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The daughter of two notorious assassins and adopted by Bruce Wayne himself, Cassandra Cain is both a hero and a total badass. Her father David Cain, long-time member of the League of Assassins, conceived her with the purpose of creating the perfect assassin partner for himself, after forcing her mother, Sandra Wu-San, to bear his child. Sandra went on to become Lady Shiva, also one of the world’s deadliest assassins, renowned for killing victims with her bare hands.

Cassandra entered the DC universe in the “No Man’s Land” crossover story line in 1999, where she saves Commissioner Gordon’s life and is given the Batgirl costume with the approval of both Barbara Gordon and Batman. Cassandra also represents an important racial group in that she is of mixed heritage, having both European and Asian blood. Another interesting fact about her is that she’s a martial arts expert despite spending a large portion of her life mute and illiterate. Cassandra has recently taken up a new superhero moniker as Orphan in the pages of “Detective Comics,” by James Tynion IV, Christian Duce and Fernando Blanco, where she recently came into conflict with her estranged mother.

raythebrutallyhonestguy  asked:

No interest in live-action Disney? Not even in a Mulan one?

especially not a mulan one

growing up, mulan was the first movie i ever saw that had an east asian protagonist. my family loved it. we played that movie on repeat for months on end. we still have sing alongs, we still will get together just to watch mulan. and we’re not even chinese, so we know and acknowledge that this movie isn’t even about us, but god it was so great as a seven year old mixed race east asian to actually be watching a movie where the characters looked like and acted like my family, where i could see some of our family values played out on screen.

and even then, the animated mulan movie was flawed. like i said, i’m not chinese, so you can probably find chinese sources on why the story of hua mulan was not portrayed right on screen. on top of which none of the directors and writers were chinese, save for rita hsiao who was one of the screenplay writers. you cannot write an such an inherently chinese story with such a grand lack of chinese writers and directors, not without sacrificing important cultural elements and romanticising others.

so that brings us to live action mulan, where so far we’ve endured the leaking of the first script that brought in a white man to save china instead of mulan, then the rewriting process has been done by white men with no significant input from chinese writers, they’re taking the romance plot out of the film (which there is a long history of taking romance away from people of color in film), and we still don’t know if they’re writing out the white guy from the original script or not.

its a trainwreck, honestly, but i never expected better from disney. disney does not care about marginalized peoples. from the bastardization and romanticization of pocahontas, to the fact that the only black protagonist was a frog for the majority of her film, the fucking debacle that was introducing le fou - already an implicit joke about homosexuality - as their “big gay moment” and we have all the proof we need that disney does not give a shit about marginalized people. why are we expecting them to do any better by us with mulan?

shit, beauty and the beast got a full live action remake complete with the songs, costumes, etc. that was frankly not very good, but they got an actual true-to-the-original remake. mulan is getting scraps. we’re just crossing our fingers that they’re gonna cast actual chinese actors to play these roles, and even that is a big fucking maybe.

so no, to answer your question, i don’t want a live action mulan remake. i want it to stay far the fuck away from me. go watch mulan: rise of a warrior. it was made in china, by chinese writers/directors/actors in 2009, it’s true to the actual story of hua mulan, and that’s the only live action mulan i give a shit about.

guruofawesomeness  asked:

Okay but I've been thinking a lot lately about the racism within so many fandoms, and I personally think it's time for POC artists and fic writers to band together and start creating a safe space outside of places like Tumblr, Wattpad and AO3 so we can show more of our diverse content that's void of whitewashing, appropriation, racist tropes and stereotyping. We need a real safe space, away from all of this. I'm gonna do asks for a few more fan blogs ran by POC proposing this.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. I don’t know how it would work, but it would be nice to have a place where marginalized fans can find content without having to sift through pages of fanwork that dehumanizes and/or fetishizes them. Where you can find fanwork by people of color.

The difficult thing is deciding who qualifies as POC. For example I’ve joined forums for mixed race people in the past and almost without fail they have been taken over by the whitest members while Black members are drowned out. Drawing a line is not easy.

biracial kid problems

- not looking like either of ur parents

- ”oh, you look (other race)”

- ”is that your mom or is some woman kidnapping you?”

- not being able to fit in to either side of the family

- “but mixed babies are so cute!!”

- “where are you from?”

- people trying to guess ur race

- people speaking languages to u that you don’t know because they assume ur race

- oh dear god what box do I check

Biracial kid perks

- you’re beautiful!

- having two cultures to learn about/love

- having friends of all races

- cultural fluidity 

- being totally unique! go you!

learn to love your mixed self!