mixer board

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yields 2 dozen cookies

The things you’ll need

  • 1 cup butter, room temperature
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ½ cup packed light brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 to 3 drops green food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 ¾ cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 5 ounces chocolate mints
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Medium mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Hand mixer
  • Rubber spatula
  • Cutting board and knife
  • Parchment lined baking sheet
  • Ice cream scoop

Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Roughly chop chocolate mints.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda and salt.
  4. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugars until smooth.
  5. Add in eggs one at a time, mixing and scraping between each one.
  6. Pour in peppermint extract, vanilla, and food coloring and then mix until evenly colored.
  7. Mix in dry ingredients and then fold in chopped mints.
  8. Scoop dough onto a baking sheet and bake for 8 minutes.

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Hello, I love your blog :) We all know how Namjoon pretty much confessed to watching porn in the work room area, or whatever it's called :'D So could I request a Namjoon smut where y/n wants to suprise him (in an innocent way) while he was working a new song, but she walks in to see him watching porn. And you know, things kinda go from there. (I felt awkward typing this tbh :'D)

Studio Quickie:

You stood there stunned and blinking, red decorating your cheeks as your boyfriend fumbled around to pull his pants up and shut down the laptop that was singing loud moans from the girl getting pounded into by her ‘daddy’. Your mouth had been slightly open and you couldn’t believe what you were seeing right now.

“Yah! At least shut the door!” Namjoon shouted at you with everything from his neck up red. You scrambled around lightly to move inside and shut the door fidgeting with your fingers as he pulled his pants up finally zipping them. The air was silent and he didn’t even want to look at you. You shifted from side to side, and looking at him you felt just as bad, he was embarrassed and he was so stiff and quiet.

You didn’t mean to startle him. You had come to the studio to see him today because you knew he was going to be at the studio all day. He had been working hard on something new, and that required him to be here at all kinds of the day. You had brought him food, getting up early to cook something for him you had danced around the house in almost wearing nothing listening to his music. You had missed him so much, he had barely spent time with you coming home and trying to watch TV with you or holding you close only to be the first one to fall asleep and be the first one up. So, you wanted to at least bring him food and see what he was up to. And here he was, trying to get himself off quickly so that he could get back to work. His breathing had calmed down, and the flushed-out color on his skin started to slowly fade but he still wasn’t talking to you, he was still embarrassed. You grinned sheepishly moving to sit down beside him in another rolling chair, placing the food down on the couch behind the mixer board you rolled over to him placing your hands on each of his knees. Namjoon cut his eyes to look at you, and when he opened his mouth to make an excuse you leaned up to kiss his soft lips, feeling him relax his rigid body and kiss you back.

“I don’t need any excuses.” You told him gently, ghosting your hands through his hair before you released him. “I know that you’ve been here, working your ass off, and I know you’ve needed me and we’ve missed each other this week and the previous ones. I am a little upset that you haven’t come to me to at least try but.. I’m here and you need to take a load off.” You admitted giving him a smile.

“I’m sorry baby, I know I should have been around more, I should always make time for you. But right now I can’t, with deadlines and everything I have to make sure that I’m doing everything right. And if anything goes wrong- what are you doing baby I said no.” Namjoon groaned seeing you get on your knees to kiss up his clothed thighs. He breathed deep through his nose trying to calm himself down but he couldn’t help seeing you like that for him. “I said no-“ He tried again only to earn you licking and kissing on his bulge, looking at him with those big innocent eyes, your pupils blew out with lust. His hand gripped at your hair, he wanted to tell you no again but he knew the beast in him wanted to come out. He watched your hands move up to grip at his zipper and tug it down, how your pink tongue darted out to lick over your bottom lip. You were so beautiful to him, taking him out of the confines of his pants, wrapping your lips around his heated shaft. How your lips parted and mouth stretched out more to take all of him until you were choking sucking on his shaft, your mouth hollowing making his hips buck as he groaned taking in the sight before him. Your head pushed down repeatedly using your tongue to flick and lick at his sensitive veins. He could feel every flick and roll of your tongue, he listened to your slurp and moan around him. His head tilting backwards as he moaned you from the pleasure.

“Come here, I need more.” Namjoon rasped after just snapping his hips against your face wasn’t enough for him. He slowly pulled you off his cock listening to the wet popping sounds it made. He pulled you upwards, having you stand while he kissed on your lips helping you pull down your bottoms in one go. He pulled your legs apart, helping you straddle him, his tip rubbing against your wet slick pussy lips.

“My baby girl is so wet, let’s fix that for us both okay?” He asked biting on your bottom lip as he pushed his large head inside of your tight opening. His hands guided your hips down until you were taking all of him inside of you, your hands gripping onto his shoulders, he smiled softly pressing repeated kiss against your lips. He held his hips still until he was sure you had adjusted well enough, bucking his hips up he started the pace slow, and at first you were only there feeling the stretch of him, how his thick shaft was gently pushing against your walls. How he stretched you out, the slick sounds of him fucking you slowly being heard in the room. After some time, you started to grind your hips back down against his, your kiss that was once so sweet becoming heated and mixed with just as much teeth as anything else. You started to slowly moan his name, letting it ring out like a plea.

