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4 Ways Parents Can Support Their Mixed Race Children
If you have or are planning to have children who are mixed race, then this author's tips can help you avoid some common pitfalls and give your child the support they need.

Even though both of my parents are mixed, I never really heard them talk about racial politics. My mom would simply say that she’s Puerto Rican, and my father would often just identify as Black.

But I never really knew what that meant for my brother and I, especially as I got older and learned that Latinx was not a race. It didn’t help that everyone in my family had an opinion on the matter. Even my parents, who are both mixed, decided it was their responsibility to label me:

You’re just Puerto Rican, because that’s what your mother is.”

“You’re mixed. You can’t identify as Black because that’s dishonest.”

“Why are you saying you’re mixed? Girl, you’re Black.”

“If you’re only half Puerto Rican, you’re not really Puerto Rican.”

The problem was that rather than helping me to form and shape my own identity, family members simply tried to place labels onto me.

Oftentimes, their comments were hurtful because they invalidated my personal experiences. They also erased aspects of my identity by telling me what was okay for me to say I was (and what I wasn’t). For such a long time I felt like I didn’t really have any say in who I was, because everyone else was too busy making the judgment for me.

If you’re planning on having a mixed child, it’s important to let them explore all aspects of their identities.

This is actually an article that I wrote a few weeks ago on mixed children, fetishization, identity policing, and colorblind ideology! This is an article primarily directed at both white parents and parents of color that have mixed children. 

I do want to note that this is a very broad, sort of introductory article. It would have been impossible to write everything within my word limit - especially because this is all coming from my own personal experiences. One thing i wanted to make sure of is that it was inclusive to other mixed babies (like myself) who don’t have one white parent. :) 

Anyway. If you are a Person of Color (mixed or not) and have any critiques, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message me here. Thanks for reading! - Jennifer