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meg’s photoshoot with rob was one of the single most visually inspiring things i’d ever seen so i was REALLY intimidated to take on a single one of them. i told myself i wouldn’t pour a ton of time into this, and then immediately threw that thought in the trash

so here is His Holiness being a little judgy

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Hi how do you make skin tones in the colour wheel?

I’m not sure if you mean traditionally or digitally, but generally for me, most skin tones fall on a red/orange hue, with a lower saturation. 

If you’re more for traditional art, reds and yellows mixed with small amounts of white for lighter skin tones, or mixed small amounts of green/blue for darker skin tones. 


I tried watercolors again after 6-7 years. It was hard mixing skin tones ;A; First 2 drawings I did last night and today. ^^
And last one is a compilation of my Yoosung drawings in 1. Watercolors 2. Colored pencils 3. Markers <3 I love love him.
I post most of my stuff on my:
Instagram: himitsu_nk
Twitter: himitsu_no_koto


this moment was such a trip.

like, car interiors are usually used as a confined setting ideally suited for characters who need a certain sense of isolation to undo them - mostly hectically breakneck, suspensful or even melancholic emotional breakdowns/confessions - and i loved how the 100 decided to do that for bellamy in 4x07, catapulting him into this visual trapdoor mixed with the changing tone (radio silence/rain drops hitting the rover) and identity shift that already suggests the dazzling, emotional climax that he will undergo just seconds later (when he talks about his mother and octavia), because the transition from fighting to failing and how the atmosphere reflects his fears and let’s us get a feel for him and therefore see him, the person underneath, is so on point and simply too much.

honest to god, i loved every second of it.


Strip Poker

Pairing: ReaderXBellamy

Prompt: After a long day of hunting the delinquents decide to play a game of poker with high steaks which you get invited to join only to have a very protective Bellamy refuse to let you join. 

Warnings: little bit of innuendo, sexual talk, strip poker

A/N: this is super short, sorry!!

“No way, you, not doing this.” Bellamy hissed at you in a low voice, his tone a mix of irritation and disbelief that you would even offer yourself up to do such a thing, that crazy thing being participating in a game of strip poker. It had been a seemingly endless day of hunting and everyone was exhausted and in need of some light hearted fun. So Murphy had pulled out his deck of cards and thus the game began, only to make it through a round before you were looped in and asked to join.

“Oh come on Bellamy, I’m a master at poker.” you chuckled.

“You could be the best poker player in the world, I don’t give two shits, you aren’t playing.” Bellamy spoke sternly, leaning in so your faces were less than a foot apart as if that added harshness to his threat. “I’m not about to let a ton of assholes drool over you because you get a lousy hand.”

“You know that’s not gonna happen.” you coaxed, beginning to hear a hint of anger enter Bellamy’s voice. Protective Bellamy was one thing, angry Bellamy however was an entire other ballgame that you didn’t want to play with right now. 

“Yeah, sure as hell it won’t because you aren’t playing.” he responded back to you.


“No.” he stated in a matter-of-fact voice. “And if you so much as even try to go join the game I will throw you over my shoulder, bring you into my tent, and tie you down myself so you don’t go anywhere.” he warned. You couldn’t help but have a small smirk appear on your face as you thought about his threat.

“Is that a promise?” you spoke back without hesitation, watching as a small smile appeared on Bellamy’s face even though he attempted to hide it. 

“Don’t test me.” he responded, still holding keeping his stern voice strong.

“Well then don’t tempt me.” you spoke in a quiet voice into Bellamy’s ear as you pushed past him. You could practically feel his muscles tense up as you brushed past him, your skin grazing his, your silly voice filling his ear.

You glanced back at him for a brief moment just to see him standing where you had left him, his teeth biting down hard on his lip. And just like that, you had him.


Embracing that it’s finally fall in California; which means that it’s still not that cold, but its rainy and gloomy and I’m loving it! Current faves: black tea, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, Florence + The Machine, the new Little Mix, autumnal tones, sweaters, my black Docs, and this adorable sticky note my friend gave me. I hope you’re enjoying autumn as much as I am xxx

Try | Chapter 8


When Rick grabbed the shed’s door knob, she stopped him.

“Not in the dark. I wanna see everything. I mean, I don’t wanna be presumptuous…”

“Be presumptuous,” he said, grinning. He framed her face with his beautiful hands and kissed her.