“Shh baby girl, be quiet.” Namjoon urged in a hush voice pushing his hips upwards against yours harder. You couldn’t help it, he kept switching his hips to find your spot, and you knew he could tell when he found it because he started to smirk, snapping his hips quickly against yours.

“Namjoon~ fuck Namjoon! Harder!” You cried out, knowing that he was going to get rougher with you if you didn’t behave. But Namjoon didn’t have time to play with you, he reached his hand up to harshly grip at your hair making you tilt your head back. It was hard for you to moan in that position, because of the position of your head. He smirked at how you choked out pleas, and he picked up the speed, gripping at your hip with his free hand he pounded against you, feeling your nails claw at his shirt as your eyes screwed shut and you tried to hold out on cumming for him. He didn’t care, he would keep you in that position all night if he had to.

“Rub your clit for me.” He commanded as his breath fanned across your skin, he leaned forward kissing the flesh at the crook of your neck, soon he was licking and biting planting hickeys on your skin. He could feel your hand between his body meaning you were being good for him and behaving, the sheer thought alone of how wet you were and how fucked you must look was pushing him over the edge.

“Can I?” You asked him savoring the feeling of him fucking your spot as your own hand toyed with your clit. He nodded his head giving you a breathy ‘yes’ against your skin. You screwed your eyes shut, your stomach tightened up and your pussy wrapped around his cock tighter squeezing like a vice. You held out for a few more seconds until you were cumming on his shaft, clinging to him and coming down from your high. Namjoon groaned against your skin slamming you down and burying himself deep inside of you. He felt his hips lightly shake as he pulled you close kissing onto your jaw and up to your lips once again giving you a lazy smile.

You lay against him, listening to his heart beat as you both basked into the quickie you had, and snapping out of your trance knowing that anyone could come in you stretched out looking at him.

“You need to eat something.” You said with a soft smile and he nodded his head pulling you off him gently.

“I know baby girl, thank you for that. It was something I needed.” He admitted pecking your lips sweetly.

“It’s not a problem, just make sure later on tonight you draw it out. I want another round.” You admitted and he nodded his head, helping you both cleaned up before he went back to work and started to eat his food, pulling your chair close to him to make sure you didn’t leave his side.

We caught up with Adam Granduciel from The War On Drugs playing a Fender Paramount Parlor in his studio. We can’t wait for their upcoming record, which Pitchfork called one of the albums they’re most excited for this year!

Staycationgraphy - part 1

I finally got the chance to have a staycation at Parkroyal Hotel! All thanks to Ben and Jerry who had some special deal for it. Yes, it has the infinity pool with the bird cage like thingy where you see in so many instagram photos. Ben and Jerry invited the gang (total 5 of us) to enjoy their suite and the facilities.

We spent the afternoon by the pool then taking turns to enter the lounge for the snacks and drinks. After exploring the facilities, we went out for dinner in one of the Korean restaurants nearby. The 5 of us downed 3 bottles of soju and before we were reminded that we have more alcohol in the room.

Ben and Jerry had prepared all sorts of alcohol consisting of champagne, red wine, vodka, whisky and some mixers. Plus board games to keep us entertained. By 11pm, we have finished nearly 6 bottles of liquid. Everyone was rather tipsy at this point, I decided to soak in the bathtub and relax. Ben and Jerry said they will finish up the leftovers, and the other 2 headed to Taboo to join their friends.

I was probably enjoying myself in the bathtub till my skin got wrinkled. While I was drying myself, I heard some moanings from the room. Ben and Jerry must have gotten horny and started their act. I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped out to see their live performance. Ben was fucking Jerry doggy by the glass window and they are probably on it for some time already. 

They were obviously ignoring the fact that their friend (me!) is watching them having sex. Anyway, it is not the first time I have seen them fucking. When we shared rooms on some of our holidays, they will do it every night next to me. By the time I got dressed, Ben has already switched to spooning Jerry on the bed. I headed over to the sofa and laid down to watch these 2 hot guys’ live show.

I like watching these two lean fit guys fuck each other as they are always like energizer bunnies and could go on for hours. They are well versed in all sorts of positions, some which I have tried after watching them do it. And most importantly they are not shy to moan and express their shiokness.

Not long after I laid down, Ben came over to me and asked “Can you do us a favour?” 

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Hey can i request a ambw smut with a girl called yasmin and jungkook where he fucks her in a studio and records her moans ty


“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” You sighed softly as your cheeky boyfriend walked into the studio behind you.

