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“The council comes together tomorrow to vote on the name of the guide star.” You spoke softly, pointing up at the brightest star in the sky, the one to always guide travelers north.

Loki lay on the thick grass beside you, his back pressed against the old oak tree as you rested your head on his lap. “Do they now?” He murmured.

You nodded, “I’m going to suggest Lokabrenna, Loki’s torch.”

Loki raised his eyebrow, shifting to look down at you. You moved your head, meeting his gaze. “You wish to name the most important star in the sky after me?”

You beamed at him, smile as bright as the moon. “Who better than you?”

“Surely Thor, or perhaps my mother, maybe Odin?” Loki offered shrugging. He glowed inwardly, pleased that you thought so highly of him.

“You hide your truths with lies. We can always trust you to be dishonest, the other gods will lie and claim truths but you promise nothing but lies, and thus you are the most truthful. Who better to guide a weary traveler home to their family, or a sailor to their destination?” You snuggled in closer to his chest, inhaling deeply of the leather fabric. Loki laced his fingers through yours, gently stroking them as he thought

“My dishonesty is what makes me honest?”

You nodded, straightening up. Stroking your hand through his hair, you smiled again, “The other gods bluster their way through things, sitting on their claims of goodness. You waste no time with such nonsense, accepting that you are imperfect and show them the truth of their ways, whether they want to hear it or not. I’d say that makes you quite honest. You never get held up in claiming that you’re going to tell the truth, you admit that you lie freely. I appreciate the honesty of your dishonesty. Does that make sense?”

Loki laughed, “Not really, no.” He pulled you in for a gentle kiss, his lips meeting yours softly before slowly pulling away, “but then, many things don’t.”

“Exactly. Why would a god love a simple mortal maiden? Surely there are others more deserving of him.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth.” Loki insisted, pulling you closer to him so you sat on his lap, your back pressed to his chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“And so, my dear god of mischief and lies, you deserve the brightest star in the sky.” The two of you looked up at the inky night sky, glittering with millions upon millions of the lights in question, but none stood out like the north star, none shone as brightly. Only the moon could match its splendor, Loki’s torch. “Your torch will always guide me home.”

“You are my torch, my love.”

You leaned back, head resting in the crook of his neck and smiled. Your fingers traced constellations on his hands as the two of you sat together, enjoying the other’s company into the early hours of the morning.

Imagine Woozi trying to hide his red face from Jun after the latter teases him by trying to kiss his cheek.

ok…..this is gonna be a Very Specific question but…does anyone else with grapheme-color synesthesia mix up words or numbers that are the same color. like 

they don’t have to sound or look the same or anything, but they have similar colors and textures so i just. flip-flop them sometimes, especially if i’m spacing out a little.

dublin and berlin i mix up constantly because they’re both brown and black, and i mix up the words mantra and atrium because they’re both shiny and red. and i confuse the number 3 for the word green. 

for example when i was in first grade i wrote “green” for the answer to “what is 1+2″ and my teacher thought i was trying to sass her.

alright, i managed to get the first part of this done! its a little short i know, but i didnt want to make it too too long and ruin the next part

colorblind lance, but still set in canonverse, endgame ship is klance

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Waxen - Prologue/Part 1

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I felt her grip easing up.
I held on tighter. “No, don’t let go.”
“I promise I’ll stop by next weekend and I’ll spend the night.”
“Don’t promise Nia.” I said as I allowed her to let go.
“Why not?”
“Just…don’t promise things you can’t keep.”
“When have I ever broken my word with you?”
“Never but-”
“But nothing Hana, you’re not being fair at the moment.”
“Well when are things really fair?”
Her eyes narrowed. “You’re the most difficult person I know.”
“I think you win first place Nia.” I said with a huge smile on my face.
She softly laughed, that sort of laugh where I knew exactly what her next words were going to be.
“I love you.”
The way she laughed with me, I think anyone could tell she was totally in love with me.
I was grinning so hard, “Now you’re not being fair. You can’t just say those words and expect me to give up.” I was just stalling now, and she knew it. “You just called me difficult, you know I won’t-”
She grabbed my face firmly. “Babe, stop.”
I saw those clear grey eyes staring right at me and I felt calm. A wrong sort of calm. I sighed in defeat, she always had me.
“Okay, next weekend. I won’t forget.”
“Oh trust me Hana. I know you won’t.” She started making her way for the door.
I gave my stalling plan one last attempt, it worked about half of the time so I always saved it for last.  “So how’s school going?”

