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antiblackness in asian culture is a very real problem but saying that asians (that blog doesn’t even bother to make the distinction between different asian groups, many asian pacific islanders are black so like… are you just gonna ignore them… also there are a lot of mixed race people and let’s not forget how south asian ppl are FREQUENTLY trashed oooomg i’m getting so mad) aren’t oppressed at all is fucking RIDICULOUS

“Apples and the oranges, did what? Wait. I thought we were talking about people, why are you mentioning fruits? —— And people call me an idiot, at least I don’t go around mixing people up with fruits. Lord help you mate, but I think I’ll pass on the rest of this conversation.”

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion of half-white/half-desi actors and actresses in Bollywood movies? I get that people who are mixed have just as much of a claim to their heritage/culture as people who aren't mixed, but it always annoys me to see mixed people as the main characters and standards of beauty in films. That by looking more "white", they have these opportunities. (I know this is pretty strong in basically every POC culture.) But god(s) forbid you bring a white bf/gf home!

I think what you’re describing is colourism / shadeism. People who are mixed w light skinned ppl (like me!) often have light skin privilege bc their skin is not as dark as other desis. I think there is a major issue with colourism in India / Bollywood that is a direct result of having Western / European ideals of beauty imposed on people around the world.  

To Mixed People
  • To mixed people who only look like one of their races
  • To mixed people who look ‘ambiguous’ 'exotic’ 'unique’ and get both fetishized and treated badly for it
  • To mixed people whose identities are 'too confusing’
  • To mixed people whose identities get ignored
  • To mixed people whose identities are questioned
  • To mixed people who are told 'they aren’t really ___’
  • To mixed people who have mixed hair and mixed skin and can’t find cosmetic care products for themselves
  • To mixed people who are victims of multiple types of racism 
  • To mixed people who can’t fit in with the parts of their family
  • To mixed people who only have connections to one of their races
  • To mixed people who are too ’___’ or not ’___’ enough
  • To mixed people who aren’t white, but can pass for white.
  • To white mixed people who are white passing, and have to decide between having their identity erased or having to deal with more racism
  • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, and don’t get the choice.
  • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, but their siblings are
  • To mixed people who have to deal with prejudice from their own family, white or not. (anti-blackness, fetishism, colorism)
  • To transracial adopted mixed people who have never known any of their family
  • To mixed people who have to figure out their identities by themselves

To mixed people who have to deal with so much shit. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are valid.

For mixed people everywhere, stand in solidarity with each other. While we have similar experiences, not everyone has the same experience, or relationship with their race. Be aware of whatever privileges you have. Listen to others and always help one another.

Mixed People Love "Seeing 'Both' Sides"- I'm over it.

I don’t know what it is about people who are mixed black and white. Over the course of the last month, 2 different mixed (half black-half white) people have come up to me and told me that they feel like being mixed helps them “see both sides” and “bridge divides,” etc.


I am ¼ white, and I’m genuinely confused by what this phrase even means. Is racism a board game now? A brutal match of Jenga? Are you looking behind the TV for the outlet to “unplug” white supremacy from the black side? What the hell do you even mean?

As someone who is technically “mixed” (although I identify as black and specifically ¾ Igbo and ¼ Swedish) these people infuriate me and are just as wack as the people who go on saying that when “everyone in America is mixed, racism will end!" 

Like… Bruh. 

So we’re going to fuck our way to post-racial bliss now? Have you been to (or read about) Latin America? There are a few hundred million people there who can easily shoot down your dreams of a light skinned paradise filled with yellow skin, freckles, 2b-3c curl patterns, green eyes and an extra dollop of tragic mulatto feelings. 

So many mixed white people buy into this shit, though, and use their personal feelings to obscure larger institutional power dynamics.

I’m sorry but just because your black daddy and white mommy didn’t "talk about race” and made you grow up thinking that “everyone is equal,” doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be you and your daddy going to jail if shit popped off. I’m sorry but the moment you look into your family tree (as I have) it’s not some rosy landscape where racism “goes both ways”– no, your white relatives were in deep on the oppressive structures brutalizing your black ancestors.