“I don’t feel bad about this. It’s your and the guys fault for betting me about graduation! I told you that I would pass my classes with flying colors.” He said sticking his nose up in the air as he went to see in the chair. Growling you paced back and forth chewing on your bottom lip. You couldn’t believe this. Because of a dumb bet now Jungkook had full rights of your moans in this one fuck session. To use anyway that he pleased and you were bitter about it fuck yes, because it was embarrassing and you knew he took pride in your moans but it didn’t mean anyone else had to hear them. You were never one to go back on bets not with him, there had been so many bets between the both of you so why not honor this one? It made you feel flustered, your outfit seemed a bit too tight on your body now. His dark eyes just glued to you.

“Yasmin.” Jungkook called out deeply. Halting in your tracks your eyes roamed to your boyfriend. He was sitting there with his white sweater bunched up around his elbows. His brown highlighted hair falling in his eyes a bit. He looked so good, his eyes radiated heat and want. Never leaving your he lifted his fingers beckoning you to him and you got the hint. Walking towards him, you let him grip your hips and pull you into his lap as you straddled him biting on your bottom lip. Jungkook brought one hand up to wrap around the back of your neck bringing your lips down to his lightly. He kissed you, staring out gentle to work you into the mood. His body flush against yours, your arms crawling up his biceps slowly and around his neck. Jungkook let his hands roam down to grip at your plump ass cheeks through your jeans. He squeezed the flesh moaning against your mouth. You ended up grinding down against him, moaning as you dry humped him letting your hips rock against one another.

Jungkook slipped his tongue into your mouth, circling his tongue muscle around yours sucking on the pink muscle he concentrated on your body. Your hands gripped at his hair pulling him closer to you, your hips rutted down against him the friction of the roughness of both of your jeans causing your pussy to dampen against your panties, your breast hardening against the fabric of your bra. Jungkook invaded your mouth his tongue flicking against the bumps and ridges in the roof of your mouth, his hands slipping inside of your pants and panties to grip on your bare ass cheeks pushing you harder against him. He let his tongue wrestle with yours until you were breathless pulling back to look at him and breathe. Your hands rested on his hair as he kissed towards your jaw and down your neck sucking a little patch of your brown skin turning it red. He moved his hands to strip you off your top first, kissing on your lips he unsnapped your bra without much effort grabbing at your breast. He held them, squeezing them gently and pushing them together his tongue darted out to lick over your nipples slowly, his dark eyes looking up at you. He groaned watching your head roll back and your own moans fall from your lips. He sucked on your nipples one at a time until he was sure they were hard enough and bruised enough from everything he was doing. Your hands were starting to get clammy grabbing at him more though you were needy, and you wanted to feel everything he did to you.

You sat still as he pushed you up against the mixer board fondling with some switches, your back arched slightly and your legs spread for him. Jungkook smirked pulling back he took off his sweater tossing it down on the floor behind him, revealing his toned abs and tanned skin. He moved towards you hooking his hands onto your button, his dark eyes keeping contact with yours, he licked his lips taking his time with undoing your pants. Teasing you because he knew you’d let out a needy yell of his name. Your hips lifted eagerly when the fabric was being removed, the cool air brushing against your panties causing your legs to slip closed only for a little bit before you opened them back up as he took the fabric away from your ankles leaving you in nothing but your panties. You watched as Jungkook leaned down and flicked his tongue along the outskirts of your panties, his tongue playing with the skin on the inside of your thighs. He kissed and sucked marks onto your skin, dragging out more pleas and wanton moans before he was gripping at the hems of your panties. Not one for keeping fabric intact (and loving to prove how strong he was) Jungkook ripped the fabric from your legs causing you to slap the back of his head gently and whine. He smirked kissing your pussy. “Do you want daddy to make it better baby? Let me fuck the pain away.” He moaned against your heat attaching his lips against your pussy hungrily sucking. His tongue went to work digging in and out of your pussy making sure his tongue traced your walls.

“I have a feeling once you get done with me the pain stays.” You spoke out breathlessly grabbing at his hair pushing him harder against your pussy. He was eagerly eating you out, hands pressing your thighs down against the mixer board, the little buttons and knobs digging into your skin to make more imprints but at the moment you could fucking careless. Breath harsh and eyelids hooded you let out every noise he made you feel bucking up your hips as much as you could against his face. Your edge was nearing, soon you would paint his tongue with your essence but instead of letting you, Jungkook pulled back mouth glistening with your juices his eyes showed that he wanted more.

He stepped back to undo his pants as well, your eyes never leaving his body as he pushed the fabric down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Dick hard and standing solid with the precum ever so slightly oozing from the tip. He hooked his arms under your spread thighs leaning down to bit another mark on the inside of your brown thighs, he turned the skin read smirking he planted a kiss there growling out a light ‘mine’ against your skin and you knew it was because of how many looks you both received today from other men while you were out.

“All yours.” You moaned aloud as he ground his hard shaft up and down the slit of your wet pussy, coating himself he watched you leaning down to press his forehead against yours.

“Yeah?” He asked rubbing his tip against your clit. “Is this my pussy baby girl?” He asked causing your breath to hitch and you to nod furiously.

