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Accismus [Part 1 ; V]

{{ noun // the pretended refusal of something one keenly desires }}

You didn’t know you were missing something until you met him.

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When you met Taehyung, it was completely by chance.

Sure, you walked by the corner that he’s stationed at with his guitar every day, and he smiles at you and you smile back, but that was the extent of your relationship. You never thought to stop and listen to his singing. Maybe it was because you didn’t think that he as a street singer and you as an advice columnist for the Belle Lamoure magazine would ever click.

But that all changed one Thursday afternoon.

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Sam Allen’s Connecticut bedroom is about as Foo Dog-ular as it gets -  swathed with stripes (walls and bed!), complete with antelope rug, tiger stools (mix those animal prints!!), crisp and bright hotel style linens with a big monogram, and sassy pagoda lantern. Yes, yes, and yes.


WALK WALK FASHION BABY - Fifth Harmony Edition (insp.)

1/3 Normani Kordei by Roberto Cavalli. A regal look, with a mix of various animal prints and metallic colors, detailed beading and a fitted bodice. 

* For me, Cavalli just screams Normani: the prints, the golds, the sparkles… everything. It’s so her, that I was actually worry I would mess it up. I admit I was a little conservative on the palette choice, but it was because of the mixture of things that i was trying to tie together. In the end, everything matched pretty well, right?

** Previously : Ally Brooke.

frakit  asked:

Love what you do! I have a plus size body shape and I'm finding so many of the work clothes out there are these gaudy moo-moo styles that make me want to cry myself to sleep (I'm a young professional, I don't want to be living in shapeless mixed animal print for the next 40 years). Any tips on vendors/styles that work for plus size?

Hahaha I don’t want that for you either, ok? One of my favorite plus-size styles is the peplum. This blogger wears it so well. She wears everything well, really. I would suggest checking out her website girlwithcurves.com for help. She shares where she shops, how to shop online, how to dress for your shape etc. She’s awesome.