But he stopped before she could even melt into him.

“What?” she asked, unnerved by how he was now looking at her.

“Uh,” he said, and he took a step back. “I just thought of somethin’. I just thought of a stupid thing.”

“What?” she asked, feeling lost and more than ready to be found. She did not want her hot, widower friend backing away from touching and kissing her.

“We don’t have any protection,” he said, his tone a mix of frustrated and disappointed.

Michonne didn’t bother asking if there were any prophylactics on the grounds. Who the hell was gonna go get them? Him, with his lewd bulge? Her, with her wet panties? She wasn’t going to leave him until they’d both had an orgasm.

“We can, uh…” She laughed at that fact that this conversation was actually happening. “We can do it old school. Do what sex ed said not to? You can pull out.”

Rick chuckled, but he looked uncomfortable. “I can’t. I mean…there’s still a chance.”

“That I’ll get pregnant?” she teased. But his cringey smile disappeared, and she sobered very quickly. “Oh. Jesus Christ, I’m so sorry. Of course,” she said, feeling like a dolt.

“It’s okay,” he assured.

“No, it isn’t,” she countered. “Jesus.”

A baby wasn’t a reality for her. Motherhood wasn’t. But fatherhood was a very fresh reality for him. Judith was almost two months old. And her mother had died quickly after the birth. Of course he was risk-averse right now.

Hell, she should be, too. Her grief over Andre was not a barrier to pregnancy.

“Michonne, honestly, it’s okay,” he said, as he wrapped an arm around her waist. He pressed his lips against hers long enough for her forehead to relax.

“The way you say my name should be illegal,” she murmured against his lips.

“The way you say my name should be illegal,” he countered.

“How do I say your name?” she asked as she pulled back and wrinkled her nose.

“You know. You put this special emphasis on it. You say it like you mean it, no questions, ifs, ands, or buts. Just…” he prompted her.

“Rick,” she obliged.

“Yeah,” he confirmed, smiling.

She chuckled. She didn’t get it, but then again he probably didn’t get what he did to her name either.

When she sobered, she said, “I understand,” referring to his hesitation.

She settles on the wording when he is still quite young, once it has become clear that his will be a life full of clumsiness and mishap. She repeats it like a mantra, her tone a mix of stern and comforting, after every broken valuable, each missed appointment, every misunderstanding. It was a mistake. Mistakes happen to all of us. It’s just one of those things.

It’s mainly for Arthur’s benefit, but Carolyn finds it useful too: when they are locked out of the house in the middle of a freezing cold night, because Arthur has forgotten his own keys and lost hers, and their flight was late and Gordon is fast asleep and can’t hear them knocking, she pulls her jacket more tightly around herself and says, along with him, it was a mistake… mistakes happen to all of us… Gritted teeth, and shivering. Calmer, though. It’s just one of those things.

The words ‘it wasn’t your fault’ are not included, because sometimes it is his fault, but that doesn’t mean it was intended. Mistakes are still mistakes. Certainly, Arthur had not meant to ruin his costume for the school play five minutes before she was due to drive him over to perform, but it had still been his hand on the iron - still, it was a mistake. Mistakes happen to all of us.

It’s just one of those things, she hears his little voice muttering to himself as he arrives home from school one day, and she raises her eyebrows, waiting for him to explain. He is uncharacteristically quiet about it - eventually, she extracts the story, and her blood boils over. She is on the phone to the school quick-sharp, because she’s damned if the other child is going to get away with pinning the blame on Arthur, the victim of this 'accident'…  Some things are not mistakes, she tells him, trying to mix gentleness in with the anger that isn’t for him, but still shows in her voice. Sometimes his only mistake is he trusts too much.

“It was a mistake,” he tells her, desperately, holding Rex’s collar up for her to see, “I thought it was too tight. I thought it was hurting him, so I–”

She cannot listen to him cry, has never been able to, so she takes him by the arm, business-like, tells him they are going to search until they find the blasted animal. (They do not. Her heart breaks for him. Rex was an awful creature but for some reason the boy loved him. He is still sniffling, and Carolyn wildly promises that if they ever get another dog, he can – he can name it.)

Years later, having to yell out Snoopadoop at the top of her lungs, with Herc barely containing his mirth, she realises that this, too, was a mistake.

