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They painted a charred fire ember effect on the soul of cinder statue. If I buy some decent Tamiya paint and layer it right it would look pretty good on my armour and tattered fabric. Will try out a few tests on some scrap metal tomorrow.

Anyone with painting experience feel free to give me advice. I have only painted a few gundam model kits so may painting skills are quite basic.


BurntPasta’s Flipnote Studio 3D Color Mixing Tutorial!

I do my best to showcase how I mix colors using different colors and brush textures/fill textures~


A lot of my color combinations were created by experimenting. Sometimes something would start off green with a layer of white using the first texture with a layer of blue on top using one of the later textures and I would end up making a lighter turquoise color.. 

I encourage everyone who animates or even just ‘arts’ in general on flipnote to experiment with all kinds of color combinations! :3 

For example: The best grey is actually created with the checker pattern brush of yellow on bottom, blue on top! (or vice versa!) It can be seen on the mettaton ex doodle seen above! Using white on black kind of creates a harsher grey that does not look metallic at all and blends in too much with the black outlines..

Another example is using Red on Green in the checker pattern brush creates a warm brown… Perfect for trees, monster kid stripes, or even hair color!

I tend to create the colors on the character first and then go back with either of the stripe pattern brushes with black to create shading since it allows both of the under-colors show through… But for high-lights, I prefer to use the checker brush and paint on white. ^^

Always remember that the more spaced out your brush is, the more you will see colors on lower layers, so you do a lot more mixing because of this! 

I would like to take a second to thank the anon who asked ‘how I color with Flipnote’ that prompted this tutorial! <3 

I’ve been meaning to do one for a while now, but I’ve never done a full-fledged tutorial before… ^^; 


PS: My favorite colors to make in flipnote are the purple made with red and blue and the checker brush, and turquoise made the same way with blue and green. lawl. >3<


Michael Carini | Foreverandever | Acrylic on Canvas | 60" x 96" | 2014

The Carini Technique-As every story has a past, present, and future, what may at first glimpse appear to be non-objective abstraction is in fact segmentations of energetic imagery interacting through the boundlessness of space and time.


This section will cover everything from tanning a pelt, to true taxidermy where an animal is mounted on a frame, to cleaning bones. Taxidermy is a very interesting art form that combines many different disciplines, but with guidance anyone can create amazing pieces that can be used to educate or decorate. I will give this warning though, because taxidermy deals with dead animals, it is incredibly important that you take all necessary precautions. Use protection when dealing with the animal, keep your workbench away from your living space, dispose of all leftovers properly, and make sure you look up the rules in your state about collecting roadkill.

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Painting process of “Nebulae”! ✨
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