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% + Hawaiin shirt

Faba looked at the contents of the package with absolute disgust. In the package was a horrendous shirt. Flowers and bright colours were mixed into the pattern. He didn’t recall getting this and he couldn’t send it back. No, he already tried that. He took the garb out of the package and looked at the invoice. He did pay for it. He told himself that he should stop mixing alcohol and online shopping. 

Nevertheless he took off his lab coat and put the horrendous thing on. He looked like a failed stand up comedian who would do shows for a free glass of water and some attention. 

Large dormer windows present the perfect place for built-in elements. Some days require moments of relaxation, and the reading nook nestled in the dormer window of this upstairs hall is the perfect spot. Add a soft touch with an upholstered cushion in your favorite colors and pattern. The window seat is a great way to add a pop of color to this mostly white space.