When I did my Swedish genealogy, I found a number of incredibly disturbing things:

  • My great uncle, Andres Magnus Wedin, was a Swedish mercenary in the Belgian Congo, and almost certainly participated in the massacres and brutalization of people there. See him below in full military regalia:

  • Another great uncle, Knut, was one of those stereotypical white European explorers in Africa. At one point, family legends say, he even rode a canoe up into the Niger Delta (prior to my families meeting) on one of his “adventures” with dark people constantly populating the backgrounds for his exotic fantasies.
  • My Swedish relatives who came to the US refused to give my grandmother (who was getting ready to marry my Nigerian grandfather) a place to stay and register her visa as long as she was marrying a black man
  • I looked up this family recently to see where they are today. They are poor white people who live in Maryland (a few dozen miles from me) and their Facebook profiles have Confederate flags splashed across them.
  • Oh and let’s not forget my Swedish grandmother, who despite pushing out 10 black babies from her womb still says racist problematic shit. Just this year she was going on about “how she feels bad for negroes” with regard to African Americans, and my entire family was like “huh?” She was then like “But I had 10 colored children….” to justify what she said and it was just nope nope nope.

All of this is just to say- naw. I’m not here for these obtuse lack-of-arguments from mixed black-white people coated in tragic mulatto tears. There are no “two sides” to white supremacy, no matter what way you spin it, but there are approximately one million gifs to descibe my opinion on all of you tragic mulattos reciting bullshit.

I will end with a small sampling of those below, readers, please feel free to add on with your own.

When Mixed People Say “I See ‘Both’ Sides”

I am not some unfortunate accident of a culture clash. My father did not appropriate my mother. My parents loved each other and I am the fruit of many cultures. I am sick to death of people on all sides treating me like a fucking mistake. That makes mixed people feel like nothing and you’re not helping. I am not an accident and Toms daughter was not an accident. You’re no better than the white folks who called us mongrel back in the day. Me and people like me will not ever go away. We will never disappear just to make you comfortable, just to solidify your community. If there’s no place for me then fuck your community. I was made with glorious purpose and in total love. I am done apologizing to my cultures for what I am.
—  My friend Anna defending herself in a chatroom. I thought it was beautiful.
There's no need to defend white people

PSA: This blog is for mixed people. 

We are not here to answer white questions. 
We are not here to listen to people defend their racism.
We are not here to listen to white apologists. 
We are not here to be told “we’re all just humans”. 

Being opposed to white opinions is not the same as racism
Pointing out white ignorance is not the same as racism
Having no damn time for white people is not the same as racism

White people, for the most part, have access to the resources to educate themselves. If they really cared about our opinions they would ask us without blaming and shaming POC and without steering the conversation back to their white identities.

If you think a white person being called out on the internet is the same as the marginalisation that POC face everyday then you are valuing white experiences over our own.  

Someone sent in a message with the line "No ones skin is a tool to destroy them with.“ We are not here to destroy white people. We are pointing out that when they bring the conversation back to them they are silencing us. If there’s anything to destroy its the system that continues to privilege white experiences and identities over all POC.

Defending white people is futile here. They have the tools to satisfy their ‘curiosity’ or 'misunderstanding’. Coming here to complain how 'unfair’ it is to hold white people accountable for the way they describe our identities reinstates the idea that there must be some validity to the way white people define us. We are not interested in white perceptions of us, those ideas are thrust on us enough, this is a space for mixed people to define our own experiences. 


my life forever
  • People when I first meet them:You're White. Another White friend.
  • People after I tell them I'm mixed:Oh I see it now
  • People after I tell them I'm mixed:You're not White at all
  • People after I tell them I'm mixed:You're just Asian
  • People after I tell them I'm mixed:Just Asian
  • People after I tell them I'm mixed:Asian
  • Asian people after I tell them I'm mixed:Nope still just White