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Color Adjusting for POC with PSDs Made for White People

Since there aren’t half as many PSDs or coloring tutorials designed for POC, I figured a better way is to show people how to adjust the PSDs or techniques they already have on hand instead.

Things we will look at:

  1. How to recognize white washed POC**
  2. How to fix it

I’ve divided it into 3 parts under the cut :D

**This is also for people who reblog things and want to know what is and isn’t white washing

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orbitually-deactivated20160320  asked:

Can you give me some art tips on coloring and choosing colors that look good together? I'd really appriciate it ;w;

i think choosing colors is something you should study into color theory about!! :O but i’ll try to give you a good example of a helpful tip…

When you’re coloring something, pic colors that are adjacent to your base color!

Here’s a pretty straight forward example of how I pick my colors.

^^^ when it comes to applying colors, adjacent hues aren’t the ONLY things you should take into possible consideration. It’s good to think about contrasting hues to help bring your overall piece together because it brings out your main colors.
It’s not always about having your contrasting colors being subtle though! contrasting colors are also supposed to help you direct where the focus in your piece is if you strategically place them right.

here are few more examples i slapped together

How to “know” what colors to choose though is kind of difficult to explain though. It kinda has to do with one’s personal tastes.. Like, if you look at a mix of colors together, does it look aesthetically pleasing to you? Figuring out what looks aesthetically pleasing is a taste you have to figure out for yourself.

hope this was able to help a bit somehow!

Quick N’ Dirty Protection Wards for Resisting the Power

All right, fellow Witches. I know things have been tumultuous, and it’s a very scary time to be in the United States. I’m back to being an uninsured American, and am watching my home state fight against a death sentence due to climate change. As a person of color, and a mixed race person, I feel like the need to ward up, protect yourself (no matter who you are), and resisting is of utmost importance. I wanted to share some magical methods of protection you can use.

1. Jar of Security: Create an adapted version of the traditional witch’s bottle. Place traditional ingredients for protection and warding in a bottle or jar - in this case, the nastier the components, the nastier the retribution on the one who crosses it. You’re gonna want nails, you’re gonna want spit (you’re gonna want to be safe about biohazardous ingredients), you’re gonna want irritating peppers and much gnashing of teeth. Finish the spell by putting the cork/lid back on, sealing it with wax (I recommend going with the retribution/fire theme and using red). Place it outside your front door, or near your room door, depending on where you live; hiding it might be a good idea. Bam, you’ve got one more shield up.

2. Ward your Room: Create a quick stone seal for your room by tying a rope or string around a stone for protection. Hematite would be a good choice, or bloodstone, or obsidian. Hold the stone and envision a stone barrier, with a stone gate, protecting your living space. Hang the stone behind your door, and use it to swing the ward open and shut when your door opens and shuts.

3. Sigil Up: Take a white candle and inscribe sigils on doorframes and window frames for reflective magic, protection, warding, and marking your territory using the white wax. It’ll be hard to read, but seals up the entrances and exists to define your space.

4. Purge: Write grievances onto small papers, and burn them in a heatproof container. Works great as a daily purifying ritual, and also has the added bonus of frying your grievance’s subject. 

5. Armor Up: A classic but just as effective as ever. Craft a set of “armor” for yourself by visualizing a set of armor, or outfit, that makes you feel powerful. Now, actually moving your hands, put on the armor when you need it, before you leave the house, or when you need extra support. Crafted “psychic armor” can be taken on or off as you need.

6. Dissuade Idle Gossip: Or, “silence untrue rumors and words”, which is a lot less snappy - this is essentially prevention for slander and mud-raking. Place a single castor bean in a small bottle/jar, and seal. Keep sealed for use. Use a coffee bean instead for the economic witch, use a juniper berry for added protection.

7. Shield of Black Wax: Keeping a black candle burning is a super easy way to put up a shield of absorption while you’re working magic. As far as precautions go, you can just plug in and go.

You now have the tip of the iceberg of an arsenal of protective and reflective methods at your hands - now, work your magic from your vantage point! Get creative! Resist!!

Other non-witchy things you could do from said vantage point include calling your representatives and speaking out on issues, such as Trump’s cabinet appointments or the restart on both pipeline projects, or the silencing of the EPA, or releasing his tax returns… the list is endless! If phone calls aren’t your bag, write postcards to your representatives. Donate to Planned Parenthood! Volunteer your time! Run for local office! Make art, and donate the proceeds! Punch a Nazi in the face!!!


Kick-Ass Chicks: Marissa Smith of NYLON Magazine

We can’t imagine that being NYLON’s Senior Fashion Market Editor is easy, but Marissa Smith sure knows how to make it look FUN. We’re constantly checking in with Marissa to stay in the loop for upcoming collections and collabs, and thought it was about time we introduce you to our go-to girl. With a closet filled with color and checkerboard, we just had to take Marissa to the Brooklyn USA Diner for a bright and bold photoshoot. Checkerboard on checkerboard? Yes, PLEASE! Read on to hear about Marissa’s journey at NYLON, and why Vans have been her style staple from the start.

