send me more badass songs sung by women not about love, im making an allura playlist. i have now by paramore, apres moi by regina spektor, salute by little mix, and im me from phineas and ferb lmao

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So I like this guy and he's giving me mixed feelings and we catch each other like looking at each other, but what do I do? I wanna go up to him but I'm scared I'll fuck things up even more... •~•

I feel like I have this same exact problem?? With two different, very straight men. 

Honestly, I’m going to be forward and say, just fuck it. I mean, I don’t know your relationship with this guy (if you work together or go to school together), but you’re only young once. Enjoy yourself! The worst he can say is “no”. And even that isn’t that bad! Because you know what? It’s his loss.

Enjoy the time you have, don’t spend too much time pondering. Eventually you’ll run out of time, and then where will you be. Live like it’s your last.



if you’re a 

  • 5sos
  • one direction
  • all time low
  • panic!at the disco
  • my chemical romance
  • bring me the horizon
  • thirty seconds to mars
  • bryana holly
  • harry potter
  • halsey
  • twenty one pilots 
  • little mix
  • teen wolf

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