“No no, you know better. Tell me baby. Tell me that this pussy belongs to Jungkook. I want to hear you scream it. I want to know how much of a slut you are for me and my dick.” He called out his eyes baring into yours. Even if you felt embarrassed sometimes about saying this stuff you knew as well as he did you were not going anywhere without saying it.

“It’s all yours Jungkook! This tight little pussy is yours to fuck whenever and wherever you want! My body, fuck all of me needs all of you daddy. Please stop teasing and fuck me, my pussy is very wet and very needy and I can’t—shit!” Your head rolled back as his hips surged forward burying himself deep inside of you. “Why..” You muttered out breathlessly hands clinging to his biceps as he stretched you out and you tried to adjust and take all of him hating when he cut off your motivational speech.

“I’m sorry, I got too needy hearing you say such things.” Jungkook admitted kissing up your body through the valley of your breast until he was kissing your lips once again pulling himself from you.

Jungkook slipped back inside of you moving slow at first to let you adjust but the pace never stayed the same. His hands gripping at your hips Jungkook steadied you both pounding into you at a deep tempo. His hips slapping against yours, his balls against your ass he bit on your jaw to keep himself from moaning only wanting to hear you. How you pleaded for him to go faster, your nails digging into his arm, your head parched back against the rest of the board. You were beautiful under him, a brown goddess that he wanted to adore and enjoy by himself and no one else. He let his hips pick up a little more, slamming into your heat Jungkook didn’t want to hurt you too much so he lifted you in the air holding you as he bounced you on his dick standing up. Your head rolled forward to brace your forehead against his, your breast flopping and body moving to his will. You squeeze around his cock, moaning out more trying to hold out from cumming too soon. You knew he liked to hang onto the feeling of the buildup, your hands cupping his cheeks so that you could continue to kiss him now that he was slamming you down onto him. You were doing so good, moaning and screaming his name, your stomach tightening up causing your body to shake and you urged him on more.

“Make me cum daddy. Fuck Jungkook make this pussy cum. You’re so fucking good daddy.” You encouraged him.

“Yasmin..” Jungkook moaned out in a deep voice with his lips pressed against yours. The way he added a little growl towards the end of your name was all it took for your walls to clamp down and you to be cumming on his dick. Your back arched and you let out the highest pitch you could think of as your orgasm swept through you. Jungkook felt his legs buckle but he kept hoisting you up into the air fucking you with everything he had until his hips were moving erratically and he was spilling his own cum inside of your fucked pussy. He let his pace die down slowly, only to stop after riding out both of your highs moving towards the chair. He sat down shutting off the sound system holding you in his arms as you both kissed. His cum dripping down your parted thighs, his hands went to massage your ass cheeks and he pulled away to smile sheepishly at you, the dominating male nowhere in sight.

“Thank you for doing this for me, baby.” He said softly playing through your hair.

“It’s no problem. It was kind of hot I must admit. But you do owe me half of whatever you make.” You teased pinching his nipple causing him to wince and smile up at you.

“Well you already have all of me, so granted that’s a given.”


((decided to make an updated post for Cerise, the first one like this had the wrong colors and I’ve changed some of her infi bit:

Name: Cerise Kimiko Russel

Age: 23 (21 when she “died”)

Blood Type: O -

Occupation: Member of Mystery Skulls/Half Ghost

‘Actual’ Occupation: Helper at her mother’s Red Flower Crafts and Supplies, and at father’s Haunted Playhouse

Favorite Shows/Games: Action/Horror (Smash Bros, Fatal Frame, Van Helsing ‘04, Mummy)

Favorite Food: Crab Sushi/Sashimi (anything with Crab)

Instrument: Turntable/Mixer Board

Favorite Animal: Pandas (specifically Giant Pandas)

Cerise is the daughter of Rowan and Akane Russel, and younger sister to Ryouta Russel. Her family has Greek, Irish and Japanese influence, as well as a big secret. Rowan is actually no longer living, and wasn’t when he married Akane.

Despite this, she has given birth to two healthy humans, Cerise and her brother. Unfortunately, on the same night the rest of the Mystery Skulls went to investigate the cave, Cerise was the victim of a hit and run in which she “died” for the first time. This would result in her becoming a half ghost due to her father’s DNA influence, but would also mean her spirit played witness to the events of the cave.

Cerise kept Mystery’s secret once he got hers out of her. She got back on the road, with a few… difficulties, helping Arthur with his arm and Vivi with research into myths and the occult. It took her almost 9 months to finally reveal to her friends, and boyfriend, her nature of being half dead. Arthur was… not the happiest about it.

Cerise has a small range of ghostly abilities;
Psionic abilities: She can read and replay memories, both her own and others. Cerise can use the usual ghostly telekinesis. She has yet to use any sort of telepathy, but has been able to make small, off color illusions.
Flight/Speed: Cerise can levitate in either form, but can only truly “fly” as a ghost. Her speed in ghost form is also greatly enhanced.
Ghostly Energy: Her ghost energy takes a more plasma like appearance than Lewis. She can also create mists and smoke, or make walls and small explosions. She isn’t the best with a constant stream yet, but tries.
Transformation/Body Changes: She can do small body manipulations and transformations in either state, but is much more capable in ghost form.

