Retrospective Nostalgia Part-1.

Retrospective generally means to take a look back at events in the past. The concept of nostalgia is linked to retro, the bittersweet desire for things, persons and situations of the past. Retro shows nostalgia with a dose of cynicism and detachment. The desire to capture something from the past and evoke nostalgia is fuelled by dissatisfaction with the present. The belief that the past was better than is the present.

Surreal Mixed Media Collage Art By Ayham Jabr.



Painting by Alex Louisa

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work.

Often experimenting with mixed media, especially in the backgrounds of her works, Alex mainly works with drawing materials or oils, currently with a shift towards larger works. She focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention - discovering the intricacies of a leaf or flower, or trying to capture an animal’s individual personality, especially those of the avian kind. Follow her on Instagram.

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posted by tu recepcja


Here’s one of two art pieces I did for the Farewell to the Falls Art Show at Gallery Nucleus. It wasn’t labeled for some reason but people were asking who made it. I felt that I needed to do something special for the show. GF needed to be recreated in Cuckoo clock form. I took off the shell of an old cuckoo clock and built on top of it until it became the mystery shack. Bill Cipher pops out every hour. Once I get the piece back I plan to rig it so that the theme song plays instead. Though, I do love the cuckoo sounds. I had a lot of fun crafting this, I was happy to see people enjoying it.  It was a crazy fun show, thanks so much for letting me contribute! Be sure to check out the entire gallery in person. It will be up until August 21st. Tons of talented artists put a lot of work into their pieces. All great stuff! If you would like to check out or buy any of the pieces Gallery Nucleus put the show up online! 

I think Alex has first dibs on this when the show is over.