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All About Writing Fight Scenes

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“Do you have any advice on writing fight scenes? The type of scene I’m writing is mostly hand to hand combat between two experts. I’m definitely not an expert so when I try to write it, the scene ends up sounding repetitive and dull.”

Fore note: This post is coauthored by myself and one of my amazing critique partners, Barik S. Smith, who both writes fantastic fight scenes and teaches mixed martial arts, various artistic martial arts, and weapons classes.

I (Bryn) will tell you a secret: I trained MMA for seven years, and when I write authentic hand to hand fight scenes, they sound dull too. 

The problem with fight scenes in books is that trying to describe each punch and kick and movement (especially if it’s the only thing you’re describing) creates a fight that feels like it’s in slow motion. 

I write…

Lowering her center of gravity, she held her right hand tight to her face and threw a jab towards his chin. He shifted his weight, ducking under her punch. His hair brushed against her fist, and he stepped forward, launching a shovel hook into her exposed side.

But your brain can only read for fast. In real life that series of events would take an instant, but I needed a full eight seconds to read and comprehend it, which gave it an inherent lethargic feel. 

So, we have two primary problems:

  1. How do we describe this fight in a way the reader can understand and keep track of? 
  2. How do we maintain a fast paced, interesting fight once we’ve broken down the fight far enough for readers to understand it? 

(We will get back to these, I promise.) But for now, let’s look at…

Different types of “fight scenes:”

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Been seeing some Fallon Fox things recently and it gives me this thought. If you think Fallon has no biological advantage like upper arm structure or bone density ect, are you for the complete elimination of gender divided sports leagues? (Now I think about it I can say the fallout of it would be interesting.)

No.  Your logic doesn’t really follow here.  The biggest thing that provides advantages in athletic competition is the presence or absence of testosterone, which increases hematocrit (red blood cell count, and thus oxygen carrying capacity and waste elimination) as well as increases in muscle mass.  In the absence of testosterone Fallon doesn’t have an advantage.  The NCAA and the IOCC back this up.  I think your ‘ask’ here is predicated on the assumption that a trans woman maintains some sort of athletic advantage from having been shaped by testosterone, but science shows that once the testosterone is gone, the advantages are gone.  When athletes and bodybuilders use huge amounts of steroids, they get bigger and more muscular than is possible without it, and when they stop taking it they lose all of that unnaturally large muscle mass.  Without the presence of the excess testosterone the body can’t keep that advantageous musculature.  Same with a trans woman who undergoes HRT–once her hormones have shifted to the cisgender female range, her physiology does as well, and those ranges are averages.  Arguments that trans women have denser bones than cisgender women have been debunked (and I believe the same bone density argument was used in the past to prevent black women from competing with white women in athletics as well).  Claims that trans women have longer bones, different muscle insertions, and different leverage are similarly silly as those attributes have a wide range of variety across all human beings regardless of gender and the differences in male and female skeletons are so minute that determining sex (birth or assigned sex in this case) on the shape, size, density, and appearance of a skeleton is not an exact science.  Many skeletons known to archaeology are assumed to belong to people of one sex or another until dna testing reveals them to be of others.  A recent example in the news were some of the “maidens” from the excavations at Pompeii.

Anecdotally, I am myself am still a very strong and fairly athletic woman (physically), but I believe that has more to do with quirks of my genetics and upbringing than my birth assigned sex.  When I started HRT I lost thirty pounds of lean muscle.  My endurance has decreased.  My strength has decreased.  I might be strong, but I can’t deadlift the back end of a car anymore.  I was a natural athlete as a child and I had a childhood that involved what is now not a socially acceptable level of hard labor, and even after transitioning I was a blacksmith for a year and a half, and I attribute my relatively high levels of strength and athleticism to a lifetime of being a runner, laborer, weight lifter, and special forces soldier.  I’m trying to get back into more athletic shape and I will say now that pre-transition working out was easier and I had far less difficulty in shedding body fat.  I’ve also always had relatively wide hips and narrow shoulders (in terms of skeletal structure), though my heavy musculature pre-transition concealed that fact.

I do support men and women competing directly in most athletic competitions to be honest, but at the absolute highest levels of sports that depend on muscular strength and endurance men and folks with levels of testosterone in the standard cisgender male range (or above) tend to have an advantage.  

