Mixed Bag Designs: So cute and fun.

My sister Ella who is in 4th grade came home today with one of those magazines which is usually full of cookies and wrapping paper in order to raise money for her grade. Today, was a special day because she didn’t just come home with yet another cookie order, but instead a magazine called, “Mixed Bag Designs”. 

My mother and I flipped through the pages which were filled of colorful and preppy tote bags (tiny ones, little ones, huge ones), pretty grocery bags, sunglass cases, cosmetic bags, travel bags, picnic bags, and the list goes on. How smart right? The best part was everything is so cheap! My mother and I decided to get a bunch of little things, not just for ourselves, but for presents. 

Anyways, you should totally check out their site http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/


You got what I need, Mrs. Roboto! #mixedbagdesigns @lookmodelagency @peggijanestylist @sashagulish @sparkandpepper (at Mixedbag Designs)

These are just some of the cute things you can receive from mixedbagdesigns.com - if you type in 250523 for the fundraiser ID you can help my son get some cool prizes! If DM I can give you the student name to make sure anything bought is credited to him for the prizes! (: lots of bags great for couponers! (: #couponingcommunity #extremecouponing #texascouponer #mixedbagdesigns #schoolfindraiser