mixed letters

Me: Your temporary password is: [a randomized password with a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers]

Client: So is the whole thing capitalized?

Me: No, only certain characters. Your temporary password is: [repeats password]

Client: (getting frustrated) So, are the numbers capitalized too, or what?


Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 


(How I got the name.. well I just mixed their letters and that’s what seemed pleasing to me which is cool x3 ) 

Well this is what I came up with and I like to get creative with designs but not too crazy however I should of asked Golzy and Jakei first on the designs but seeing as their both busy and all so I just went ahead and made the design. @magnificentcandygalaxy

Don’t know what they’d think but the three fused.. 


@metalphoenixxwolf (me) @golzy @jakei95

I had two comics featuring other older!pokeani characters playing laser-tag that I wanted to accompany this shoddy gif, but I’m not getting anywhere w/ them so I’m just gonna post this by itself so I can still feel like something got accomplished :’D

Am I the only one who thinks that Shiro and Tadashi Hamada are basically the same person
• they’re both replacement dads
• both hot
• put others before themselves
• leader-like qualities
• Japanese
• has to take care of small child(ren)
• Tragic Backstory™

Does no one else see it or???
Tadashi is basically just younger Shiro


“The tools change, the weapons grow deadlier, our armor stronger, and the enemy often wears a different face, growing ever more powerful.

“But our oath remains the same. We are Paladin, and so long as one of us lives to carry the fire, we will keep shadows at bay, so that life may grow under the sun’s gaze.

“All may begin and end in darkness. But we shall light the way.”

Kiss on the Forehead

Pairing: Shidge

Pidge laid in bed, her breathing labored as she squinted her eyes - looking up at the ceiling, her throat working - sore and dry. She’d had a fever for a couple of hours now and she just wished it would die down so she could go and get some work done, but no. She was bedridden - on Shiro’s orders.

Grumbling, she turned on her side to see Shiro seated at her bedside. He was reading on one of the ereaders they had found at the library. She noticed Altean lettering mixed in with English, piquing her interest. She coughed.

“You can read Altean?”

“I’m learning to.” He looked at her and smiled. “You aren’t the only one who wants to learn it, you know. How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I guess. You don’t have to stay in here with me.”

“I want to.”

Something about that statement made her gut clench pleasantly. It made her feel warm inside and want to smile. She turned back on her back. “Whatever.”

Shiro laughed, standing up. “Well, I can get you some water and more medicine, if you’d like?”


She hadn’t been expecting him to suddenly part her bangs and kiss her forehead, making her heart jump into her throat. She watched him leave, her heart hammering away.

That had meant to be brotherly, right? So why did she feel so giddy? Be still, her heart!

Be still.