mixed martial arts

modern verse details.

   I always thought I hated modern shit, yet here I fuckin’ am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

   The important stuff:

  • Mechanic by day, cage fighter by night.
  • His backstory follows the same line as his Middle Age counterpart only instead of a mercenary band, Gambino raises him in illegal Mixed Martial Arts from six years old. 
  • Guts quickly soars above all the other boys and makes quite a name for himself in the ring when he manages to take down an adult man at the age of eleven. 
  • After all the events that shape his shitty childhood and the killing of his adopted father, Guts is found and taken in by a man named Godo (yes u know the one). 
  • Godo’s a grouchy old man on the outside but he has found comfort in his old age by offering his home and caring for less fortunate boys, where they repay him by helping run his auto shop, Godo’s Mine. Thanks to this, Guts has four other brothers (try to guess their names lmao), alongside little Erica. They love that girl, don’t fuck with her.
  • Godo becomes his trainer and support in the ring, alongside his adopted brothers.
  • At the age of nineteen, Guts had his right eye slashed up during a fight that got a little unhinged, but he still has his left arm ofc. I am still figuring out the major details but what it irons up to is that a few guys didn’t want him getting out alive that night.

   The not-so-important stuff:

  • He prefers to fight bare-knuckle, so it is common for him to wrap his hands even when he ain’t actively in the ring. Call it habit. Makes his day job a little easier too.
  • Since running the shop, Guts has become pretty fond of motors. He loves the grease and the typical garage smell. It clings to him just like the blood to his medieval self.
  • He smokes roll-ups. Let’s be real, medieval Guts could prolly use one or two of those.
  • He has a way with dogs, and as you probably guessed it, he owns one.
  • Guts is obsessed with tank tops. Even in winter. He is always wearing black.
  • He has the Brand tattooed on his neck. It was the insignia of the group Gambino led.
  • He is a technophobe. Doesn’t know how to use a computer, never touched a video game. His phone is prolly one of those shitty brick Nokias that he refuses to part with.

   I’ll update this as I continue to flesh it out.

That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.
Having a cold heart doesn’t mean you have no feelings, it means that you felt enough.

Nothing special, just Anthony Bourdain hanging out with The Diaz Brothers and Gilbert Melendez :)
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