She turned back around and started telling me all about it. I zoned her out, I knew I shouldn’t but she got so technical about it. I never knew what she went on about.
I just stared at her face. The way her eyes twinkled with the light, the way her nose would scrunch up when she’d ask me something, the way her lips would tense up when she would pause and think about what she was going to say next.
I didn’t care about what she talked about, as long as she continued taking. I noticed she had that half smile on her face.
How that stupid smile got to me.

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Jimin & 70

Member: Jimin

Prompt Request: “Did you buy me… lingerie?”

Genre: Angst

Imagine Summary: You find a box of lingerie on your shared bed with Jimin, but it might not be for you.

Word Count: 969

I trudged my sore feet up the stairs to my shared apartment with Jimin. I was having the worst day imaginable and even the elevator under repairs forcing me to walk thirteen flights of stairs was the least of my problems. That was considering I got laid off at work.

I was a ball of anxiety, sadness and fatigue by the time a made it up the stairs and walked down the hallway to our door. After working for the last two weeks on a special project, my boss found the time to tell me they’re downsizing the branch after I completed it.

I lazily slid my key in the door, hoping that Jimin would be home to comfort me. With the two of us working all the time, it feels like ages since we’ve been on a date or spent some real time together.

Slipping off my shoes, dropping my keys in the basket, placing my coat on the rack and lumbering over to the bedroom, I let myself fall face forward on the bed.

I sigh into our comforter and lay there for a couple minutes before I have the energy to get up and take a bath.  I sit up on our bed and move to take off my shirt when I see a red box at the bottom of the bed. I smile.

I open up the box and peel the pink sparkly tissue to reveal a red lingerie set. It’s absolutely beautiful. The material feels silky between my fingers and the brasserie has a bit of white lace that compliments the red.

I laugh to myself and pick up the box and go to the bathroom to take a shower.

I take a nice long shower, lathering myself in body wash with the scent I know Jimin loves. After that I dress myself in the racy red number and then do my hair and makeup. The fact that I’ll have to find another job is far from my mind right now. All I can think about is Jimin. I have to adjust the bra a bit since it doesn’t fit all that well. I check the label and see that it’s a size too big. Usually Jimin buys me the right sizes but I guess he just mixed up the letters or something.

I put on a light pink silky robe and as I’m tying the belt, I hear Jimin walk in.

I quickly jump onto the bed and get into a provocative position with me laying across the bed and my head propped up on my hand.

Jimin opens the door and as soon as he sees me he jumps back in fright. Not the reaction I expected but funny nonetheless.

“Y/N, what are you doing home? I thought you said you would be working overtime this week for that special project or something.” He asks. He looks so hot in his loose fitting hoddie and tight black jeans.

“I’m done,” I say. I don’t really want to talk about my unemployment right now since it’ll really just kill the mood.

I stand up on my knees on the bed and stretch my hands out to Jimin and pull him closer.

“So..” I say trying to be seductive. “Did you buy me….. Lingerie?” I draw out the last word for effect.

Jimin smiles tightly. “Oh, that.” He says.

I tug on the belt and let the pink robe fall and pool around my knees.

Jimin’s eyes widen and i bite my lip. I move to kiss him but he pushes me away.

“What the hell Y/N? You wore it?” He exclaims. I don’t understand why he’s so mad.

“Isn’t it for me? You left it on the bed. I thought you wanted me to wear it.”

Jimin groans loudly.

“For fuck’s sake Y/N. You don’t tell me that you’re coming home and then you come onto me as soon as I get here. I don’t have time for this.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming home. I just had a really hard day.” I almost choke up remembering that I don’t have a job anymore but I know that now is not the time to bring it up.

