My Monster Hunter boys for a RP. (I bet you can guess who I named the white boy after)

Faelan is my main RP character. He’s pretty flamboyant, fond of jewellery and occasionally dyes his hair and changes the style. He actually loathes hunting but his father forced him into becoming a hunter.

Adraen is Faelan’s long missing friend for 4 years. He use to be schooled by Faelans father but was band forever from training for reasons Faelan doesn’t know yet. Hes pretty humorous and likes to crack a few jokes once in awhile but he also has a dark side too, he doesn’t show it when Faelans around though.

Adraens arm can’t fold like that but I didn’t have the heart to change the pose. He’s not completely blind in his right eye. He took a forceful blow to the head it caused broken blood vessels and loss of pigment in his pupil.

This was a banner for my other tumblr page before it started freaking out on me. I later added a background and posted it on my DA page but it looked weird and the lighting didn’t make any sense. It’s fixed now and it looks much better then before.

Or does it look too supernova?