“Mistakes happen to all of us,” he reminds her, hopefully, as she watches the insurance man pace around the kitchen, assessing the damage caused by a tap, left on for the entire week they were in San Francisco. Carolyn nods, and surveys the lumps in the wallpaper. If only she had gone for tiles all over. Just one of those things.

She has to smile when she overhears him tell it to Martin for the first time. She has no idea what her recently-acquired captain is whinging about, but hears her son say, “Cheer up, Skip. It was just a mistake. Mistakes happen to all of us.” A pause, then, reverently, “Even Douglas, probably.”

“I don’t think so,” Martin says, bitterly.

“Well, there’s nothing you can do about it now,” Arthur points out. “It’s–”

“…just one of those things,” Carolyn finishes, entering the room. “Now, shake a leg, Captain Miseryguts, we’ve got a job to do.”

Martin huffs, but she can tell he’s glad to get his mind off whatever it was that was bothering him. You see, she mentally congratulates herself, it works.

Arthur breaks five priceless family heirlooms before he has reached his teenage years; he is responsible for the loss of her camera, a pearl necklace, her cashmere scarf, and, she fears at times, her sanity - he is incurably accident-prone, and is the one person in the world for whom the saying about forgetting your head if it wasn’t screwed on is literally true. But through it all, he remains irrepressibly positive, honest-hearted and kind. Most people think he is a throwback. Carolyn privately regards him as a miracle. A loud, lopsided, lolloping miracle who gives her a near-permanent headache. 

One night, their first in their new home, just the two of them, he leans against her shoulder and asks, “Was it true, Mum? What Dad said last night?”

And she bites her lip and wishes she knew which part of their blazing row he is referring to, wishes he hadn’t overheard any of it, wishes for so much for him that she’ll never be able to give him. “When? What did he say?" 

"About me. About – neither of you wanting children when you first got married. Was I just–”

No,” she says, immediately. It sounds too much like snapping, and she softens her tone and repeats, “No. No, Arthur. You were not a mistake.”

Mistakes happen to all of us, she silently adds. But you only happened to me.

For the first time in a long while, she feels lucky.

Hellooo~ heres that finished drawing of that sketch i uploaded a while back!!! You know that akward moment when your coloring using colored pencils, and shade with graphite, and it smears the graphite EVERYWHERE?!?! *rawr* yeah that kinda happened, i hope it doesnt look that bad, i especially love how the hair came out though.

cutechibilolita  asked:

I wanted to know how did it all start (the st olgas Au) and if you have made a full comic of it? I really like it.

Full comic? Technically no.(A different ask/answer will expand upon this point in due time) 

It can start anywhere after that “Saint Olga’s school for wayward Princesses” episode. Or at least that’s where I’d think it would make the most sense. Since a lot of the groundwork relies on Heinous’ desire for revenge. Any time and any place, take this comedic capture for example.

If you meant the origins of how I came up with the au itself? Inklings of the idea started with the original Olga episode. I really liked the tone(nice mix of serious and funny), the look, the fact that it was actually a legit brainwashy hellhole. It was interesting how oppressive everything was, but also hilarious with how all of it was for the simple purpose of better table manners and stuff like that. 

I’ve always been fascinated by ‘death of personality’ or ‘that person is dead now’ kind of tragic scenarios. St.Olga’s gave good fodder for that, and delivered it in a way that didn’t take itself too seriously.(or at least that’s how I felt about it.)  I did some simple drawings and showed them off to peers and their support encouraged me to keep making stuff for it.  <–(Basically my first ‘official’ pictures with the au.) 

^^^^Though, once upon a time the color scheme was gonna be slightly different before going with what we have today. Looking back on this, it looks weird as heck and I’m glad I went with mostly one color on Sol’s uniform.

Star literally becomes the ‘perfect little princess’ that she’s spent a lifetime resenting, a boring, soulless porcelain doll. Meanwhile, Marco’s desire to be ‘cool’ or ‘badass’ is twisted and thrown cruelly back at his face. Some things have changed and some have stayed the same, and chances are it’ll continue to ‘evolve’ in a way as the canon series progresses. 

As long as everyone has fun :) I hope I didn’t miss the mark with this, sorry if I did. Thank you for the question(s).