lovelessly & empty // the sound of a tale of regret, realisation, despair, flawed perceptions and a small dose of the good times that prompted all of the above

i. raised by wolves – voxtrot ii. blow it up – the vaccines iii. feels like we only go backwards (tame impala cover) – say lou lou  iv. shades of cool – lana del rey v. dream lover – the vaccines vi. abducted – cults vii. leaving tonight – the neighbourhood viii. heartstrings – leighton meester ix. the morning after – meg myers x. gun shy – widowspeak xi. hiding tonight – alex turner xii. junebug – robert francis

mix it up

Idk I feel like (idk why I feel this I could be misremembering(

but I feel like Lots of people are like ‘well why would robots have genders’

and that’s true. but I wanna see the reverse.

I wanna see humans who don’t understand gender, who will never get it (oh, Hi, its me again!)

I wanna see robots who are excited about human genders and can’t wait to find out their own.

Basically I’d like to see more people in fiction questioning their gender. And I want it to be treated as normal.


I think people are mixing things up here

Having schizophrenia and hallucinations and seeing and hearing things that others cant is NOT LIKE HAVING AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.

Those visions, dark shadows, voices are NOT THE SAME AS HAVING SOME THOUGHT UP PERSON.


Feferi couldn’t handle her  moirallegiance with Eridan because she DID try but felt like he wasn’t doing his own part to make their relationship work. She left a relationship that she felt wasn’t working and she was clearly unhappy with it

(tbh out of the two of them Meenah tried to be delicate about it)

Meenah didn’t agree with Vriska’s insults towards (Vriska), but she realized that she changed. Meenah isn’t leaving (Vriska) because she’s a badass. Meenah openly admits that it scares her, that she isn’t the type of person that can be trusted with vulnerable feelings.

Meenah is bad. Not badass, but she is literally pre-scratch Condy. THE BIG BAD.  (Vriska) has changed from being someone Meenah could handle a relationship with because of WHO Meenah is to being open and vulnerable something Meenah isn’t comfortable with. 

Like I said before, (Vriska) stopped being Vriska, and now this just sounds a lot like the whole “ You’re not the same person I fell in love with” trope.

And its highly possible that this is genuinely how she feels. She left crying, she feels remorse for hurting (Vriska).