That being said, I think women’s athletics still have a lot of room to improve and find greater heights of performance than can be achieved due largely to social factors.  I think men are encouraged to pursue athletics and sport and physically vigorous activity from birth and women are actively discouraged from these pursuits.  Even when women are encouraged in athletics, their culturally perceived femininity is seen as more important than their pursuit of athletics.  Without the enormous amount of money, science, technology, and active cultural pursuit of female athletic performance potential that we see in men’s athletics, I think it’s going to be a while before women (as an overarching group) actually maximize their athletic potential at the absolute pinnacle of sports because there is so much cultural pushback against it (example:  the recent elimination of women’s bodybuilding from the Arnold classic and the Olympia) .  I think we have a long time to go before we can definitively say what the peak of female performance is and whether or not sports should be segregated by gender in the long run, but for now I would say gender segregation should remain in place. 

(Although the presence of weight classes in combat sports does seem to mitigate some of the advantage issues–an episode of ‘fight science’ a few years ago showed Lucia Rijker–a female championship boxer weighing 140 pounds at 5′6″ tall, punched harder than Moe Ganyu–a male olympic boxer of identical height and weight.  Additionally, she punched as hard as the 6′ tall, 203 pound mixed martial artist Houston Alexander who was known for his knockout power).

At any rate, I’m not an expert, but I would suggest you look at the IOCC’s guidance and studies on gender, performance, and trans inclusion.

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I'd love to hear more info about Shizuo! I love him so much and every little thing I learn about him would make me happy *^*


  • Shizuo lives alone and he doesn’t like to watch television or surf the internet because they both just make him mad. [source]
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, Shizuo will hit you. He only differentiates between those who make him mad and those who don’t. He doesn’t necessarily like hitting girls, but he will. [source: volume 12, from his confrontation with Kujiragi iirc]
  • Shizuo always knew/suspected that Vorona was the one who stabbed him and kidnapped Akane [volume 13]
  • Shizuo dislikes beer and bitter foods. (Aka he’s a big baby) [source]
  • While Tom drinks coffee, Shizuo drinks milkshakes [source: Durarara sh]
  • The milk lady from the first season didn’t actually exist canonically in the novels at the time of that episode’s airing. Later Narita confirmed her existence by saying Shizuo once hurt a woman he loved/adored/looked up to. I don’t know if Narita told them about her or if he just liked her and later decided to adapt the idea. 
  • Shizuo likes older sister type women. I know some people interpret that as simply older women but for me the most consistent to what narita is referring to in his tweet is the onee-san type. [source]
  • That scene where Shizuo tells Celty to ‘Go ahead, I got this.’ and then slaps himself in the face? He was actually drunk (Celty thinks from Russia Sushi) and was trying to sober himself up lol.
  • Shizuo actually studied to be a bartender before he became one. He had about an entry level skill though before he was fired. [source]
  • Shizuo fought a tiger and won.
  • Shizuo is very proper with following rules and traditions. He controls himself in a library because you aren’t supposed to yell even though Izaya is there, he doesn’t litter cigarette butts, and he thinks Kasuka should tell their parents if he’s engaged to Ruri before he tells Shizuo. And more.
  • Shizuo used to want to be a detective like Sherlock holmes [source: Durarara!! Sh]
  • Shizuo can never remember Anri’s name. Never. I’m sorry Anri.
  • In the novels Shizuo is constantly described as very lanky and unintimidating and as though he is trying not to  get noticed despite his hair and outfit. When the Reporter first met him the guy pretty much thought ‘wow even I could kick this guys ass’ until Shizuo kicked his [source: volume 2]
  • The Awakusu used to consider using Shizuo for his strength but then they decided he was too much of a wild  card. [source: volume 2 iirc]
  • Even though he knew the love letter he received in high school was fake Shizuo still went to ‘meet’ whoever had sent it because his brother once told him ‘Brother you are bad with words, so you should cherish every letter you receive or send.’ [source]
  • Shizuo was called Raijin High School’s Shadow boss. [source]
  • Shizuo’s actually a very quiet person when he’s not mad [source: volume 4]
  • Shizuo sincerely respects the mixed martial artist fighter Traugott Geissendorfer. When Shizuo got into a fight with izaya at their coming of age ceremony traugott was able to stop him (with Simon’s help). It was thanks to Traugott that Shizuo realized he was ‘weak’ and that it was only through his own self training could he become strong. This is why he is envious and dreams to one day be as strong as those who train themselves to be are. [source]
  • The more calm Shizuo is the more angry he actually is [source: volume 13 and ‘the smile’ at akane]
  • When he is stronger Shizuo would like to go to another coming of age ceremony. [source]
  • Either Shizuo or Izaya used to throw/roll gasoline filled drums along their high schools hallway [source: novel 4]
  • I mentioned the orihara shi-ne thing but I’ll just add it again to this list as well. Shizuo specifically avoids saying Orihara shi-ne (go die) because if he said that he’d also be telling Kururi and Mairu to go die which doesn’t feel right to him. So he says Izaya (shi-ne) instead. [source]
  • Edit// Shizuo doesn’t have his license forgot to mention that. [Source: volume 12]

