I was watching the Grapevine the episode on biracial blackness and one of the people brought up a good point. She said the natural hair community was made by black women for black women to embrace their natural hair. But for some reason biracial women with big bouncy curls are the forefront or the poster girls for the natural hair movement. She made a point saying we let them enter our space. She also said anytime we let biracial women into our safe spaces, they become the poster girls for it e.g “black celebrities” - Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys etc. Sure we have our own fully black celebrities we can name but the mixed race celebs are always at the forefront of it all. 

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iHeart radio has talked about Louis' ig teaser... They made an article which has been retweeted by a bunch of radio stations, which I assume are from the iHeart radio family. Celeb Mix also did an article. And nothing else I think -.-

Billboard, HDD, Rolling Stone: I have a cool clip I want you to hear. You’ll like it. It’s exciting!

Ok, I read the Huffpost Contributor article. I thought, as I was away and hadn’t seen the article, that it was actually published by Huffpost. But it’s just a Contributor article - written, edited and controlled by the person in question, not by the publication. Same as Inquisitr or Celeb Mix. That is made abundantly clear by the fact that the author is deleting negative comments lol ;)

It’s basically just an exceptionally long, dry, boring Tumblr treatise that bears little relation to the article in Rolling Stone it is supposed to be rebutting. What have 1D fans’ charity efforts got to do with Harry fans’ response to RS writing about his relationships?? The original RS feature literally celebrates teenage girl fans!!

But the silliest thing about it is the claim that Harry fans don’t want to hear about his relationships with women. Bollocks! Some don’t, but many hundreds of thousands do. I can’t even begin to count the asks I’ve had to my tiny blog about Harry’s relationships since RS came out. Many, many fans are fascinated, even if it’s an uncomfortable fascination. Besides, Cameron Crowe/RS were not writing their feature for existing Harry fans. They were writing for the RS readership, a much broader audience that includes Harry fans.

“It is not fans that prioritize his romantic relationships over his musical abilities and interests – it’s the press” - says a Larrie, hilariously.

Larries prioritise Harry & Louis’ fictional romantic relationship over EVERYTHING else. Their music, their professional lives, their business associations, their families, friends, Louis’ son. Nothing is as important to them as Larrie.

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quotes about him or things he said himself, both is great so doesn't matter :)

okkkay here’s some of my faves :)
“You little legend” -james cherry
“Flamboyant and a little bit sinister” -a former classmate
“Louis Tomlinson is like a coin with love and bravery as its two sides, two elements perfectly combined to create a human being with a heart of gold and a voice itching to be let free.” -celeb mix
“He’s quite outspoken. you need someone like that, because he’s great at standing up for us” -harry
“Louis tomlinson is a flower that, despite having been walked over many times, hasn’t lost the color of its petals” -celeb mix