While she is capable of summoning her own mansion, it is slightly smaller than a usual ghost’s home. She is completely incapable of summoning her own Dead Beats. She also does not have a true anchor, but a temporary one.

Fun Facts; Her name means Cherry, a major inspiration for much of her other details. From her color scheme (Rainier Cherries), to her being a half ghost (Cherry blossoms have the meaning of rebirth).

She owns two motorcycles. One was bought shortly after her accident, when she was phobic of cars for a period of time after her… incident. It’s the only one she will refuse to let Arthur touch. (Doesn’t stop him from trying.)

Until her accident, Ryouta and Cerise did not know of Rowan’s being a ghost. It was a deeply held family secret. Ryouta… did not believe it, for two years.

and that’s all for now!))

How to break in to the business, lesson 1.

Lesson 1: There is no right way. Only a whole lot of wrong ones, until finally someone lets you in the door.

I’ve been looking through this thing and the one question we get asked a lot is “How do I break into film?” or how do I get experience? There’s so many ways it’s endless. Almost as endless as the amount of No’s and no thank yous you’ll be hearing back.

Breaking into this business requires one thing: The ability to keep going. I’ve been fired, I’ve not been hired. I’ve been told that they’re hoping for someone who can blend in with production more (re: white.) But I got where I am by driving forward. So here’s a few places you can start

1: Los Angeles. If you can survive the 90 degree weather, the shoebox apartment, the random neighborhoods of gang violence, 7am on the 405, or the rotating parade of shifty room mates you’ll have to crash with, this is where they make films. Everyone in the business. Everyone has an idea for a script, or works the day job, and chips away at their Sundance script at night. Being on 24/7 is both exhilarating and exhausting. But this is where the work is. And if you can compete with the million other people working to get on top, then you’ll find all you need to succeed. Provided you survive.

2. Craiglist, the other cesspool: I’ve received work off of Craigslist. Actually, a few large jobs that were no more than “Hey anyone around?” kind of postings. But it’s a crap shoot unfortunately. Just as I’ve done well, I’ve also been sitting on sets where the camera dolly looks like something off Shittyrigs.com and crafty comprises of zip fizz and hand sanitize (No water). But you will get experience. There’s no way to learn, like the wrong way. Do enough of these weekend warrior projects, and you’ll either level up, or find someone deep in the industry, who’s helping out a friend but normally works on Empire. And those are the ones you email and be nice to.

3. Your local film office: Most cities and states actually have a film office. Some even have film incentives. So research your city and state, and see what kind of projects go on in your area. Most have monthly meetings, mixers or other get together that you can attend, hand out business cards, and get to know more people in your industry.

4. Facebook groups: Lots of them out there. Production, web series, Sound mixer boards, Producer boards. Little searching leads to big results.

5. Websites like Staffmeup.com or Mandy.com or others: Again, Bing Search pays off.

Just remember when emailing, Be professional, be polite, be upfront with what you want. I’ve had a few PAs email me and ask for work or to even volunteer, and when I can, I get them on set. But if they don’t email back, move on to the next. Keep at it, but be professional.


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Omg hi ! Can i first just say I can't get over your stories and I love them soooo much !! I was wondering if you could do a ambw loco imagine where you're at the studio flirting with dean and he puts you in your place, roughly *wink wink*


“Dean~ stop!” You whined gently crawling onto the singer’s lap trying to get your phone back. He laughed lifting up your phone higher snooping around into your photo gallery making little ‘o’s’ and ‘ahs’ at you. It was just something he did whenever you came to the AOMG studio and he was there. Which you teased Jay was so much you didn’t understand how come Dean just didn’t sign with them. You typically stayed in Hyukwoo’s room because he was your boyfriend so you were always with him. But Dean would always come lurking around and end up sitting with you, annoying you to no end or doing his very best to fluster you. Today was no different. He was teasing you about the countless photos that you had taken and yes, a bit was provocative because you wanted to tease Loco at work, but in your defense, you had on most of your clothes. At least until Dean figured out how to find your privacy lock that you had on some of the photos. You were in Dean’s lap wrestling with him for your phone, legs straddled on either side of him when said boyfriend walked through the door with Gray ready to rip Dean’s head off.

“Aye, what the fuck is going on here?” Loco asked letting his voice raise a bit. You jumped slightly in Dean’s lap looking back at your boyfriend who was staring at you waiting for an answer. He was never like this, usually he was happy go lucky and he loved smiling and making people laugh. But here he was pissed, a jealous boyfriend and you had to admit it was a fucking turn on.