“Who hasn’t had a hard day? You think I have it easy?” His glare is piercing and I still have no idea what I did to deserve this.

“No, I-”

“Take it off.” He demands.

“What?” I can’t believe this.

“I said take it off. I should have never put it on the bed in the first place.”

That’s when I start to get really pissed. Who the hell does he think he is yelling at me as soon as he gets home?

I start to rip the lingerie off. Tearing the fabric.

“You want it off? Here! Fucking take it you piece of shit.” I scream throwing the mess of ripped lingerie at him.

I quickly cover my naked body with the pink robe.

I pick up a pillow and throw it out of the room.

“You can sleep on the couch tonight,” I say, livid.

Jimin picks up the lingerie off the floor.

“No need,” he says coldly. “I’ll sleep at a friend’s.”

And then he just walks out. As soon as I hear the front door slam I begin to sob frantically wiping my eyes and ruining my makeup. I’m so confused. What did I do that was so wrong?

Jimin approaches a house, a red box in hand. He lightly knocks on the door.

A moment later a beautiful brunette opens the door and crosses her arms.

“Really Jimin?” She says, annoyed.

“I’m sorry I had to cancel earlier. She came home and I got caught up.” Jimin puts his hands on her waist and rubs her sides up and down.

“Please forgive me,” He pouts and pulls her closer, placing a kiss on her neck. The brunette breaks into a smile.

“Only because I see you brought a present.” She says as she reaches for the box and opens it. Inside is a set of red silky lingerie.

PART 2: 


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The strongest Talon: 4

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Jason watched his sister, y/n, come down the stairs. He couldn’t believe how much you had changed. Other than captain sunshine, you were one of the sweetest ones in the family. Now, you were so quiet and broken. It hurt him so much to see you like this.

You walked over to the mats and stopped in front of Jason. He looked down at you (since the boy is 6"1 which is giant compared to the author) and smirked.

“We gonna do this or not?” You said impatiently. He laughed a bit.

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  • Tsubaki: [has been giggling profusely for no reason for the last five minutes]
  • Sakuya:
  • Sakuya: You know Tsubaki-san, you bring everyone a lot of joy...
  • Tsubaki: Oh yeah?
  • Sakuya: when you leave the room.

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Hey! So since you're the queen of theories and meta I thought I'd throw this at you. I was re reading ACOTAR and when she first enters Tamlin's study, the tang of magic stings her nose. What if that's why she didn't see rhys's mother's and sister's wings? Because they were glamoured?

@buggitybooks oh shit. Dude. You might be onto something. And for the life of me, I swore up and down that there was a line about her seeing wings in a case in ACOTAR, or hearing a rattling that she thought sounded like wings, and I guess I made it up/mixed it up with another book cuz I’ve never found anything after that. But you know, I don’t think you’re wrong about this. I think if they’re not creepily hanging in his dad’s room (which if that’s now Tamlin’s room I doubt they’re there. He’s not that kind of asshole) then they’re in the library.

ALSO Lucien’s reaction to the Fae who lost his wings…. I know Tamlin tried to explain that away and I also get that Tamlin has a lot of battle experience and Lucien (at least that we know so far) doesn’t. So their reactions seem normal, buuuut. Idk. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucien somehow saw the aftermath of what happened to Rhys’s mom and sister. Or if he knew her. Or…. if Tamlin wasn’t trained specifically to be desensitized to things losing their wings. As gross as that sounds.


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I’ve seen a lot of backlash from p101s2 fans who attempt to discredit fans who deny or ignore the racism in Samuel’s ranking on p101. This twitter thread describes it perfectly.

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Criticizing or thinking less of someone because of their race/ethnicity? = racism. 

Criticizing or thinking less of someone because of physical attributes/cultural differences/etc. that their race contributes to? = racism.

Denying a fully talented and deserving mixed race person a spot because their physical appearance doesn’t fit with the typical idea of an idol? THAT IS RACIST.