chiennykins asked:

I was thinking, well wondering if it's possible to have the chewables in say striped/tie dye/spotted/etc variations in color as a huge part of my stimming is visually colorful items. In particular the infinity symbol one would be awesome in rainbow as the neurodiversity symbol is in rainbow to represent the many spectrums. Though I have to wonder if mixing colors would sacrifice durability, since I don't know much about the material.

I’ll look into it! I do have some 2-tone ones coming soon that are pretty cool but not nearly as great as tie dye and such would be. :)

okay everyone here’s a snowstorm fic i’m working on that is inexplicably written in the second person:

“She’s still in there,” you say.  “She has to be.”

“It’s not-” Cisco only shakes his head.  He’s less friendly to you than he used to be.  And it’s probably because you annoy the fuck out of him, but you really don’t care much.  “It’s like swirl ice cream.  It’s not chocolate and it’s not vanilla.  It’s swirl.  It’s a different flavor.”

“A flavor made of two very distinct flavors,” you say.  “Is Caitlin vanilla?”

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Curare, 2015
Rachel Wolfson

new material paintings~

“… Each painting acts as an intervention outside of the computer - eventually returning to the software to replace the original photographic texture maps and coalesce over these 3D objects.”

“While the render takes form as a print and is visible from only one perspective, as a digital file it exists in three dimensions. These texture maps contain photographic information for all possible perspectives of the 3D scene. In appropriating them, every potential viewpoint has been painted.”

full statement at rwolfson.com