“I needed to get what was mine.” You muttered flicking your tongue against your bottom lip staying perched where you were. You were a tease yes, and you never regretted playing with fire because he for the most part let you off. Even if he gave you the silent treatment it didn’t last long before he was back to holding and kissing you like nothing ever happened. But you must have not noticed how Dean was staring at your brown skin, the tips of your mounds poking out from the low-cut tank top that gave him a good view. Not to mention that the shorts you had on were rising up your smooth brown skin, your hair you left in curls today deciding not to straighten it out because it was just too hot outside. And your pouty lips, Dean just wanted to kiss him but he knew you were with Loco so he never approached you, just secretly flirted with you like now while the male was gone.

“Did you need to get it while you were on his lap?” Loco asked crossing his arms over his chest and suddenly you felt like a scolded child who wanted her way.

“As a matter of fact, I did.” You glowered at him letting your hands rest on Dean’s chest because why not see how far you could push him? It was not a good idea. Dean brought his hands up to your thigs, an automatic response from the position and the look on Hyukwoo’s face made you regret everything you said but you weren’t backing down. You saw his eyes lock onto Dean’s hand for a split second and he didn’t say anything. Lifting an eyebrow, he cleared his throat locking his jaw before he opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright, everyone but Y/N get out.” Loco muttered and when no one moved he raised his voice. “Do I need to fucking repeat myself? Dean get the fuck out. Gray take him in your room entertain him because I’m close to making some remarks I’ll regret later.” No matter how much Dean liked to flirt he was still a man and he wanted to respect Loco so he pushed you off of him gently, his hands on your hips only to make sure you didn’t fall but that only upset Loco more causing a deep growl to rumble from his chest. Dean placed your phone in your lap giving an apologetic smile before he ran past Loco not even looking in his direction. Loco slammed the door looking at you after he turned his hat on backwards.

“What the hell Hyukwoo!” You shouted at him standing up as well walking a few feet from him. “How dare you be so mean to him!”

“How dare I? How fucking dare I? No how fucking dare YOU sit on another man’s lap like it’s ok especially when that man is eye fucking you every time you look off.” Loco pointed a finger at you and you knew he was pissed but once again you were the type to try and get out of it and today would be no different.

“You have all these girls eye fucking you on stage and I have to put up with it!” You pouted still shouting but it turned into a whine trying to give a cute approach.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He stared letting his eyes bare into yours, his dark brown orbs seemed to be on fire by the way he was watching you. “You are always complaining and bitching about my fans and how they eye fuck me! I barely can sing to a girl in the audience without you getting pissed off and thinking I’m leaving you because I show attention to people!” He had a point, which pissed you off and made you go for a second defense.

“You’re always on Hoody!” You brought her up. “And I don’t fucking bitch watch your mouth Hyukwoo don’t piss me off.” You threatened bracing your feet because you didn’t want to step closer.

“I fucking said it already. Hoody is my friend! And she is the only fucking girl here! What do you want me to say we all talk to her and if I wanted anyone other than the one in front of me bitching me out I would be with them.” He reminded stepping closer to you.

“Don’t call me a bitch.”

“I said you were bitchy. Don’t like it?” He asked stepping closer moving you back a bit.

“Fuck you. I’m not bitchy or a bitch. You’re the bitchy one here.” You taunted back balling up your hands because you were passed embarrassed and upset at the fact that he didn’t let you win.

Loco chuckled roughly grabbing you by your shirt he crashed his lips against yours before he was making his way to push you against the mixer board your stomach pressed against different dials and controls as he bent you over, your heart rate spiked up because you didn’t expect him to do such a thing, teeth clamped between your lips you were a screaming mess once he hit your ass. His hand landing down on your right ass cheek before he would move to the left and alternate not stopping until his hand was close to numb and your ass looked like it was turning red as well as your legs. With one hand moving up he harshly gripped at your hair making you arch your back as his free hand gripped onto your ass cheek pulling it and pressing you back close to him.

“What are you then? A slut? A fucking little whore that just likes to be in guys laps hmm?” He teased you knowing that it turned you on and you hated it when he called you such things because it wasn’t supposed to turn you on.

“N-no I’m not!” You pouted squirming as he kept you arched, your panties were slowly soaking as he ground his hips against yours letting your ass cheek go only to grab it again and slap it watching the flesh jiggle.

“Could’ve fooled me. I think you are. I think you’re a fucking dirty slut who doesn’t know how to only please one dick. So how are you going to please two? Every time I push in you need to adjust. But that’s ok, you want to act like my dirty little slut. I’ll treat you like one.” His words made your stomach knot up. It had been so long since you too had indulged in the act of angry sex. Rough fucking without the love making just an urge to feel and be felt. Loco moved his hand from your hair to grip at your shorts and pull them down your legs. You squirmed and moved trying to put up a little fight but it was all for the fun of it, you wanted it and he knew you were soaked for him. Loco placed his hand on the dip of your lower back keeping you trapped in place as he undid his zipper pulling his hard dick out of his jeans but keeping them fastened.

