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I had this composition in mind for like a week, for a possible future cover-art. At first I wanted to do it digitally, but since it wasn’t masochist enough I decided to do it with traditional media (watercolours, copic markers and gouache). So now I have terrible cramps in my wirst, but I feel so proud of the result.


Hot anime boys part 5… I think

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WILD STARS (KotoPana Mix)
  • WILD STARS (KotoPana Mix)
  • Hanayo Koizumi & Kotori Minami

These two never really get chances to shine. Well actually, they got two chances to shine, but they didn’t really get the opportunity to show off the full range of what their voices can do. So here’s what I’ve got, a KotoPana Mix of “WILD STARS” to show off their usual voices we know and the deep range that they should’ve seriously used more. Enjoy!


✞ Cunning Man I/II/III ✞

mixed media & found objects
12x12 wood panels


I selected two Fultons from the week I was in NYC in November, as well as one from previous shows. It took hours searching for the right pieces in antique stores, and altering ones I’d discovered. I tried to use pieces from the 30’s and 40’s as often as possible. My only rules were no salt and no birds.

When you look at these, imagine standing at the podium in the Tailor’s shop. Malcolm might run past at any second.


Sometimes hopelessness creeps into your heart and by the time it is choking you, you no longer have the will to stamp it down. By the time I was supposed to head to NYC for my Thanksgiving trip, I was asking anyone I could: should I even be going? Why should I be doing this when things are so dark, and so many people are unhappy? I wasn’t looking for permission as much as someone to give me a concrete explanation of why I should bother continuing to exist.

With one foot off the ledge, I reluctantly boarded the plane. I debated giving my shows away, but @nodoubtaholic told me to fly away from the bullshit, threatened violence, and came out every night to stand in line with me and kept my Doom stuffed in a suitcase back at my hotel.

Then, two things happened that brought these pieces (and me) into existence:

✞ Since I wasn’t getting out of the shows, I gave myself a task, something I could do every show. I’d do a little survey of different Fultons and how they cast their spell with the bird during the end of the loop. Every performer does something different, and while I’ve watched this scene dozens of times, focusing on it above all else gave me a new appreciation for how simple little gestures or meticulous placement of pieces can make it such a complex act. Did they use salt? Pins?

✞  Annabella sat down next to me in the bar and asked how I was doing and I was honest with her. I asked her the same thing I’d been asking everyone, and expressed my hesitation to come to the shows. She spoke about transitions and of people finally waking up and connecting, and many other things that were personal and relevant to me and I absolutely needed to hear. And she gave me a task: Go to a museum. Look at art. Look at the best of what humanity has done. She talked about how coming to the show was also supporting art and artists and how very important that was right now. By the end of meeting with her, I felt the poison vines of hopelessness beginning to shrivel.

By the time I got home, I resolved to continue living, and recommit to being creative. The show has always been a great source of inspiration to me, and it is essential that the first things I created after returning home were born of watching Fulton.

PS: Thank you for everyone who checked in on me, offered support, and love. I know that many of us aren’t having the best times. You can always message me if you need someone to talk to. You’re important & we need you here.

Snow halation (RinPana Mix)
  • Snow halation (RinPana Mix)
  • Rin Hoshizora & Hanayo Koizumi

@lovelive-musicbox, I swear this one doesn’t end in John Cena! This was a little quick to put together, but nevertheless, I’m proud of the outcome. May I present the RinPana Mix of “Snow halation”! Enjoy!

Snow halation (RinMaki Mix)
  • Snow halation (RinMaki Mix)
  • Rin Hoshizora & Maki Nishikino

Ok ny’all are probably getting sick of this song by now, but it honestly does showcase their voices the best in my opinion. May I present the RinMaki Mix of “Snow halation”!


Badass anime boys part 2