mixed season 1


I kinda wish Ratchet was able to clean up his act…. 


So presenting the ECCC Gift Dolls in all their outfits 

( not bad for 3 frantic weeks of sewing!) 

So first 3 pics = Season 1 : the Tartan Dress for Claire and tan waistcoat/kilt/sword/ boots combo for Jamie 

Pics 4, 5 & 6 = Season 2 Paris : the purple dress for C ( episode 2.04) and the black coat, waistcoat, kilt for Jamie (from episode 2.03)

Pics 7 & 8 = dolls in their charity T-shirts! The MPC motif is very dodgy I’m afraid! (so hard to do that small) But hopefully Sam will forgive me! 😳 

Finally pics 9 & 10 = Season 3 and printshop and what we’ve all been waiting for… 😍

And no doubt the eagle eyed among you will realise that GiftDoll Jamie’s Parisian outfit is simply a mix and match of Seasons 1 and 3. Clever, huh? 

Bates Motel Season 5: Eps 1&2

Per legalities I’m not allowed to share specific details but guys. Guys. Guys. A one word summary:


You’re all gonna love them. Seriously it’s this awesome mix of Season 1 & 4. It’s goofy, oddly/ and obviously romantic, and fucking horrifying. Also Emmy worthy scene in the first ep from Vera. No one’s time is cut, everyone is still very present. And it’s a great lead up/interpretation to the original Psycho. So damn good. Also French. Speaking French has never been funnier. 🚬


That was when he knew. You have given him up for lost, he thought. You bloody bastard, you think Jaime’s good as dead, so I’m all you have left. Tyrion wanted to slap him, to spit in his face, to draw his dagger and cut the heart out of him and see if it was made of old hard gold, the way the smallfolks said. Yet he sat there, silent and still.


Amanda Rosewater in Every Episode: 1x01 - Pilot (Part I)

sense8 season 2 (são paulo pride!)

I was in pride today where they were shooting (São paulo, brazil) and i have a few news/speculation i can give you. I didn’t see that much, but it’s a pretty long post because I’m excited. (spoilers bellow the cut).

you can see videos of those spoilers on my sense8 tag 

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