that’s all i got off the top of my head but if I felt like digging I’m sure I’d find more lol

Beta Readers for YA Urban Fantasy:

The synopsis:

Two years ago, Clover Raine’s twin sister went missing.

Clover is a 17-year-old sarcastic, mixed martial artist settling in for a relaxing summer, but a single thought is never far from her mind: Violet is gone and she’s not coming back. Clover’s starting to come to terms with her sister’s death when she’s attacked by the Kaifulu, a dark sect of dragons who hate humans and prey on magic users—and Clover has barely initiated into her powers.

The only thing that saves her is a black dragon, Ethra, and a one-eyed man named Orion. Clover then discovers what really happened to her sister… the same thing that almost happened to her. Furthermore, if she sticks around her hometown of Lindon, Oregon, her family will be at risk. In fact, it might already be too late.

She has to leave behind her old life only to enter into this new world where stones are filled with dragon souls and magic runs through her veins.

And this world is unforgiving.

As Clover and her kind are hunted, she won’t stop at any cost to protect her family as unforeseen twists rock her world. But will she be able to? Or will her family fall apart while she can only watch?

The last round of betas LOVED it, and it’s only improved since then.

Dragons? ✔
Magic? ✔
Hot make out scenes? ✔
Badass fighting? ✔
LGBTQ representation? ✔
Developed female characters? ✔


I’m looking for a diverse range of beta readers aged 13+, though be aware that there are some heavier topics touched on such as death, depression, and anxiety. I expect betas to be able read each round (30-40 pages) within a week, give or take. 

Each round will be followed up with a questionnaire before receiving the next chapters, but betas are always welcome to message/email me directly at any point. Questions will include: your thoughts/opinions on characters/scenes and will be focused on understanding how you have perceived the story and its events. I will keep contact with you through Facebook Messenger or another messaging system if you don’t do Facebook.

Honest, thorough, and constructive feedback is required. One sentence generic answers are a no no. 

Sign up here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, if you can, please share so others can see it.

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Do you have any advice for someone who needs to find self motivation?

Yeah, watch the movie “never back down” it’s about this guy named Jake that trains to be a mixed martial artist set to a mid 2000s emo/hardcore soundtrack. It’s really inspiring.

underrated fic rec!

Completed fics 

the sky itself will carry me (back to you): Clarke is a seventh year student. Lexa is one of the Hogwarts ghosts. There’s a connection between them that Clarke doesn’t understand, but she is determined to figure it out. 

You Don’t Own Me: Playboy Lexa owns a recording studio and Clarke is a sexy new artist.

Protect Me From You: Clarke Griffin is the presidential daughter. She likes to party a lot. She can get anything she wants. BUT. There is only one thing she couldn’t get though, the emotionless Commander Lexa’s attention. The girl whose job is to protect her. Just protect her. Nothing else.

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Fitness Friday: Whitney Jene

Whitney Jene Harchanko is a mixed martial artist with a 2nd degree black belt. She also models and acts and is originally from Minnesota. She currently has nearly 2k Instagram followers.

Height: 5′ 6″

Measurements: 34D-24-35

Instagram: @whitneyjene


(3/?) In which Jungkook is a successful Mixed Martial Artist and Jimin is a model who did MMA in high school. || This AU is inspired by the works of phanadox || BTW, Jin & Hobi have a kpop group called STB in this AU because why not. I imagine Yoongi is a solo rapper by the name of Agust D, Tae is Jimin’s manager, and Joon is Jungkook’s Manager