Loco slipped your panties to the side holding onto them he looked down at your wet slit tapping his dick against your wet soaked out slit chuckling as he teased you. “Oh, so you’re not daddy’s little slut huh? Then why are you wet?” He asked whispered against your ear. His dick dragging against your folds, his tip rubbing against your pussy as he spread your legs wider with his own. Whimpers dragged from your lips as you placed your hands on the clear glass in front of you shutting your eyes you tried not to rock your hips backwards for him but that was not an easy task. Still you didn’t speak and Loco was glad that you were defiant because he had a trick up his sleeve. “Alright then baby girl.”

With that one phrase, he moved his hips to drag his member back and plunge into your pussy causing your body to give a harsh jerk and lurch forward. He chuckled lazily, letting his hand hold onto your hip as the other one went to grab at your hair again. He didn’t waste any time pounding into your tight little pussy, the feeling and stretch alone had you ready to cum. Your breath was starting to leave your body, your hands were starting to slip down the glass from the sweat. Your lust blown eyes were closed and your lips were parted. His name ended up rolling off of your tongue as he switched his angle aiming for your spot. Once he found it he missed it on purpose, basking in the feeling of your warm tight walls clamping down on his thick erection that was throbbing inside of you. Hyukwoo moved his hand up to let go of your hips and reach it around towards your pussy, letting his fingers rub at your wet pink bud as he worked his hips against yours. His other hand left your hair and traveled to around your neck where he squeezed lightly applying pressure. His hips sped up and he was slamming into you purposefully missing your spot so that he could punish you for what you did. His mouth parted as he chanted your name, letting the sweat drip off his forehead he knitted his eyebrows together focusing on how good it felt to pound at your wet insides that dripped down his dick and onto his balls. Looking down at you with hooded eyes Hyukwoo squeezed a little harder at your neck to cut off your air rolling his hips he tried to fuck you into the mixer board knowing that you were going to be sore after this. Once he was sure he was close to cumming he started to fuck you against your spot. Your mouth dropped open as louder cries erupted from your lips. You were so frustrated with him because it felt so good, how he drug himself against your walls and how you could feel all of him, his veins his throbbing length. It made your eyes scream in complete euphoria. You knew at any time you were going to cum soon for him, you loved it when he choked you or pulled your hair or did anything to make you feel like he was in control. Your hips slapped back against his as his thrusts became erratic and you knew he wasn’t going to last long. His fingers rubbing harder at your clit, in a circular fast motion that made you squirm and grit your teeth. Hyukwoo gave it a few more thrusts until he was spilling his cum inside of your pussy with a moan, he moved his hand from your clit and angled his hips so that he was no longer pressing against your spot as his hips surged forward and he buried his cum inside of you. He pulled back quickly so that you couldn’t even cum, smiling as his cum trickled down your parted legs. You were wobbling against his mixer board and he couldn’t help but take his phone out and take a picture of you. Leaning down he pulled up your shorts and moved your panties back to place before he fixed himself up.

“You’re not going to finish me off?” You asked him horrified as he walked towards the door panting with a lazy smile on his face biting his lips. You could feel his cum continuing to seep out of your pussy, and you were so mad you felt like you could cry. He had never done this to you before.

“Baby girls usually don’t cum unless the daddy thinks they deserve to. And you baby girl have been one naughty vixen for a while now. So now, you don’t get to cum until later maybe. And if you touch yourself, I will always know. So, I suggest you place night and wait for daddy to get back.” Hyukwoo chuckled as he opened the door walking out before he snapped his fingers turning to your flustered upset state against the mixer board. “Call Dean if you want to. I’m sure he would love to keep you company.” Sending you a kiss he walked out the room and you threw a silent temper tantrum waiting for the moment you could retaliate or beg for forgiveness.


Today we finished the final sound mix of Book 3 at Levels audio. That’s our awesome mixer Adrian on the board mixing the sound effects, foley, dialogue, and music for the finale episode while Bryan watches behind him (usually I’m next to Bryan, but I was taking the photo). Can’t believe we’ve finished an entire season’s worth of shows. We’re so proud of everyone who worked so hard to make Book 3 the best season of Korra yet! I know you are all excited to watch – believe me, we’re excited to share it with you! I wish I could say I had some news about Korra’s release date, but I’m sorry to say I don’t. 

Rap Monster x Tao

Eeep ok so this scenario is for daesungsass you didn’t give me much to work with so ummm I took the liberty into my own hands. 


Namjoon was sitting in the studio chair in the recording room as he listened along with others to Exo’s manager. Finally BTS and Exo would produce a collaborated song together. Although at first they couldn’t come to an agreement on what they would do but after a while they agreed to do one big song and then have Namjoon and Tao produce another song with just them freestyling. The manager agreed to give them their own liberty to write what they want. So Namjoon started right away making lyrics. 

“Umm h-hyung?” Tao asks Namjoon tapping on his shoulder making Namjoon look up at him with wide eyes. 

