail you are transported from the freezing and unforgiving streets of Manhattan to a place with long golden beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise glistening water. In Brazil, batida means shaken or milkshake and is one of their most popular summer cocktails. My version using Avua Prata Cachaca which is rested in stainless steel casks before being hand bottled, delivers a lush and creamy flavor. We add Giffard Banane Du Bresil Liquer which is made with the finest Brazilian bananas and a touch of Cognac, fresh pineapple, heavy cream and Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters. We finally shake it over ice to the sound of the bossa nova beat …and there it is our ‘Batida du Bresil. Sit back, relax and enjoy” - Francis Verrall, Bartender

A little mixology practice for Christmas Eve!

4oz Chardonnay
1oz Watermelon Schnapps
.5oz Rum
Big Splash of Cream Soda (I used diet because I don’t like the taste of regular soda)

Tastes like a BlowPop!

This was a good excuse to use some of this Watermelon Pucker that’s been sitting in my closet for like 5 months.

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