MYSTERY INCORPORATED (For the keep out signs always ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of Coolsville’s citizens, for exorcising ghouls and unmasking the fakes. ) — a suburban gothic playlist for the meddling kids and their stupid dog.

i. bela lugosi’s dead  - nouvelle vague, ii. shadow of a shadow - the casket girls, iii. gravedweller  - the wytches, iv. youth knows no pain - lykke li, v. friends - band of skulls, vi. deadbeat - a place to bury strangers, vii. free the skull - moon duo, viii. a question isn’t answered - temples, ix. haunt you - the pack a.d., x. attack of the ghost riders - the raveonettes, xi. wolf like me - tv on the radio

CONSTELLATIONS | [listen here] | (a mix for counting the soft, brilliant bodies of stars, for memorising the spines of galaxies behind closed eyes, for finding ourselves lost in our own universes, secret and infinite.)

i. the wind sings  - goldmund | ii. mystery colours - astronauts, etc | iii. pretty thoughts - alina baraz | iv. lies (tourist remix) - chvrches | v. the fault in our stars - troye sivan | vi. too late - m83 | vii. from the valley to the stars - el perro del mar | viii. shooting star - dexter britain | ix. morning talk/supersymmetry - arcade fire | x. be my center - different sleep | xi. intruxx - glass animals xii. ceremony - chromatics | xiii. about you -  xxyyxx | xiv. levitation - beach house | xv. life size ghosts (catching flies remix) - mt wolf | xvi. cascades - ryan teague | xvii. poland - olafur arnalds | xviii. moondust - jaymes young | xix. barcelona - henry green | xx. all salvage - mtns | xxi. wiped out - the neighbourhood | xxii. stars - the xx | xxiii. foundation - years & years  | xxiv. breathe this air - jon hopkins feat purity ring | xxv. stillness in woe - purity ring 


Insert Coin

♫A dancy mix to play video games to♫

★1. She - Atomic ★2. Pon Pon Pon - Remix ★3. Sinnoh Game Corner Remix - GlitchxCity ★4. Down, B, Up, B - Harrison ★5. Jet Set Wario - CMCroom the DJ Hero ★6. Blackout City - Anamanaguchi  ★7. 8 Bit Adventure - AdhesiveWombat  ★8. Sweet Future Funky Stuff - FrankJavCee  ★9. Ichi No Yoru X -  コンシャスTHOUGHTS - 鮎川 まどか  ★10. Bubblegum K.K. - SSB4  ★11. My Skateboard Will Go On - Anamanaguchi  ★12. All Night - Icona Pop  ★13. Splatoon Credits - Splatoon OST


Run Away With Me
“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure!… It’s not like we have somewhere to go.”

Tightrope x Walk The Moon // Take a Walk x Passion Pit // Summertime x My Chemical Romance // Cough Syrup x Young the Giant // Jackrabbit x San Fermin // I Wanna Get Better x Bleachers // Geronimo x Sheppard // Riptide x Vance Joy // Tear in my Heart x Twenty One Pilots // Ways to Go x Grouplove // Pumpin Blood x NONONO // Miss Atomic Bomb x The Killers // Favorite Record x Fall Out Boy // Mr Jones x Counting Crows // What I Got x Sublime // She Will be Loved x Maroon 5 // No Story Time x Smalllpools // Come a Little Closer x Cage The Elephant // Dangerous x Big Data (feat. Joywave) // 1979 x Smashing Pumpkins

{listen here}