Installation by Etienne Guiol and BK Digital Art Company combines drawing, animation and projection on transparent screen, like a mixed media sculptural gif:

Video installation created by Etienne Guiol which depicts a contemporary vision of the throw, using traditional animation and the hologram as the main medium.

On a base of volcanic earth, the holographic image of a launcher is played in a loop, alternating different phenotypes over time.

Based on the cycle, the study of the throw - its decomposition and its animation - illustrates the symbolic and philosophical notion of the act and its repetition throughout the course of history.

A I M uses the gesture of throwing to weave a red thread between Art and Society and thus to highlight an indissociable character of our human condition. 

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(these are essentially redraws of this and this! as i am not creative \(; u ; )/  )

i have been thinking a lot…. about a kagehina princess tutu AU

  • boys doing ballet
    • healing ballet
  • pas de deux
  • fairy tales 
  • meta elements
  • sweet tragedy

there are many variations for this?? help prince tobio recover the scattered pieces of his heart? both of them come together to help the prince and then fall for each other?? hinata as the black swan, the evil crow’s adopted ‘son’, fighting a curse, who only ever wanted the prince to love him (which he does, in the end)?? hinata who can help him but never confess his feelings because hes actually a duck and if he does he will disappear??? hinata saying “will you dance with me?” and healing peoples hearts??