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[movie poster for the movie ‘Belle’, based on the real life of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the daughter of an admiral in the British Royal Navy and Maria Belle, an African woman who was believed to be enslaved on a Spanish ship]

this movie honestly looks so good to me

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I honestly couldn’t believe something like this could possibly happen. A mixed race woman of colour in a film where her mixedness is the subject of the film? And not only that, but the fact that at one point in time she was a real person as well? Even better. 

Never, in all my years of living have I seen a film like this.  I am scared that I will never see one again. 

This is coming from a mixed race woman of colour, who, grew up in an environment where my identity was constantly being criticised by people who had no right to do so. People would always tell me that I looked to light to be black or have any relation to blackness, or really, have a relation to anything that wasn’t white. During that time, it was only when my mother dropped me off at school or they saw my other siblings that they finally believed me, and even then, I always knew there was doubt and disbelief.

You’re adopted.”

“ You’re just white on the inside, then.”

“ Why do you have black/brown people food with you? You’re white”

“ If you’re mixed with white then you should sympathize with white people. Everyone knows that if you have white in you, you’re white.”

“ Half-breed.”


Statements like these are ones I grew up with. The ones that have been burned into my mind because of how often they have been repeated.

Of course, my skin has darkened over time. At around age 11, people started to give me weird looks when they looked at my eyes and then at my skin. My friends would and still do ask me if I wear coloured contacts (as if mixed people cannot have light eyes and brown skin). Old white women on the bus glare at me as if I am their worst nightmare. Fellow people of colour who are monoracial stare at me openly and without shame as if they can sense my otherness, but cannot place where it comes from. I am constantly berated by the question "What are you?” from strangers and acquaintances alike, as if the combination of my looks makes me out to be inhuman, and people automatically have a free pass to ask me what I am as they please. 

In recent years, I have learned more about my identity and what it means for me to be a multiracial, multi-ethnic woman of colour. I have learned to ask people why they look at me the way they do. I have told my friends that mixed people can have light eyes when coupled with brown skin. I have leaned to glare right back at the old white ladies. I have learned to ask fellow people of colour why they stare at me so, and to educate them when they ask me how I could look so different. Alternatively, I have also learned to tell them to fuck off. When people ask me what I am, I tell them, “I’m human. What else would I be?” Sometimes I find it funny to see them spew out a half hearted apology and quickly rephrase the question to something less dehumanizing. Sometimes I don’t. 

Unfortunately, not all mixed race people have learned these things. Some of my mixed race friends still sputter out replies that only submit to the pervasive questions they are being asked. Some of them don’t know what to do when an old white woman glares at them. Some of them don’t know what to do when a fellow person of colour alienates them in front of a whole group of people. It is my hope for these people that they one day learn how to deflect treatment that doesn’t make them feel alienated, ashamed, or sad afterwards.

Believe me when I say mixed race people know they are mixed. I, personally, have never known otherwise. I have never fit in fully with the black, brown, or white communities (and tbh I don’t want to fit in with the last one), and I am well on my way to knowing that I never will. After all, I am never one or the other. At least, not fully.

When I first saw the trailer for this film, it brought tears to my eyes. It still does, twenty views later. I have never seen a film that I can relate to so much. I have never seen a film that illustrates my life so accurately. I have never seen anything like this.

It is for these reasons that this film is honestly so, so awesome. Never in my life have I related to a character more. I don’t think I ever will relate to a character more.

As was previously stated, this film brought tears to my eyes. It also reminded me of the ache in my heart.

But most importantly, it gave me pride.

I will always be multiracial. There is no doubt about that. I will always be black and brown and lastly white, always in that order and always fully and continuously. 

This film gives me happiness and pride and joy and sadness all at the same time. This film, to me, is without a doubt precious. I am so so so so so so happy to see someone I can wholly relate to.

Thank you, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, for playing a mixed race character so perfectly. And most importantly, thank you Dido Elizabeth Belle, for existing.


Here’s an idea I had a couple months ago but forgot to post about! I’ve thought about how the lesbian flag is becoming increasingly popular with lesbians as opposed to the rainbow flag, but I’ve noticed sometimes problems come up due to it’s design. It has 7 colors, and several of the colors are very similar in hue, so people have trouble making merchandise for it, like flags, bracelets, scarfs, hats, and so on. Also, on some pride buttons, the top and button colors get cut off!

So I made these simplified versions! I made one with five bars (like the trans, aro, genderfluid) and one with three (like the sapphic, achillean, genderqueer pan, bi, and ply flags). I just evenly mixed the colors together! 

I personally really like the five colors version! Any thoughts followers?

