mixed media fabric


Ulla Jokisalo (Finnish, b. 1955, Kannus, Finland) - 1: Under Supervision, 2008  Cut-Out Pigment Print, Needles and Embroidery on Fabric  2: Wasteland, 2015  Cut Out Pigment Print, Pins  3: Magic Lantern (Taikalyhty)  Cut Pigment Print, Embroidery, Embroidery Thread and Needle on Fabric  4: Inspiration, 2006  (Original 1999, Thread, Needle on Gelatin Silver Print)  5: Well Read (Kirjaviisaus), 2010 Cut Out Pigment Print, Embroidery, Thread, Pins and Needle on Fabric  6: To Cut A Long Story Short, 2004  7: My Eyes (Variation 3), 2013  Cut Out Pigment Print, Embroidery, Thread, Needles on Fabric  8: Like A Virgin, 2015  Cut Out Pigment Print, Pins  9: Eros And Psyche  Photography C-Print  10: As A Metaphor, 2004  Mixed Media     

Mixed Media Art Journal Challenge/ Inspiration.

Instead of prompting you on what to write, this challenge prompts you on what materials to use! What you write is up to you :)

Day 1) water colour
Day 2) acrylic paint
Day 3) magazine picture collage
Day 4) embroider the paper
Day 5) spray paint (easy to make a galaxy themed page with this)
Day 6) newspaper word collage
Day 7) pressed flowers and leaves
Day 8) felt markers- go big with colour
Day 9) detailed drawings coloured with coffee
Day 10) pencil rubbings of coins and other objects
Day 11) stencils- use the page as a stencil for the next page.
Day 12) India ink- black only.
Day 13) personal photographs
Day 14) fabric (use old clothes if you have no spare fabric)