mixed babies

Me: Y’know, I don’t think I’ll bother with the new Final Mix? I already own all the original games anyway, it’d be kind of pointless.

Me @ any news about its upcoming release:

Stop Treating Black Women Like We Exist To Be Mammies For A White Woman’s Mixed Children

Whenever one of y'all get some free time, go tell White women that Black dick comes with responsibility. 
Because I am about tired of White women thinking it’s the duty of Black women to teach White mothers how to raise bi-racial children.
 Basically they want us to be mammies as always.
 They will lay up in bed with Black men and the two of them will bash Black women their whole relationship.
 About how loud, trashy, unattractive, and unpleasant Black women are.
 He will tell her all about how much more suitable she is than any Black woman.
 But as soon as they have a child together,
 she will be right back on Facebook talking about, “Hey Black Women. Any tips on how to tame my baby’s hair? It’s frustrating me. Hahaha My baby’s naps are just too much. I’m tempted to relax it.”

Bitch, you finna relax a baby’s hair?
 Somebody should have told you that Black dick comes with responsibilities. 
You can’t raise no bi-racial child like you would raise a White child.
 Yeah, bi-racial children have curly hair. You thought their shit was gon’ be limp, thin, and stringy like yours? No.
 You need to get your ass on the internet and research how to maintenance Black hair.
 Do not ever disrespect me by thinking I am about to ride right on over there to your house and teach you everything that Black mothers do while Black mothers get bashed just for existing and you will be treated like a trophy mom because “Aww, look at her learning how to do Black hair. The world needs more of this.” Umm, no. Disgraceful.
 There are plenty resources out there for you to learn how to raise biracial children.
 And don’t stop at just hair.
 Actually consider the fact that your biracial child will have a much different life than you.
Your child will have to deal with anti-Blackness, and you know nothing about that so it is important for you to be open to understand instead of getting all in your feelings because you want your biracial child to be more “considerate” of their White side.

“Oh Mommy loves you baby so all White people can’t be bad people, right?”

Bitch, false. You can be racist all while with a Black man and having a biracial child. With your secret Trump supporting ass.

“Don’t ever forget your White culture, baby. You’re not just Black.”

WHAT IS WHITE CULTURE? I’m gon sit down for this one because I would love to know!
 You so busy trying to make sure your child will identify with your Whiteness that you are robbing them of the full experience of embracing and learning how to navigate through their Blackness.
 They will never experience racism because of their White side so calm your unnecessarily whiny ass down.
If you are going to be the White mother of a biracial child then take your White feelings out of the equation for a change. Got your children running around talking about, “UGH I’M NOT BLACK! I’M BARELY EVEN MIXED! MY MOM IS WHITE!!!!!”

And Black men are pathetic for even letting it get that far. Y'all are supposed to be so damn anti-racism but y'all don’t mind White women raising your biracial children to be anti-Black. 
As long as you are having sex with Becky, you are fine with that.

Ol’ “Carry on my legacy” head asses.. but you will drop your legacy in a heartbeat once Becky says you can live underneath her roof.
 This shit is trash.
Y'all hate Black women but y'all want Black women to teach White mothers how to be great so that y'all can turn around and say, “DAMN BLACK MOTHERS, WHITE MOTHERS ARE RAISING BLACK CHILDREN BETTER THAN YALL. WATCH OUT.”

I feel sorry for these biracial children that have to deal with all of this chaos. They are the only ones I feel sympathy for in this.

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C: I think it’s sick to really want your child to not only not look like you but to look as much as possible like the race that has oppressed yours for hundreds of years. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want your offspring to look like you if you saw beauty when you looked at yourself. We can babble about preference all day but that mixed baby obsession wave is that toxic self-hate bullshit and everybody knows it. I awoke and loved myself & I would never imagine my offspring not resembling me.