mixed media*

Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Well, until I come back to look at in a couple days and find more things I ought to fix.

This is the end(ish) result of my Unquiet Waters project (also known as Women Who Live Underwater and Mostly Want to Kill You)

Left to right, Rán, Jenny Greenteeth, a siren and the Lady of the Lake.

Acrylic, chalk pastel and micron pen on illustration board with some line work on top of the finished piece in photoshop.

i really love it when mixed race actors play characters who acknowledge they’re mixed (even if they have physical traits that don’t make their heritage obvious) like i love in parks and rec that april speaks spanish and talks about being puerto rican, i love how rainbow in blackish struggles with her biracial identity, i love how koen in cleverman feels disconnected from his people because his mother is white and vanessa hudgens’ character in powerless is also half Filipino - i love that this is happening more and more because growing up as mixed, so often you see mixed people in media and they’re portrayed as one or the other and its so important we create media that doesn’t encourage internalized racism and encourages mixed kids to accept their identities are both whole and multifaceted i just hope we see more mixed representation for mixed poc as well as poc mixed with white