These 19 Adorably Awkward Mixed Breed Dogs Will Make You Love Mutts Even More

For the cultivated dog aficionado, purebreds have long been the peak of canine sophistication. But recently, tides have changed, and even the pedigree-toutingWestminster Kennel Club’s 138th annual dog show opened an event to mixed-breed dogs.

Is it the year of the mutt? We think so. So see all 19 adorable mutt pups here.

This is Cowboy, a Sheltie mix! His mother was abandoned either while pregnant or shortly after giving birth to her 3 puppies. We’re in a rural state where this is usually the solution for unwanted pet pregnancies and spay/neuter policies are very lax. He was “the shy one” according to the shelter staff, but I’ve had him for a month and a half and took these on the A-frame during his first visit to the dog park where he had a great time! ~@emmanentdanger