-Mod Sapphire 


i took a personal day today because a.) all of my work is awaiting approval from VPs and devs and nobody’s accomplishing anything on a friday anyway and b.) I DESERVE IT and it ended up being p. productive

a.) painting furniture is an awful time-consuming hellchore and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a color-accurate shot of this custom color mix, but it is so gorgeous in person and is going to look so good with the brushed brass hardware i’m waiting on that i might soil myself when this project is done

b.) the dessert shells from whole foods are fucking GOOD (they’re essentially little vanilla pound cakes, unlike the stale-ass unflavored twinkie bullshit from every other grocery store in existence)

okay my body hurts and it’s time for honey vanilla chamomile now ily all 


Asoiaf Old Hollywood fancast
↝ Greer Garson as Catelyn Tully

“One day she would allow herself to be less than strong. But not today. It could not be today.”

I get really happy when I see great campaings in the internet. Blackout Day is a great one. Of course racism has to be fighted everyday, but those campaigns make the cause stronger.

We are black, we are awesome. *-*

Being a black fat lesbian is not picnic. So, I’ll use this opportunity to tell you all a little about how discrimination works in Brazil. It’s in a very common in colonized countries: by colorism or pigmentocracy. Why didn’t I tell racism? Well, because in this type of discrimination you can be a african descendant and rarely suffer of racism, but a person with very little blood connection with africans can suffer like hell. And an arabic person can be called a nigga as well. It is all because skin color. The darker you are, the more you suffer. And this is SO DANGEROUS, because lots of black people don’t get aware of this kind of discrimination, because when the person has lighter skin, society says they are white! I already heard ridiculous things like “Someone called me nigga today. I’m not black, I’m just tanned!”. -_-

As you can see, my skin is not very dark, so I didn’t suffer much racism when I was younger, cuz my mom used to make up my mind to straight up my hair. ¬¬ Well I cut that bullshit of my life, MAGICALLY the discrimination when from 8 to 80 SO QUICK that I still get amazed and disguted. Any kind of discrimination is disguting, but colorism is very dangerous. Making very mixed person believe she/he is WHITE is erasing their past, the opportunity to know about their ancestors and makes them weak. Discrimination will come to them one day, but they will not understand why and they won’t be prepared to react if they have the chance.

JUMPOST 15/07/2017

-There are lots of music program performances in summer.

Yabu: it’s fun because I can listen to various artist song. Even in the dressing room, while we were talking to each other, I’m listening to the song.

Okamoto: We also got oppurtunities to work together with the seniors.

Nakajima: We did collaboration, dancing and singing together.

-Any opposite feeling about JUMP’s appearance when they did collaboration?

Yabu: In the collaboration, 2 of the memmbers will be place in one group. I think the number of people in a group is a lot (laugh). I think the strength changes according to the number of people.

Okamoto: Regarding the dance arrangement, I feel that it gives a stronger impact when we show the dance itself compared to individuality.

Nakajima: From my point of view when the other member did the collaborating, it’s very refreshing how that person colors mix with the group itself.

- On the 26th, the best album “Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O (Input/Output) will be on sale. The title somehow can’t be read.

Yabu: It is good isn’t.

Nakajima: In one way, it is read as [10], did you understand it?

-10 is the 10th Anniversary. Did all of you decided together on the title this time?

Nakajima: we talk about 10th Anniversary and I said "Let’s do something” and Daichan said “How about Input, Output?” and the moment he said that we all are “That’s right!” The initial letter looks like 10. It was a cool idea~! And it’s a prompt decision. The notation also involved a process of trial and error.

Okamoto: It is good w hen w e can talk about it this way. “what?” when you have any doubts you can say it, grasp the doubt and get a clear understanding

Yabu: It means that we will tell you what we have taken in this album.

anonymous asked:

How do you choose your color pallete? Your colors are cool *^*

Thank you!

tbh there was also another anon that asked for the same thing and being the terrible human being that i am, i forgot to reply until now

first of all, No! i don’t use any color pallete! i pick colors spontaneously! , i find color palletes aren’t really that useful when you’re the kind of person who loves to mix different colors each time .But in return i’ll tell you how i pick my colors! , idk if this considered as a tutorial,i think its more like a friendly artist tip on how i look for darker and lighter color for shading purposes 

Let’s take a look on this qt pie

that is the colors i used for his skin, as you can see as the color gets darker, the hue heads to left, and as it gets lighter the hue heads to left

it goes the same with his hair , you get what i mean here?

now lets have a simple step by step coloring!

there u have a sad little wirt without his hat on

okay now he got his hat back , ok yes look at the color i used there

now lets add the darker shade!, yes you guessed right, the hue goes to left since the red is darker than the red base!

yup its up to you if u wanna check that every single darker color hue are heading to left by using color pick on your own. And yes another friendly artist tip, always decide where the light comes from before you shade, this is very basic and critical , yet there are lots of people who doesn’t give a fuck about this B(

and there you have it! how i pick my colors!, sorry if my English sounds funny though, but i hope you do understand!