“What is it?” Namjoon asks the blushing male softly and he scratches the back of his head. 

“I-I don’t think I can really concentrate with all of them in here. C-can you ask them to leave?” Tao asks Rap Monster sitting in a chair beside him. Namjoon opens his eyes in shock and nods his head.

“Umm guys your making it hard to concentrate. Can you leave us alone for a while and come in check on us in about three hours?” Namjoon asks the rest of them members of both groups. They nod their heads to engrossed in their own conversations and ideas to care. 

As soon as they shut the door Namjoon let out a big sigh leaning back in his chair closing his eyes. 

“T-thank you hyung.” Tao says making Namjoon open his eyes and look at him with a smirk. 

“No problem panda. So what do you think your going to do your freestyle about?” Tao fidgets with the bottom of his shirt looking around the room and shrugging.

“I don’t know I haven’t had much inspiration lately.” Tao says as he looks at Namjoon blushing the more the other man rests his eyes on him. 

Tao has wanted Namjoon every since he saw BTS debut. And then he started wearing glasses and wearing black and it turned Tao more. And now that he’s sitting here next to him, he doesn’t want to worry about a fucking song. He wants to concentrate on Namjoon fucking him. 

“Why do you keep blushing every time I speak to you?” Namjoon asks Tao as he licks his lips. All it would take was for Tao to admit to Namjoon how he felt and he’d take him right then and there. 

“I-I don’t know what your talking about.” Tao says rolling his eyes and playing like he’s hard to get.

“I think you do.” Namjoon says whispering in his ear. 

As soon as Tao turns his head to look at Namjoon their lips connect. The kiss is slow but as soon as Namjoon feels Tao respond the kiss is harder and much deeper then before. Namjoon bites on Tao’s bottom lip before he breaks the kiss looking at him. 

“I think you need to relieve some anxiety. Why don’t you crawl on my lap?” Namjoon asks with a smirk.

Tao gets up without hesitation straddling Namjoon’s waist. He leans down connecting their lips again in a kiss as Namjoon snakes his arms around Tao’s waist pulling the male closer to him. Tao rolls his hips down softly against Namjoon’s and Namjoon bucks his hips up as he slaps Tao’s ass making the male moan into his mouth. Namjoon slides his tongue into the males mouth rolling their tongues around each other tasting each other’s wet cavern. Tao breaks the kiss first panting as Namjoon marks his skin with little love bites and hickeys. 

As soon as Namjoon is about to take this further and strip the male there is a knock at the door and a warning that their time is almost up. Namjoon sighs as he pushes Tao until he’s standing against the mixer board.

“This will just be a blowjob for today. But next time I want more.” Namjoon says as he gets on his knees in front of Tao.

The blushing male nods his head as he watches Namjoon on his knees unzipping and unbuckling his pants. Namjoon pulls Tao’s pants and boxers to his knees as his member springs out and almost hits his face. 

Namjoon smirk taking the member in his hand fisting it slowly as he watches Tao whine softly and buck his hips up. Namjoon darts his tongue out slowly across the male’s tip that’s licking with precum.

“Damn baby your this hard for me and I barely touched you.” Namjoon teases with a raspy voice. 

As soon as Tao though of a snarky remark Namjoon takes him whole in one swallow deepthroating him and letting the male reach the back of his throat.

“Fuck!” Tao shouts out as he grabs at Namjoon’s soft locks bucking his hips up. 

Namjoon hums swirling his tongue around Tao’s member making the boy mumble out cries of pleasures and mewls from every flick of his tongue. Namjoon starts to bare his teeth a bit on Tao’s shaft as he brings his hands up to stroke what he could no longer reach due to his fast paced bobbing of his head.  Tao starts to see white as his vision blurs and he can tell that he’s going to cum soon.

“N-namjoon! O-oh god!” Tao squeals bucking his hips up roughly into Namjoon’s mouth making the male moan around his dick sending delicious vibrations through Tao. Namjoon starts to play with Tao’s balls cupping them and squeezing them softly. Namjoon slides his mouth back down Tao’s length and he continues to swallow around the flesh nuzzling his nose in Tao’s soft small patch of hair that’s growing.

“OH FUCK NAMJOON!” Tao shouts as he shouts his cum in Namjoon’s mouth. 

Namjoon greedily sucks it up making sure he collects every drop before he pulls away from Tao’s dick with a pop. He stands up and as he slowly gets up he pulls Tao’s pants and boxers up putting his member back in place as he pats it. Tao wraps his arms around Namjoon’s neck kissing him once again.

“I hope this isn’t a one time thing.” Tao says burying his face in Namjoon’s neck.

“No baby I want to take you out on a date and get to know you.” Namjoon says giggling and playing in his hair. 

“Good.. Now I think I can make my freestyle.” Tao says his legs buckling as he walks back to his seat.

“Glad I could help.” Namjoon smirks as he sits back down in his own chair scooting closer to Tao as he writes his own lyrics.