Supposed FACTS: Mulatto Celebrities

Jada Pinkett-Smith: Black, Portuguese-Jewish, West Indian, and Creoule 

Halle Berry: Dominican and White

Tia, Tamera, and Tahj Mowry: Black and German

Bob Marley: White and Black 

Amarie: Korean and Black 

Boris Kodjoe: German and Ghana 

Derek Jeter: Black and White

Dorothy Dandridge: Black and White

Eartha Kitt: White and Black Cherokee

Faith Evans: White and Black

Jimi Hendrix: White, Black, Cherokee

Kelis: Black and Asian/Puerto Rican

Malcolm X: Black, White, Grenadian

Sade: Black and British

Smokey Robinson: Black and White

Tina Turner: Black and Native American

Thandie Newton: British and Zimbabwe

Tyson Beckford: Chinese and Black

Vin Diesel: (Debatable, but…) Black, Irish, Dominican, Mexican, German and Italian

These are the ones I found interesting… please feel free to add.

It's Hard To Believe This One Fact About These Celebrities: They're Over 40.

It’s Hard To Believe This One Fact About These Celebrities: They’re Over 40.

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell just how old someone is by looking at them. If you’re employed as a waiter, you then know the anguish of trying to decide to card someone when they order alcohol. Looking up someone’s date of birth on their ID can leave you shocked to find they’re over 40 years old.

That’s how we felt when we realized that these people are over 40. You would never be able to…

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Emma (lad-laddylads) has me blocked 😩 but I wanted to add to her answer about Sao and Aaron, a friend of mine writes on celeb mix and one of her articles that didn't mention Larry got deleted out of nowhere that was talking about babygate and had loads of research.

I just got online, so I’m not sure of the context here, but sure – @lads-laddylads and @sexatoxbridge here you go!

Tomorrow is another acceptance day! Our members would love to welcome you to the family and love you down. There’s plenty of cuties open. I know we’d love to see more from the One Tree Hill cast, James Corden, and the rest of Little Mix! If our members want anyone specific, shoot us a message and let us know!