mixed berry french toast oatmeal

Coffee Table Dinner

Good morning, folks!

Yesterday was the big exam day so I was more than ready to relax last night! Matt and I caught up on some DVRed TV shows while enjoying a coffee table dinner.

I also managed to make dinner come together in literally 10 minutes thanks to Costco’s frozen stir fry vegetable blend bag! The bag contains corn, water chestnuts, broccoli, green beans, red bell peppers, carrots, sugar snap peas, and mushrooms. The bag is huge (it’s 5.5 lbs!) and a super good deal only costing $6.99!

I simply cooked up some ground turkey, added the vegetables, seasoned everything with Italian seasoning, paprika, cajun, and a little marinara. Sort of an Italian take on stir fry!

It was quick, filling, healthy, and delicious!


I also managed to be in bed a lot earlier than usual last night to catch up on some sleep from the past couple of nights. My pillow never felt so good! Even though I was super comfortable, I knew I needed to get up and to the gym. This morning I had to squeak out 6 miles before class, but I couldn’t remember if it was a tempo day or a hill day so I went with both to cover my bases! I did the first 3 miles at a 7.7 speed with a 1% incline, then decreased the incline to 0% and finished the last 3 miles at an 8.0 speed. I managed to get the 6 miles completed in just 47 minutes, so I was quite pleased!


When I work out I usually think about what I am going to eat when I get finished. I typically change my mind about 3 times before I make it back to the kitchen. So today I felt like a big bowl of oatmeal in the beginning of my run, and that’s literally the only thing I thought about the entire time.

So when I got back, I immediately made a batch of mixed berry French toast oatmeal. I added a scoop of cottage cheese, which made it taste extra creamy!

I’m off to make a special stop before class today! I’ll catch up with you guys later!