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C: My mixed friend asked me a question today: Why is it every-time a person who is mixed (black + other race) is famous black people are so quick to claim them? I said, “Because they’re black.” She argued that they’re not, they’re mixed. What makes someone black? Freaking Meghan Markle and Halsey are whiter than white with European features, but they’re half black. So the hair doesn’t always give it away either. Why do we call mixed people black? Why don’t we call them mixed?

One of the things that I think is why wrestling has stuck with me over the years is that, yes a lot of wrestlers who don’t fit the “super jacked Aryan” archetype are (/were, because while it ain’t perf now it used to be SO MUCH WORSE) given awful gimmicks that are lazy at best and racist at worst

But it’s still the best and most accessible thing for a lot of people when it comes to representation in a mainstream pop culture thing. Like, someday I’ll probably crunch the numbers, but what always strikes me every time I watch wrestling is that it is chock full of gorgeous amazing POC etc

Like, HOLY SHIT, I was 9 years old and seeing other Asians on TV for the first time? And other mixed-race people? And women, some of whom looked like bodybuilders yes but some of whom were also farmgirl strong (and holy shit, Japanese female wrestlers, like a solid 50% of them are built exactly like me)

And even if it wasn’t the most accurate or ideal depictions, they were still so fucking valuable because I was NOT getting it anyplace else, not seeing myself anywhere else to the point where it was actively difficult to conceive of myself as existing at all

AND they were doing cool shit! Shit, I’m 33 and I still get excited to see all these kickass Japanese people and Black folks and Muslims and chubby people beating people up and the focus being on the fact that they are good at beating people up

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Happy Women’s History Month!


shoutout to:

-trans girls and women

-muslim, christian, jewish, atheist (etc) women

-tall, short, skinny, fat, chubby, soft, sweet, strong, muscled, etc women

-latino, african american, middle eastern, asian, caucasian, pacific islander, aboriginal and mixed race women

-straight, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, demisexual, asexual/aromantic, and queer women

-women in the closet

-women out of the closet

-feminine women

-masculine women

-immigrant women

-refugees who are women

-women with mental health issues

-women in the military

-women in the government




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White Model Apologizes After Her Photo Shows Up On Blackhair Magazine

Blackhair magazine had some explaining to do after mistakenly featuring a white model rocking afro-textured hair on the cover of its latest issue. The publication, known for offering hair tips and tricks for black and mixed-race women, was called out by a white model Emily Bador who says an old modeling photo of her was used without her permission for the December/January issue of the mag.

This is a unique case when white model apologizes for cultural appropriation