mixed race pride

My problem with race mixing

Obama is just as much white as he is black, but he is Americas first black president

As soon as you introduce one black person into a white family tree, the offspring is black
This isn’t like they are being rejected. This is them identifying as a black person, and being considered as such regardless of skin tone

One single nonwhite introduced to a white family and in one generation they are a black family. All of their culture and traditions replaced with another.
A generation that disassociates themselves from the rest of their heritage.

If you mix white paint with brown paint, you get brown paint


I never see any posts about LGBT people having positive relationships​ with their family, so I wanted to tell everyone my story.
I am mixed. I am Mexican and Cherokee on my mom’s side and Irish on my dad’s. I was raised in a Chicano household with lots of cousins that were also mixed - some part Puerto Rican, some Jewish, and some Apache. I have so many family members all across North America that I cannot even begin to count them. But me and all my cousins come from one strong indigenous Mexican woman that immigrated to the United States in the 30s (making me 3rd generation Chicano!).
We were all raised Christian with Mexican Catholic traditions, but each generation that went by began to branch out and become more open minded, which lead to me having the ability to come out as transgender.
It’s been difficult in many ways. I still cannot physically transition, which is why I’m wearing makeup and dresses in these photos. However, I have been met with (mostly) love and kindness from everyone, including my 70 year old grandmother posing with me in the very first picture.

Coming out is dangerous and terrifying, especially today. I am one of the people that got lucky, and I still have to be discerning in which part of my family knows about who I really am (only those pictured above know so far; my Nan, mom, dad, and little brother). It may not be the right time for you to come out, and this post is in no way encouraging people to come out before they’re ready! I want kids like me to know, though, that it’s not all doom and gloom. Things will work out for you. There will always be someone here to support and love you, and I am one of those people. Look around - you have a whole community behind you! ❤️

Go forth this month with PRIDE! ¡Si se puede! 🌈🌈

Stop Quantiying People's "Blackness"

This whole Aaliyah/Zendaya Coleman thing really has me thinking.  I can find merit in the skin tone discussion, but the questioning of her Zendaya’s blackness…I can’t get with it. 

What constitutes “Black”? 

Black people of the diaspora are mixed race.  Many prominent figures in our history have been mixed raced individuals of all shades. 

Some people I can think of on the top of my head…

Booker T. Washington

W.E.B. Dubois

Rosa Parks

Alexandre Dumas

Homer Plessy

Malcolm X

Bob Marley

Barack Obama

Walter White

Our grandmothers and grandfathers are of mixed backgrounds.  They were Black then, and they are Black now. We are of mixed backgrounds.  Not to say that Black people of mixed race backgrounds need to exclusively identify as Black, or Black at all for that matter, but that’s at the discretion of the individual.  There is not a scale to measure Blackness.  Not any of us have a monopoly on the Black experience or identity.  Quantifying other people’s identities is sooo tired ya’ll.